By Jason DeRusha

By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — WCCO got a lot of questions this week about the Metrodome and its nemesis — the snow.

• Why were cameras rolling when the Metrodome roof collapsed? – former Minn. Gov. Jesse Ventura

Truly, this question was submitted by the former Governor, who called this reporter’s cell phone on Tuesday.

Paraphrasing, the former Governor said: I’m a conspiracy guy, but even for a conspiracy guy it’s suspicious.

Fox Sports was broadcasting the Vikings game this past weekend, and their production crew was inside the Metrodome Saturday setting things up.

According to spokesman from Fox Sports, the crew saw the roof leaking into the dome on Saturday afternoon. They were led to believe that that had happened before.

But a video tape operator was told by a dome employee that this was a particularly serious situation. So Fox producers made the decision to point a camera towards the roof, and keep it rolling overnight to see what they got.

They got the incredible video. Good planning, no conspiracy. If you believe them.

• Why not tear off the Metrodome roof and make it an outdoor stadium? – Sarika Singh

Because the dome was built as an indoor facility, the plumbing, electrical, wiring, heating was all designed to be indoor. To convert it would be much more difficult than just tearing off the roof.

It’s something the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission has considered, but converting the dome to an outdoor stadium would still cost hundreds of millions of dollars, and still have narrow concourses and not enough bathrooms.

WCCO-TV’s Jason Derusha Reports

Comments (12)
  1. Chip Donaho says:

    Why not put a retractable roof on the dome?

    1. Oppie204 says:

      i agree then they dont have to waist all the money on a new stadium

  2. red says:

    now there is a thought. Wouldn’t that be a lot cheaper than a frickin new stadium nobody wants to pay for? I also do want to go to game in the dead of winter either like the one tomorrow at TCF stadium

    1. TSTER says:

      BUILD A NEW STADIUM!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Pamalla boyce says:

    snow removal, why not dump the snow in the river or in white bear lake?

  4. Tim says:

    Has anyone contacted the MTC about offering a special Norhtstar train to downtown and then bus from the Twins stadium? It would save parking.

  5. James says:

    Hey the vikes now have an outdoor stadium, and nature saved us millions instead of wasting money.

  6. E. Spires says:

    What is the differance in cost for a permant roof on Mall Of America feild and a new stadium?

  7. E.Spires says:

    we taxpayers are not paid millions a year. so why can’t the players spend a few of their millions to build what THEY want

  8. SCOTT says:

    Heavy snow and a good blowing wind on an elevated structure, we’ll super heat the dome’s roof to “help melt” the snow off. (This was stated to the media by the people in charge) Perfect camera angles, lighting, immediate release of the footage, and not one mention of anyone else with this issue. OK, now you can raise your hand if you’re going to fall for this scam

  9. jason says:

    maybe they put super thermite on the roof, what a buffon. why did the people elect him?

  10. Tim from Faribault says:

    I wonder if they found the ball that Dave Kingman hit into the roof vent back in 1984 or so

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