By Telly Mamayek, NewsRadio 830 WCCO and Pat Kessler, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There were no big revelations on prospects for a Vikings stadium bill after a meeting between Democratic Governor-elect Mark Dayton and Republican legislative leaders.

Dayton met for the first time with incoming House Speaker Kurt Zellers, R-Maple Grove, and Senate Majority Leader-designate Amy Koch, R-Buffalo, on Tuesday and they all agreed jobs will be their number-one priority this upcoming legislative session.

During the 30 minute get-together, Republicans were non-committal about whether to take up a stadium bill. Zeller said it’s not priority one, or two, or three.

“The vast majority of Minnesotans want to make sure that their job is safe … that’s going to be our focus,” said Zellers.

As far as a stadium bill is concerned, Dayton said it could be a good economic development tool if it’s financed the right way. He said a Vikings stadium is a jobs issue and could be part of a package to jump start the economy.

“That’s my priority is to put people back to work in Minnesota and this is one possible way to do it,” stressed Dayton. “My interest in the stadium is for the people of Minnesota in large part for the 8,000 construction jobs and the tax revenues that puts people back to work. I see it as an economic development project.”

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Telly Mamayek Reports

Dayton has said if there’s no appetite for a stadium among Republicans, he doesn’t want to waste any time on it.

“They’re not going to sign another lease with the Metrodome whether it remained inflated or not. And this is a matter that needs to be resolved and by the end of this legislative session,” he said.

Dayton said the Vikings must give them specifics soon on what they’d like in a stadium and Republican leaders need to make sure there is sufficient interest to go forward.

On Monday, Dayton met privately with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Vikings officials. Dayton said he’s dealing with reality even if it is difficult politically.

WCCO-TV’s Pat Kessler Reports

Comments (18)
  1. Randall Cheuvront says:

    building the stadium only creates temporary construction jobs as the number of jobs currently held at the dome would just transfer to the new stadium. so after the dust settles and we’re out a bunch of money where will these NEW jobs come from?
    used to be a day where teams were responsible to build their own facilities until they started using it as an abusive ultimatum.

  2. Yes they can says:

    Harper: No Canadian funds for arenas unless Olympics involved.

  3. Stadiums says:

    Was Goodel inclusive and meet with average Jo neutral local tax payers? Probably not. Was Dayton inclusive and meet with average Jo neutral local tax payers? Probably not.

    The NFL, the NFL sponsors (TV-Networks), Billionaire Owners of TV-Networks, Billionaire Team Owners, Millionaire Players, Millionaire Sports Casters, can pay for a stadium if they need a new one. They have plenty of cash to go around. The NFL along with its advertising partners. Their all private businesses that don’t need bailouts. Stadiums have become a scourge for cities an Pro Sports teams owners an there affiliated leagues prefer to hold cities hostage every 25-30 years to put more money in their pocket book. The Dome was popped on purpose we know this. Notice how the media is not covering the anti-stadium campaign? Mab-ye cause their afraid of loosing their revenue/profit streams..

    Field of Schemes,

  4. Joe Fair says:

    Great. Ziggy wants an outdoor stadium which is cheaper to build than an indoor park. If the Metrodome goes, that means no Monster Trucks in December and Feb. No motorcycle cross in Jan. No indoor NCAA finals. So keep the Metrodome and fix it up. Sell revenue bonds because the dome makes money. Help Ziggy and the NFL build an open air stadium back in Bloomington/Richfiled area near the MOA and the airport with access to lightrail. Then build within the stadium a small casino layout owned by the state. A few home football games in the fall and the rest of the year a state owned casino raising revenue and competing with Indian Gaming. Also a easy attraction for users of the Airport.

  5. Tara says:

    Our SCHOOLS better get new roofs and help with building maintenance if the Vikings get it.

  6. The Crux of the Biscuit says:

    “Our SCHOOLS better get new roofs and help with building maintenance if the Vikings get it.”

    Funny. I bet Ziggy is shaking. What will you do, hold your breath? I do agree with your sentiment though. Ziggy can build whatever Ziggy can get financing for. Private ownership? Private stadium funding. We should build Health Partners or BCBS, or 3M or Cargill new $1,500,000,000 buildings too then. At least THEY provide tons of jobs to us locals…..

  7. Reagan says:

    Well said Crux of Biscuit, Don’t see all the big companies in the city asking for taxpayer help to build them new buildings.

  8. ken jamme says:

    If Ziggy Wilf wants a stadium, let him pay for it and put his name on the front. Carl Pohlad could have done the same. Dont try to fleece the taxpayers for something only one group of citizens wants.
    In this economy it is shameful that legislators even waste a minute on this issue.

  9. Stan says:

    Since the Vikings did such a great job last night on a frozen playing field, let’s just give them a hockey rink to play in.

  10. think economic benefit says:

    at least 1/3 funding should come from the state. believe me, if they leave the state revenue will suffer far worse.

    1. Let the Vikes Go!!! says:

      Any funding we should give the vikings should go to Schools, Police, Fire these people all do something for the people of MN

      1. Vikes go, You pay more says:

        ok, but your not getting it. YOU WILL PAY MORE TAXES IF THE VIKINGS GO! does that make it a little easier for you know? the state will lose tax benefits if the vikings leave that outweigh the costs of a stadium. If you want to pay more taxes then just raise your hand. idiots

  11. Mark says:

    Well we can all see what kind of Gov Dayton will be, he has not even taken office and he is already backtracking on what he said. Dayton said the vikings stadium was not a issue that needed to be delt with then all of a sudden he meets with the NFL and the vikings and now this is something that needs to get done. Minnesota does not need temp jobs for only construction but for everyone and we cannot afford to build a new stadium we need to take care of the people of MN not the Proffesional Teams and the Rich Owners but I guess since dayton is ritch to he would look out for them before the people of MN

  12. Tailgunner says:


    1. The Crux of the Biscuit says:

      We can let Green Bay come in for a couple of games every year. I’m sure they would fill the stadium.

    2. Let the Vikes GO!!! says:

      Only Lame Duck is you the vikings do not bring in that much revenue thry pocket the majority of it wake up

    3. Peter says:

      Get a grip, Tailgunner. We will survive without the Vikings. At least everyone, except Tailgunner, will survive without the Vikings.

      Besides, Tailgunner, L.A. really needs the tax revenue to revive their economy.

      Let it go, Tailgunner, just let it go.

  13. TAXZERZ says:

    No Tax money to any of them!

    I just paid 7.25% sales TAX to replace the glass on the door mirror of my car today! Why doesn’t the government just charge me 100% tax, because that what is coming too.

    I refuse to pay anymore taxes to build a NFL stadium to make a billionaire richer!

    Kapeesh!.. Republican’s and so called Tea Party members!

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