2nd Nursing Home Worker Sentenced For Abuse

By Liz Collin, WCCO-TV

ALBERT LEA, Minn. (WCCO) — ALBERT LEA, Minn. (WCCO) — A former aide accused of sexually and psychologically humiliating residents of an Albert Lea nursing home has been sentenced after making a plea deal.

Ashton Larson, 20, was sentenced on Wednesday to serve 180 days in jail. Her attorney asked that they wait until Monday for Larson to start serving her time but the judge denied the request, sending Larson to jail immediately.

If Larson does have to serve the entire time, the next 60 days of her sentence would start in July and the last 60 days would start in December 2011. It’s possible she could petition the court not to serve the remaining 120 days.

Co-defendant Brianna Broitzman was handed down a similar sentence in October.
Broitzman and Larson were accused of abusing residents at the Good Samaritan Society nursing home in 2008. Four other aides were charged in juvenile court with not reporting the abuse.

In court Wednesday, Larson wept as families of her victims told a judge what her actions had done.

Then, Larson stood up to face them all saying “I hope something like this never happens in the world again. I can’t say sorry enough.”

Family members say the apology was too little too late.

“I guess I’ve become so angry and caulis it didn’t mean that much to me,” Myrna Sornenson said.

In October, Larson entered Alford pleas to three counts of disorderly conduct by a caregiver, a gross misdemeanor.

An Alford plea acknowledges the prosecution has enough evidence to convict. Each count acknowledged a different victim.

Including the jail time, Larson will be on parole for two years and cannot have contact with vulnerable adults.

She must also write apology letters to the families and do some community service.
The Elder Care Rights Alliance has stepped up training at Minnesota’s nursing homes ever since.

Harbir Kaur is the Director of Elder Victim Services for ElderCare Rights Alliance.

“Before it happens, what are the red flags? The warning signs need to be looked at,” Kaur said.

WCCO-TV’s Liz Collin Reports

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  • Shocked

    Seriously?!?! This is all they get for what they did?

  • red

    Why does she get a plea deal for taking advantage of people and abusing people? She is sick

    • PaulP in Rochester

      Read that 3 of those they abused are now deceased – her co-hort is a piece of work too. Hope the brats get to know the bulls very well. Maybe they will learn from that, maybe not

  • Person

    This is absolutely horrible. She is getting off so easily. I feel for the family of the victims she violated. She is so young and already doing such horrible horrible things. This is such a heartbreaking story. i hope she understands that what she did was an incredibly horrible thing. Her and everyone involved are sick individuals. To do this to anyone is just disgusting.

  • Fascism

    The Minnesota Court System doesn’t Care about the 14th amendment. Crime and Punishment is based on physical beauty and gender.

  • sue

    If she were a man she would be getting a much harsher sentence.

    • Andrew in Lea

      No doubt she /he would. A perfect sentence would be time in the Men’s workhouse. She’d wake up and learn fast not to bully and abuse others. Slap and tap and done

  • MandiT

    Anyone see a resemblence to Lohan here – looks somewhat and the fact she walks away easy …. maybe the swagger will be gone when she gets out.
    Well – it’s a short sentence but the judge did it right by saying no Christmas joy anyway. Sad deal for all involved

  • ThomasD

    she looks like LL with the baggy eyes and droop a doop look.
    You folks really want her punished huh?? – she has community service after the time. I am in need of someone to help me out doing some dirty work on a rehab job. She’d be perfecto

  • I'd give her some

    does ya think she’ll have a protective momma or dadda in the slammer taken care of her like she did the old folks. lol
    she gets abused inside it’s poetic payback I guess

  • Not2Shabby she was

    She sure looked a lot different in court than this mug shot shows. See the Albert Lea paper photo….yep, she was a nice lookin’ babe albeit a true Bi#!h in the truest sense too. 180 is to short – she’ll prolly do 60. sad

  • js

    seriously my son got a dwi and served more time nice justice system we have

  • To Ezzyon Her

    she deserves a lot more but being young, white, attractive in person means just this type of slap on the wrist. Some might say, those who have all the details that is, that she deserves to be put in a pen with some Big Bro’s and given similar treatment as she gave. I think thats a bit harsh but she desreves waaaaaaaaay more than this

  • Dave

    Maybe the judge could allow their petitions for a reduction in sentence in return for allowing the victims’ families to physically abuse these two criminals for, say, one full day..

  • hmm

    wow 180 for sexual assault. Wonder what a male doing this to a female would have gotten?

  • bob

    One can only hope real justice gets served to these women by a noble citizen.

  • Ruth

    Kudos to the judge for ordering her to jail immediately. Too bad it’s such a lenient sentence.

  • al

    Mark her as a sex offender ! ! !

  • Mark likes her look

    let me at her ;-)

  • Fascism

    The message therapist In Apple Valley was charged worse than these two women.

    It’s like back in the day when the court system punished black people harder for crime.

  • mike

    Oh yeah, everyone knows that female offenders get lighter sentences than male offenders. That’s just the way how it is wtih the court system. As for you stupid B@#$@es, you are just as low as Charles Manson. You don’t deserve any respect from anyone for the crimes you committed!

  • dutch

    Since these two little sick b*****s made Albert Lea so famous for their crimes, maybe Albert Lea High School can rename it’s mascot name. Instead of calling them the tigers at any of their events, we can now them the “ALBERT LEA GRANNY MOLESTERS!” Or even the “GROMOS” which also means “granny molesters” either way you want to call them. Just imagine, all the loudmouth preppie kids in the stands can root for their athletic teamates by shouting, “GO GROMOS GO” in honor of the infamous sickos. Have Ashton Larson and Brianna Broitzman the two convicted gromos be the mascot dummies for all the Albert Lea teams, they can dress up in skimpy nurses outfits and they can fondle an inflatable granny dummy for all the spectators to enjoy at the homecoming game! Now that would be a better alternative for punishment for the courts to impose on them!

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