19-Month-Old In Critical Condition, 1 Arrested

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Olivia Police said a baby is in critical condition after suffering significant injuries at the hand of another.

Police were called to a home in Olivia, Minn. around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday when they got a call about an unresponsive 19-month-old.

The child was brought to Renville County Hospital then later flown to St. Paul Children’s Hospital where she remains in critical condition Thursday.

Police arrested a person in connection with the incident. They are being held at the Renville County Jail.

Their identity is being withheld until they’re formally charged. A judge has issued an extension for filing charges and they are expected to come on or before Dec. 29.

Olivia Police Department and the Renville County Sheriff’s Office continue to investigate.

  • Edn

    This makes me just sick. For too long I see this happening to children, only to find out later that the parent or significant other just snapped or couldn’t handle it, only to just get a slap on the wrist. When are we going to stand up and say — NO MORE ABUSE!! Do it, you are in jail permanently — or it is your turn to suffer the same fate!

    • AS

      I couldn’t agree more! I know it’s stressful sometimes with kids, but that’s what you sign on for by having a child! And you can always just step away…take a breather. I’m not saying leave a child unattended, but step back, even if you are in the same room as you should be with a 19 month old…ask yourself, is it really worth being this upset about???

      • Hope

        Yeah, that is horribly sad.. People who hurt kids like that should be sterilized.. That is just heartbreaking- What on earth could any child do to have that happen- Children are blessings from God and should be treated as such.. just so sad… I just hope the baby makes it out alive and okay… and that WHOEVER hurt that baby gets CHARGED GOOD!

  • Al

    There is absolutely NO excuse that could justify this!! But you watch, the person MIGHT get probation. Children are our future and our hope. They are
    a precious gift. They should be treated as such!!!!

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  • KTB

    How about connecting parents to the support that they need to be good parents? We don’t know the story- it’s sad and difficult to continue reading these kinds of headlines. Tell your legislator about the importance of home visiting, and helping to support parents prenatally through age three…. I can guarantee we’d see a dramatic drop in headlines like these if we had statewide home visiting system to help support all parents.

    • I Disagree

      I don’t need the state dropping in on me at any given time to “help” me parent. That isn’t their job. And I certainly don’t want them here. I am not doing anything wrong, but the less time under a government microscope the better. They don’t need to regulate my life.

    • Mom of 2

      Even if the state comes in for visits, they cannot be there everyday. People like this cannot change. I’m sorry to say it, but as a mother, you get stressed out sometimes. Never, never, never, have I ever thought of harming either of my children for anything! I agree there should be more help for parents to reach out to if they are in need, but state visits is not what they need.

    • thekhanvict

      If you need the state to help you parent then the state shouldn’t allow you to have children.

  • Troy

    Mandatory execution should be the minimum sentence for any violent crime against a child.

    • Shelley


  • Momma of 2

    Prayers for this sweet, innocent child. May God wrap you in His loving arms and heal you.

  • Mom of 3


  • MD

    As it is stated above, mommy or daddy will say she/he is sorry and it will never happen again and our courts will return her to them. Of course this is if she survives. I wonder if a stranger broke into the house and beat the child into a critical condition could say they were sorry and walk away unpunished. I am also wondering what the family is thinking. More than likely they are feeling sorry for the beater. Maybe she or he just lost their job at Burger King due to an inability to catch on and was feeling down. I am least hoping the little girl put up a good fight defending herself. Oh, Merry Christmas.



    • Minnesota


  • DHM

    KTB has a good point. We need more things to spend our taxes on.

  • G.S

    The little girl isn’t even the beater’s kid…It’s his girlfriends child..What a f’n loser.. Hopefully this man gets the same treatment in prison! There’s no room in this world for a waste of space like him…
    What do you expect from dirtballs in the ghetto?? My god..

    • Kieron

      How do you know all this about the perp? Some other story you can point to?

      Olivia, MN, is the heart of the ghetto, in your estimation. Wow. Need to get out more, maybe?

  • getridofem

    Have said time and again there is a cure for slim-balls like this, a 357 to the back of the block of wood on their shoulders—- oh by the way, they tried to escape from custody—–

  • Emlee

    GS – since when is Olivia “the ghetto”?
    Thekhanvict – the state isn’t allowed to regulate your ability to have kids. The schools aren’t allowed to teach contraception or reproductive biology. Health care plans aren’t required to pay for contraceptives and pharmacists aren’t required to dispense them even when prescribed. We’ve lost most of the parenting education in schools, too. We in MN are fortunate to have ECFE built into our education system, but most programs are for kids and their parents a bit older than this little victim.
    KTB has the right idea – most parents feel alone and overwhelmed. Studies prove the most effective long-term crime prevention we can do is prenatal through age 2 home visits by trained public health personnel and educators to at-risk mothers. They might also spot the signs of abusive adult relationships and refer for assistance before a crisis like this hits.

  • red


  • me

    Let me tell you something…it’s NOT always the parents fault but rather a relative or babysitter. Yes, even a baby sitter can be at fault. When I was a child, my parents were great parents.. They had someone they thought they could trust (with an outstanding background and degree in child care) babysit me. This person was beyond abusive…and My parents were left holding the bag…I was taken away from my parents because they decided on night to go out and spend some adult time together. Yes..my parents never abused me, the babysitter did but my parents were blamed for it.
    So tell me dear society…why is it that parents are always the first to get the blame..without even so much as an investigation. Because let me tell you, I am still bitter to this day for CPS taking me away from Parents who were oustanding simply because there was no proof the babysitter did it, when in fact she did do it. Fourty Years later, I am here to tell you..my parents did not abuse me…the babysitter did. Do I get compensation for that mistake from society? Do I get the time lost from false accusations, back with my parents? No..what needs to happen is people need to STOP Judging without evidence.

    • Heart to Heart

      I am so sorry that you and your parents had to go through that. I will always remember what you shared. Pray and reach to God and keep resisting the evil that is so prevalent around us. I myself wish that I had been taken away from my mother cause she was insane and did the unspeakable.

  • Kathy Carter

    I just had to report a situation of child abuse against someone I know., At first I was scared they would retaliate but I knew it was something I had to do for the child’s sake. I am still a bit scared because of the investigation but I was willing to step in and help. I pray to God I did the right thing as I am sure I did. But it is a hard thing to do. I love this child as my own grandchild and will probably never see him again but if it helps him to have a better life then it was worth it.

  • sam

    Kathy, I’m sure what you did took great courage and I hope that because of you this child’s life will be all the better. Thank you.

  • whatever

    I am the father of a 4 month old boy and I will never understand how anyone could do harm to something so helpless and Innocent.. take em out back and do the same thing they did to that baby nothing less..

  • Michelle

    It makes me sick how many times you see these types of stories in the news lately. What is wrong with people? I will never understand how someone can harm children. I am a mother so I know your patience can be tested but how can you want to physically hurt a child and put them in critical condition or worse? Disgusting. I only hope the person that did this meets the same fate.

  • mwern

    Sad, sad, sad! Don’t be surprised if it’s the “Boyfriend”, of the Mother and not the child’s Father.
    I frequent a couple of websites and I cannot tell you how many times this is the scenario.
    The child is always the last priority and the Mother’s act as though they aren’t to blame for allowing this abuser into the home. Please, I have a real hard time believing that they weren’t privy to some form of abuse.
    I hope they rot in _ell!
    Get well you little Doll <3

    • Maude

      or the mother … not as often but lately we have seen so much more of the breakdown on all sides. Regardless — hang the SOB involved

    • why

      it IS the boyfriend, actually.

  • M.E.Harvey

    New parents need to know it is OK to put a crying infant in a crib and leave the room to get a break, not a long break, but one which may keep the child safe. If you feel overwhelmed and angry a child will not stop crying, putting the child in a crib and walking away may be the wisest parental decision you ever make.

  • KJM

    They haven’t released the abuser’s name. WHY NOT? His Rights might be abused. What about the `19 month old little Angel’s rights . If He or She are innocent then there should be no problem.about their rights. There is way too much lead way that get abuser soff the hook

  • rip_tiana

    i am a friend of the family of this precious little angel and she passed away this morning from her injuries. I sincerely hope the person who did this gets th utmost punishment. R.I.P. Tianna. We love you baby girl!

    • kara

      so she did die? i heard she was still alive, but just barely. we live close to the mom. There are alot of people around here praying for both of them, and especially baby Tiana. Such a terrible tragedy in this terrible town.

  • rip_tiana

    She hasnt died but they took her off life support and she is brain dead.

  • friend

    she has NOT died….she is still being supported by machines and has many IVs…the outlook is bad of course…it upsets me that people say things that they heard from someone that heard from someone…..people should make sure that what they say is fact and from the source…theres not need to cause more emotional pain and confusion in than there already is

  • friend

    I know and love Tina and her baby Tiana. I have only been blessed with meeting her one time and that’s because we live far apart. This baby girl is so precious. What he did to her is horrible and nothing can take this pain away from Tiana, Tina and her brother Mekiel. He was not her parent. He was just watching her so her mom could make a living. You would think you could trust your boyfriend. NOw she is on life support and fighting to live. Everyone who wants to blame her mother should be with the person who did this to her. It was not her fault. Why are people putting RIP? She is not dead. She is still fighting for her life, which a innocent baby should not have to do. Please, pray for a miracle to happen. This family deserves it.

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