By Susie Jones, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis-based Target Corp. is reaching out to its employees this holiday season, and year-round, with a program to help with morale and attendance.

A few years ago, at a Target Store in Chicago, a social worker was hired to help employees deal with issues like family problems or financial woes.

Of the more than 1700 stores, 69 of them now have social workers on staff. Donna Eagan with Target Corp. said most of the social workers are at stores in urban areas.

“We are hearing from team members about how pleased they are with the program, that they weren’t aware of the types of resources that we were able to connect them to,” she said.

Eagan said since the policy has been in place, they have reduced absenteeism by 17 percent at those stores.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Susie Jones Reports

Comments (10)
  1. mee says:

    Team members why don’t you just say employee’s? After all that is what they are.

  2. Newsie says:

    Yeah, but clearly, Target thinks more of their ’employees’ if they are bringing in social workers to help them out with personal issues. Do you see Wal-Mart doing the same? Team members vs. employees. Employed by neither btw.

    1. cwhiatt says:

      Target and Wal-mart..bleh it’s the same damn corporate thing. Target just dresses their stores up a little better.

  3. SCOTT says:

    A program to help with morale and attendance. Um – how about if your late one more time or if you can’t control your anger issue or if you can’t smile while helping a cutomer – we’ll find someone who will? WAY too touchy feely. Oh yeah, I’ve got that same type of “help” in my work place. what a waste of money and resources.

  4. cwhiatt says:

    You want a morale booster? How about when you hire temporary people to come in and stock your shelves and “zone” during the busy holiday season, you show them a bit more appreciation than giving them a pen for Christmas with Target’s own damn logo on it. Just sayin……

  5. Caden says:

    Maybe if working conditions and wages were improved there would be no need for mental health services in your stores.

    1. grondl says:

      Right, because every problem a person can have can be solved by more money. I’d love to live in your world.

  6. me says:

    I think that is great that a company cares about its employees. More corporations should do the same..It saves money in the long run, from having to repost, research resumes….interview….re hire…re-train…costs more in the long run then to just deal with the issues. I think other companies need to follow Target’s lead.

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