MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you grew up in Minnesota, there’s a good chance you grew up listening to Charlie Boone. On Saturday, after 51 years on WCCO Radio, Charlie Boone is signing off.

Boone is best known for decades spent kidding around with Roger Erickson on the ‘Boone and Erickson Show.’ The team was known for their “worse than bad” jokes.

Here’s an example:

Woman: I had an awful time at the movies last night.
Man: Oh really?
Woman: Why, I had to change my seat four times.
Man: You mean some man started bothering you?
Woman: Yes. Finally.

Boone and Erickson weren’t always partners. When they started at WCCO, they each had their own programs.

“I would kibitz when I did the weather in his show, and he the same when he did the weather in my show,” recalled Boone. “Dick Chapman was the one who really came up with the idea, cause he said, ‘Ya know, you guys, I heard you the other day, and boy, that made a good radio show.'”

Not long after that, the ‘Boone and Erickson Show’ was born. The team made it sound easy, but they spent hours preparing.

“He would type, and I’d kibitz and edit and make a few comments, and we’d put a show together, generally … often the day before.”

Boone was also known for Point of Law. The legal segment — more who-won-it than whodunit — aired evenings at 5:25.

Boone feels ready to finally retire.

“It’s been a gift, being here at this great radio station for 50-plus years,” said Boone. “And doing what you want to do, what you like to do, and what you love to do, it’s been a gift.”

If you want to hear his last show, tune into to WCCO Radio Saturday morning from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m.

Boone’s retirement will include travel, art and lots of tennis — he plans to play every day.

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Comments (6)
  1. Gary Weimar says:

    Thanks for being a part of my life! You did a great job.
    Enjoy retirement..

  2. Tom Jensen says:

    I would say “don’t go” but after giving us the gift of over 51 years of all of those wonderful shows but that would be way too selfish.

    Don’t go!

    Seriously, thanks so much for everything and enjoy all of your days ahead.

  3. joan streeter says:

    I sure remember the “Good morning song”, that was on everyday when my kids were little, wish you the best and thanks for all the years of enjoyment you put over the air waves.

  4. Eugene Rennells says:

    Since it the Christmas season, the one thing I remember from your show with Erickson was the story concerning the Scacndanavians and the punch line from the uncle “thank God, that’s over with for another year!”

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