HASTINGS, Minn. (WCCO) — A Lakeville woman has been charged with killing a man last week after crashing into his car, which was sitting idle along a Twin Cities freeway.

Julie Ann Fischer, 29, has been charged with felony criminal vehicular homicide and gross misdemeanor criminal vehicular operation.

The crash happened at 1 a.m. last Friday on Interstate 35E in Mendota Heights, Minn.

Tijuan Moore, 50, of St. Paul, was the driver of the stalled car. He died on the scene.

Lisa Newsom, 26, was a passenger. She was taken to Regions Hospital with minor injuries. She was treated and released.

The State Patrol said this isn’t the first time the suspected drunk driver has been caught behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

At the scene of the crash, Fisher was observed unsteady on her feet. Her breath smelled of alcohol, according to a trooper.

She refused to follow instructions for field sobriety tests, and after being read her rights, told the trooper she had had three glasses of wine and a Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

The Star Tribune reported Judge Shawn Moynihan set bail at $250,000 without conditions or $200,000 with conditions.

Comments (17)
  1. Lori says:

    She’s 29? Looks like she’s had more than 4 drinks in her lifetime. Time to put her away for a lifetime.

  2. kelly says:

    WCCO MESSES UP ALL THE THME, SHE IS 49 not 29, get it right WCCO.

  3. Jodi says:

    She is 49, not 29. What a very sad story. I just wish people would stop driinking and driving.

  4. wcco_administrator says:

    No drinking and reporting = She’s 29.

  5. Flutterby says:

    she’s an idiot and selfish! Shame on her and may she rot!

  6. AgeOld says:

    She might BE 29 but she LOOKS 49!

  7. Carla says:

    I am surprised no one is addressing the DUI here. She killed a man. Who cares what her age is. What gives anyone the right to get drunk and get behind the wheel of a car? We have all heard the stories of how many have been killed by drunk driving but people still do it? Is the penalty not harsh enough? I would say no since a lot of people get picked up over and over and over. Does killing someone stop them from driving drunk again? I doubt it. There are such things as DESIGNATED DRIVERS. If you don’t have one, you do go out. This is not rocket science. How can anyone live with the guilt of killing someone be able to go and repeat it? It would be hard enough to live witht the fact that you killed someone under an “accident”. NO excuse for this one. If someone kills my loved ones by drunk driving, you will have wished you were dealing with another person. GIVE YOUR KEYS TO SOMEONE SOBER!!!! Keep yourself and anyone around you on the road safe. Please

  8. red says:

    Dang, she does look a lot more then 29. She look at least 50. What ever she is, she looks old, fat, drunk, basically, like s….. Throw her in the slammer and take her license away, she killed a man

  9. queen says:

    She’s my (former) neighbor. I highly doubt she is 29… She has 13 and 8 year old kids too…

  10. queen says:

    Yes, her age is not important, but getting the facts correct is. KSTP just reported she was 49…

    She should face very steep penalties…

    1. Bruiser says:

      Steep penalties? Let;s see – this is the second DWI charge in 5 months or so…and she upped the anty now, didn’t she.
      Life – just like the one she took. An eye for an eye and let’s cut this child-ish “excuse BS” once and for all.
      Life locked up or Death — I prefer the latter as she killed someone.

      1. jh says:

        THe person she killed was convicted of murder

        1. skeptical says:

          Convicted of murder? Yet he wasn’t in jail? Doesn’t add up. You are going to have to back up your “claims”.

  11. Thomas says:

    She was a co-worker of mine for the past 1.5 years; up until this incident… She is, 49 years old. As sweet of a girl that she is, her punishment is nowhere near an accual punishment! They just put a price on this man’s life: According to this punishment, this man was worth less than a house. It just shows that you can buy your way out of anything. It’s pathetic.

  12. Kate says:

    I knew this girl like 30 yrs ago, last time I saw her she was in her 20’s and guess what upscenely drunk. I can’t believe she has gotten away with it for this long. She was raised by her grandma, not that thats an excuse. I don’t know why. My brother was killed by a drunk driver at age 20 and we should be putting these people away for life. A life for a life! She sure looks old and worn out, thats what drinking does to you, SAD for the loss of an innocent life.

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