MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Finally some good news for local holiday travelers. It’s possible that the Twin Cities will escape the impending snow that’s supposed to begin Thursday.

Those traveling outside the Twin Cities, however, may not be so lucky.

December’s weather has truly been a broken record of sorts — snow, cold, more snow, more cold. So will Thursday’s storm continue the streak or finally give us a break?

The snowstorm for Thursday hasn’t even formed yet, but WCCO-TV Meteorologist Chris Shaffer said early indications say the Twin Cities could dodge most of the fluff.

The temperatures will stay pretty mild for Thursday, with highs around 25. The snow will break in during the early-morning hours, starting in southwestern Minnesota and will head into the Minnesota River Valley around lunchtime.

By the afternoon and into the evening, the snow from the east will run into a wall of very dry air, stopping it just shy of the Twin Cities. Still, even for the southern part of the state, this snowstorm doesn’t look to be dropping a lot of inches.

The snow will continue into Friday morning, especially for southern Minnesota and south-central Minnesota. That snow will likely continue all the way down to Des Moines, Iowa — so travelers heading south should plan ahead.

As of right now, the Twin Cities is only expected to get 0.3 inches of snow Thursday. Southwestern parts of the state can expect about 2 to 4 inches, with a few more inches overnight.

But again, because this storm hasn’t formed yet, this forecast is not set in stone. Be sure to check WCCO and WCCO.COM for the latest updates on Thursday.

WCCO-TV’s Chris Shaffer Reports

Comments (2)
  1. dally says:

    BS they are usually wrong

  2. Tailgunner says:

    Yeah ,,we won’t get a drop…………….

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