ST. PAUL (WCCO) — On Tuesday afternoon, Governor-elect Mark Dayton will sit down with Republican House Speaker-elect Kurt Zellers to discuss the future home of the Minnesota Vikings.

“Hopefully we can find common ground to work together from the very beginning of the session,” said Dayton on the WCCO Morning News with Dave Lee.

The incoming DFL governor supports a publicly-funded facility as long as general fund money is not used.

“It’s going to have to be a bi-partisan leadership to do this project,” said Dayton. “From my standpoint, if it’s going to be done it’s going to have to be a people of Minnesota stadium.”

Building a stadium or dome could bring thousands of jobs to Minnesota. Dayton said that would be a boost of energy to the state and its unemployed workers.

“Eight thousand construction jobs over three years; those people unemployed now will be working, paying taxes; then there’s the project paying taxes. So with all the revenues generated by the project outweighing any cost to the public… then it’s a good deal to the people of Minnesota and I’ll support it,” he said.

On Monday, Dayton met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Dayton called it a good meeting

“Obviously, the Metrodome is deflated and unplayable. These last two games having to be moved just underscores the imperative from the league standpoint,” said Dayton.

Goodell toured the Dome and said the damage looked “startling.”

“The NFL is working to support this community in is trying to find the right solution. The Vikings are willing to do that,” said Goodell.

Dayton told Lee the Vikings must have some financial participation in the project.

“I suggested to them it would be helpful if they could identify one, two, or three preferred options, locations … indoor and outdoor options. I think that would be useful to the legislature,” said Dayton. “If we issue public bonds they’re going to have to be paid off by the users of the stadium by a surcharged on the tickets, beverages, and souvenirs. But no general fund involved at all.”

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Edgar Linares Reports

Comments (47)
  1. Gaylord says:

    New home for the Vikings? How about California unless Wilf pays for the stadium without public funds? Oh, and Dayton can join them in CA.

    1. NFS says:

      actually the Vikings are good for Minn and do help the economy

  2. Looking Forward says:

    Looking forward to public assistance to help keep the Vikings in Minnesota, where they belong.

  3. toedie says:

    These are TEMPORARY jobs, bozo.

  4. Gaylord says:

    Good point toedie … the jobs are temporary yet the taxes would be permanent. Looking Forward can move with Dayton.

  5. This Team Sucks says:

    Got a simple answer and one word for the home for the Vikings – California.

  6. Cache says:

    Who ever negotiates the revenues on the stadium deal are idiots…We pay for the dang thang but we never get any of the revenues…dumbness. This is Dipso’s first priority before he even takes office…this maroon will give away the store. Reders have it right send the lazy bum viqueens and Dayto to broke back California!

  7. K. says:

    Keep in mind that the Vikings only use the stadium for about 12 games a season (unless they happen to get into playoffs). The rest of the year, the Metrodome has been used for many, many other functions or events such as the high school state football championships, any circuses or events such as this that come to town, etc. Because of the problems recently encountered with the Metrodome, many functions/events have had to be cancelled. With a new stadium, we could continue to enjoy these functions/events, keep our hotels filled with people coming to the events related to the stadium, people remain gainfully employed by all associations with the stadium, and a lot of revenue comes into the state. A “win-win” as I see it for the state of Minnesota and the people……….not just for the Vikings. Think a little more broadly, people!

    1. Reagan says:

      K, Whenever someone uses “win-win” you know there is really a winner and loser. It basically means supports will take all the revenues and the losers can suck it!

  8. K. says:

    Cache – you lose all credibility about who is a moron here when you can’t spell correctly. What are maroons or reders? And who is Dayto?

  9. Just you wait says:

    About time someone see’s the BIG picture. By the way ask someone that has been out of work for the past year or so how they would feel about have a temporary job..

    1. Shawn says:

      McDonald’s is always looking for crew members…people just need to swallow their pride and get off the couch….

      1. Just you wait says:

        @ shawn you remember that when your in a jam. Oh yeah hold the onions please.

      2. John says:

        It’s not about swallowing your pride. It’s, “hmmm do I get a job where I make less money than I do accepting unemployment benefits????????”

  10. Shawn says:

    Hey K….it’s going to be an outdoor stadium, at least that’s what the people of MN want…may not be so, after all the whining the player did before Monday nights game…what “events” are going to happen there if it’s an outdoor stadium? It is going to be designed for 8 games per year, just like the waste called TCF stadium, was built for….

  11. A Fan says:

    The state of Minnesota needs the vikings to stay, yes it should have a roof it is with some public money so the state can get more revenue from other events. The dome is junk and needs to be replaced. We deserve a stadium and the vikings do to.Lets get this done and move forward. The Twins and Gophers have theres and the Vikings deserve one to.

  12. K. says:

    I am hearing more and more about a retractable roof so that it could be indoor or outdoor depending on the weather. I know I am giving away my age, but in any case, I remember as a child going to the old Metropolitan Stadium for a rodeo (an event other than football). So, I am sure we could make use of an outdoor facility too. But, the retractable roof would certainly give us the best of both worlds.

  13. Shawn says:

    The Twins play about 62 games or so per year….that stadium gets plenty of more use than the TCF stadium….8 games…that’s it. The Vikings had their chance had they gone in with the Gophers and shared a stadium…

  14. Shawn says:

    K…a retractable roof will add an enormous amount to the price tag…and I don’t know about you, but I think rodeo’s are a little out of date. Additionally, a stadium with a retractable roof is most likely going to have natural grass…which is harder to repair after such said events….

  15. Just you wait says:

    So when was the last event held at the twins home that wasn’t related to baseball?

    1. Michael says:

      Target Field stadium hosts a minimum of 81 home games a year plus playoffs if needed. It still hosts more events per year I bet than the dome and TCF combined. Almost all 81 of those games were sellouts of 40,000 plus people.

  16. Just you wait says:

    the grass? Really. That is the main reason you think a venue having a roof is a problem

  17. K. says:

    Shawn – I realize that rodeos are probably out of date but, hey, didn’t I say this was at the old Metropolitan Stadium when I was a child? I was just giving an example. The point I was trying to make (that you obviously missed) was that there are other events/functions that could take place in a new stadium. I really don’t care whether it has a retractable roof or not, just suggesting it to satisfy those that support that. In reality, it would probably not be all that practical anyway for Minnesota since we would most likely keep the roof on most of the time. But, for summer events, I guess it would be nice to be able to open it up. Just food for thought.

  18. cwhiatt says:

    The jobs! Think of the jobs! Think of the Revenues!

    Three words: Broken Window Fallacy.

  19. Chris says:

    There are many companies in this state that could use money to expand, hire new employees and bring in revenue to the state. Most of these would be permanent improvements. The only difference between these companies and the Vikings that I can see is that these companies don’t have the assets the Vikings have. It appears that if you have money then our elected officials are happy to work with you and if you don’t have the money then just be quiet and pay your taxes so those who have the money can have our support. I recommend to the Vikings and the Twins that they have an appreciation day. On this day the tick prices be lower so those people whose taxes are going to support you can afford to see a game!!!

    1. cwhiatt says:

      And what of the people who have no interest in either? They are forced to subsidize an enterprise with over $7 billion in annual revenues? Wow….absolutely insane.

  20. MikeD says:

    To the people that are against a publicly funded stadium. Before you bring up your reasons for not wanting the stadium, please get your facts straight. the Vikings play a total of 8 regular season games plus 2 pre-season games per year plus playoffs. Not sure where someone was getting 12.

    I also see someone said the Twins play 62 games per year at home. It’s 81 plus playoffs, plus if they ever do pre-season like they did for 2 games this year to break in that beautiful publicly funded stadium that has re-energized downtown Mpls. I know, it’s hard to believe all the publicly funded Arts do not bring in all that revenue…it’s sports sports sports!

    1. cwhiatt says:

      Well of course there are people mulling about during the Twin’s games. And of course they are spending money in the downtown area when come. But, you’re missing a fundamental economic principle which is that if these individuals were not spending their money in the downtown area, they’d simply be spending elsewhere within the state or otherwise saving it.

  21. RIII says:

    Sports fans are like drug addicts. Both sit around and do nothing while costing the taxpayers a lot of money. As far as jobs go farming, mining and manufacturing are real jobs that produce useful goods that can be exported. We really don’t need any more service type jobs that create nothing.

    1. NFS says:

      Very shortsighted comments RIII

      1. Morons and Booze says:

        Actually NFS I think he’s far sighted and I like the word productive. I pay 100% for my own entertainment when I go out and sure don’t expect all my neighbors to fund my entertainment. That’s just not right to expect that of them – why do you of me/us????

  22. Reagan says:

    It seems lefties everywhere think construction jobs are the cure for everything, basically temp jobs is what they are, where are the real jobs????? They will not be coming until all if this bama care #@$%, is figured out and corp taxes are cut. And Dayton’s plan to tax the rich more starting at $150,000 to protect the middle class is hilarious. I find myself in this category and can tell you I am MIDDLE CLASS!!

    1. Morons and Booze says:

      Dead on Reagan – it’s always better to not fund a friggen thing. Better to borrow and such for everything. That’s why I plan on having 99 kids. They can pay our baggae today that without taxes we can’t cover.

  23. Not Inclusive says:

    Was Goodel inclusive and meet with average Jo neutral local tax payers? Probably not. Was Dayton inclusive and meet with average Jo neutral local tax payers? Probably not.

    The NFL, the NFL sponsors (TV-Networks), Billionaire Owners of TV-Networks, Billionaire Team Owners, Millionaire Players, Millionaire Sports Casters, can pay for a stadium if they need a new one. They have plenty of cash to go around. The NFL along with its advertising partners. Their all private businesses that don’t need bailouts. Stadiums have become a scourge for cities an Pro Sports teams owners an there affiliated leagues prefer to hold cities hostage every 25-30 years to put more money in their pocket book. The Dome was popped on purpose we know this. Notice how the media is not covering the anti-stadium campaign? Mab-ye cause their afraid of loosing their revenue/profit streams..

    Field of Schemes,

  24. Jean says:

    Those against the stadium are not fans, will not go to the games, therefore should not and will not pay for it. Because of this, shut your mouths and stop complaining and demanding there be a $200 million retractable roof for a venue you’ll never step foot it. I am a REAL Viking’s fan and REAL Viking’s fans want a new stadium and WANT to pay for it. Don’t call yourself a fan if you don’t think you should invest in it. I went to the game last night, I bundled myself up and had the absolute best time (even thought their performance was poor). NO ROOF – NO ROOF – REAL FOOTBALL IS PLAYED OUTSIDE!

  25. Kelly says:

    I’m a real Viking’s fan and real Viking’s fans are okay with putting money into a new stadium because that’s reality. News flash, if you claim to be a fan but don’t think you should have to invest, you’re not actually a fan. Those of you complaining that we shouldn’t pay and it should have a $200 million retractable roof, you’re obviously not fans either and won’t use it, so you should just keep your comments to yourselves. I bundled myself up, waiting in line and remained at last night’s game until the very end and it was the best game I’ve ever been to (despite our poor performance). Football was born outside and should remain outside. NO ROOF NO ROOF NO ROOF! Real fans want outdoor football!

    1. Kelly says:

      Wanted to add – stadium should not only be outdoor, but funded by those who use it – not all you pansies who don’t realize the benefits of an NFL team in our state. You should all seriously move to SD where you don’t have to worry about professional sports.

      1. Not a cent of tax money says:

        just a single question here Kelly – are you paying for this? If not —- just zip it up real tight and put the fingers inside a mitten eh. 😉

  26. Rick says:

    Don’t you people realize how high our taxes will be in this state if the Vikings leave.How much money does the state make off the Vikings?We the tax payers will have to make that up.

  27. RIII says:

    While were at it lets build Ford a new plant so they don’t leave or taxes will go up. And what about Lockheed Martin when they leave taxes will go up.

  28. Kelly says:

    Can’t you read? Yeah I guess not – I stated I am willing to invest in a stadium, because I am a real fan. So go ahead and put your fingers in your hole.

  29. Kelly says:

    Can’t you read? Yeah I guess not – I stated I am willing to invest in a stadium, because I am a real fan. So go ahead and put your fingers in your brown eye.

  30. Sporto says:

    Fools and their money are easily parted.

  31. mark from says:

    These jobs he is talking about are temp construction jobs, the long term jobs, parking attendant, ticket cashier, hot dog makers. These jobs don’t pay nothing, max $10.00 an hour. The only thing Dayton is focused on is the tax revenue the state would get. I guess the tax raise he wants is not enough!! Want to see more tax waste check out our link

  32. mntaxwaste says:

    Wasted Tax Money Part 3
    We wanted to say thank you for all the emails and reports of wasted tax money by our Minnesota Politicians. What should get you mad is why they are asking for more when they are spending it on pork projects!
    The cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul don’t even have enough money for snow plowing.
    Here is Part 3 of our list of your money going for things that we don’t need or wasted tax dollars at work

    The total amount for this list is $1,318,600.00

    · The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded over $600,000 to the Minnesota Zoo to create a wolf “avatar” video game called “WolfQuest.”
    · A theatre named after Che Guevara putting on “socially conscious” puppet shows ($25,000)
    · Studying why deleting a gene can create sex reversal in people, but not in mice in Minnesota ($190,000)
    · Woodbury has allocated more than $2.3 million to upgrade its heating systems at a local ice rink, using $503,900 in stimulus funding.

    Here is a list of YOUR politicians and what they are thinking about doing with your money.

    · Rep. Michael Paymar (D-St. Paul) wants to pile enormous tax increases on beverages containing alcohol. He would raise taxes on metric sales beverages by the following percentages: distilled spirits (up 228%); wine (up 450%); hard cider (up 800%); regular beer (up 790%); and 3.2% beer (up 457%).
    · Rep. Rick Hansen (D-South Saint Paul) wants to raise fees on deer hunters.
    · If you earn $36,000, then some House Democrats think you are rich enough to start losing an exemption they would provide for the proposed new DFL sales tax on clothes. Rep. Melissa Hortman (D-Brooklyn Park)
    · Rep. Tony Sertich (D-Chisholm) wants to raise the sales tax by at least $17 million to pay more for the arts and for natural resources projects.

    Our next story coming out mid week will deal with the COST of Light Rail and what it really is going to cost you. We are at a $1 billion proposal to link St. Paul and Minneapolis.

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