ST. CLOUD, Minn. (AP) — Looie the pet potbellied pig has gotten a reprieve — for now. The St. Cloud City Council has decided to hold off on whether a family has to give up Looie.

City law says pigs like Looie are banned in residential areas of St. Cloud, but Cindy Boettcher and her family contend that Looie is fully domesticated and not a safety hazard — not to mention a member of the family.

KNSI-AM reports the dust-up started after Looie busted out of his pen and was found rummaging through the neighborhood twice in the past year.

The council is sending the issue back to city staff.

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Comments (20)
  1. Shane G says:

    Save Looie! Keep him in St. Cloud!

    1. Snowy says:

      This is a horrible argument.
      A horse, cow or 30 noisy roosters can be domesticated. Do you want those in your neighborhood, against code, based on the argument they are domesticated and not a threat?

      1. Leave the pig alone says:

        Kids are more trouble than a pig!!!

  2. Ted B. says:

    Let them keep Looie. If he’s domesticated and they clean up after him, what is the harm?

  3. mark w. says:

    its just a pot bellied pig. 100’s of families across the nation have one as a pet. leave her be.

  4. SRH says:

    If you saw the news he is obviously a friendly little guy who loves his family very much and his family loves him. Leave these people alone and worry about the bigger things! Looie all the way!!!

  5. SKC says:

    Personaly I’d take Louie away from the family and put him on a diet, he’s so fat that’s bordering on animal cruelty!

    1. TONY says:


  6. drunken pig farm says:

    I have 5 of them…all rescues that came to me as thier owners were no longer able to care for them…they often outgrow the “cute” as they grow! Pots are extremely intelligent and affectionate and …YES…clean. Looie seems very well cared for and loved…leave it be. Let’s worry about the ones that are being neglected

  7. Olaf says:

    Cats are domesticated but they still run loose throught the neighborhood

  8. olaf says:

    I meant through the hood

  9. mark from says:

    How nice of St. Cloud to give a pig a break. Now that they took care of that emergancy, maybe they can work on the growing crime rate.

  10. Chris says:

    Let him be with his family. Getting loose twice in a year is nothing, I mean really was there any harm done. Besides it is better than a neighbors barking dog that hasnt gotten loose.

  11. Ignorance must be bliss says:

    So if this is what St.Cloud can spend time and money on rather than something that is important such as the deficit or light rail system or (enter any of 1000 topics here) I think that everyone should go out for a city councel position. That way we can all waste are own tax dollars on ourselves. This is just such a dumb thing. Are they implying that there are so many pigs wandering around St. Cloud that we need to do something about it? All you can say after reading this is WOW!!!!!

  12. KEEP LOUIE says:

    Pigs are cleaner and smarter then any cat or dog that are considered “house pets”. Keep LOUIE with his family!!

  13. Rob Wagner says:

    bacon would work for me

  14. linda says:

    bacon, LOL. Actually I thought he looked pretty slim for a pot bellied pig. The ones I see usually have stomachs almost touching the ground.

  15. Sarah Davis says:

    I just recently went through this same issue in west saint paul and because of my determination to keep my pig they have now changed the laws. we had a petition that we hung outside our fence and had over 600 signatures of members of our community who loved our pig. I suggest this family do the same because im sure their neighbors love the pig as much as the owners. I wish them all the best and completely sympathise with how hard it is to be told to lose a member of your family. DONT GIVE UP! I refused to and it worker.

  16. cate139 says:

    Ridiculous. Pigs are more intelligent than dogs and are very clean, social animals that are easily litter trained. How can this pig be causing a threat or disturbance to the community?!

    They don’t bark or attack people, and are the same size as many dogs.

    A family can own a rottweiler or pit bull but not a pig? Come on, people, educate yourselves.

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