5 Current Teammates Among Vikes’ 50 ‘Greatest’

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Vikings unveiled their list of the all-time 50 greatest Vikings players on Sunday night.

The roster includes five players currently on the team. They are Jared Allen, Steve Hutchinson, Adrian Peterson, Kevin Williams and Antoine Winfield.

The list did not include quarterback Brett Favre, however another controversial name from the 2010 season did end up with a citation — Randy Moss.

Click here for the full list.

The Vikings pointed out that there were nine team members on the list who were on the roster during the team’s last outdoor game in 1981: Matt Blair, Bud Grant, Tim Irwin, Tommy Kramer, Ahmad Rashad, Jeff Siemon, Scott Studwell, Sammy White and Ron Yary.

The Vikings are preparing to once again play an outdoor winter game. The team is set to take on the Chicago Bears at TCF Bank Stadium, as the Metrodome remains out of commission after a snowstorm caused the roof to collapse.

The list of 50 players was culled from an initial ballot of 100 contenders. See them all here.

WCCO-TV’s Mark Rosen Reports

  • JMD

    Culpepper’s on the list but Favre’s not? This list has a lot of credibility…

    • Don_J

      Jared Allen… really!

    • jim

      Joe Kapp is a missing QB too

    • thekhanvict

      Favre is a Packer, he has no place on the all time Vikings list. Culpepper – though he had his struggles, took the Vikes to the playoffs multiple times – not just once.

      This isn’t about hating Favre, but it is about recognizing that he was really only a Viking for one season. Favre’s name shouldn’t even be mentioned when talking about all time Vikes greats (Packers greats yes, not Vikings).

      • thekhanvict

        Also, Randall Cunningham is also not list. So no one season wonders…

  • Greg J

    Where is Wade Wilson? Sincerely, Wade Wilson’s Mom.

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  • mayhem


  • Taco Man

    I can’t believe that Fuad Reveiz didn’t make the list. Well, he will always be a great in my book.

  • tiredandretired

    I can’t believe that Leif Ericsson isn’t on the list. He’s the most famous Viking of them all, except for maybe Eric the Red.

  • sam

    People just need to vote and not complain who is or is not on the list. I voted and a good number are on it.

  • ROB

    Why no Dennis Green? He really should be on there.

    • Chad

      “To play football, and win the game, you have to play a good football game. Today, we lost the football game. We need to figure out why we didn’t win, and I think it’s because we didn’t play a good football game. Next week we’re going to play a good football game and see if we can win. That’s just the nature of the game.”

      Next question.

  • Bristol

    No new tax payer funded stadium. Move to California. Let the billionaire owner build one. He gets the revenue

  • red

    Hey Mayhem, I love the loose the lst 3 dorks comment. Wade, Randall and certainly not Bret should not be on that list

  • StraycatStrut

    Bristol: Losing the Vikes to say CA would be terrible for the State revenue wise from Sales Tax to income tax revenues. New Stadium a must!
    Where is Bobby Bryant and Fred McNeil on this list??

  • Vikefan#0

    Get out of here with Jared Allen on the list. He plays 3-4 years and he is on the list already if that’s the case how about Farve then? Robert Griffith and Jimmy Kleinsasser should have been on that list!

  • rob carlson

    WHAT!? No Joe Kapp? Why? Kapp WAS the author of “40 for 60” and took The Vikings to their first Super Bowl. Something neither Tommy Kramer or Daunte Culpepper ever did.

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