From ‘The Good Life For Less’ vaults, here’s a blog favorite on snagging some after-Christmas sales.

You always hear about Black Friday deals, and more recently Cyber Monday deals … but you can’t forget about another popular deal-finding day — the day after Christmas.

Besides the 50 to 70 percent off you can get on Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, and holiday cards that you can stock up on for next year, you can also think creatively and get things you can use all year round.

Think Simple

Things like candles, table clothes, plates, gift sets and bath sets go on sale at many stores too. Yes, some may have Santa or Ruldolph on it, but I’ve personally found that there are always some generic sets too. Instead of the green table cloth with holly and berries on it, pick the white one with gold trim — you can use it all year.

Do you have an upcoming wedding or party you are planning? Stock up on half off tea-light candles or non-specific vases that can be used. Even crystal ornaments could be used to make a nice accent to any centerpiece. Check out an idea here and here.

Overstock Items

I’ve gotten brand-new, white dish set for $5 in the past, just because the store had so many. Stores may just need to clear off space on store shelves and in turn, you reap the rewards.

Returns and Store Displays

Don’t overlook returned merchandise or display models. Stores will be moving on from their holiday displays and trying to promote next year’s next big thing. You could score some pretty good deals on electronics this way. Just check to make sure it’s in working order before you buy.

Use Gift Cards and Bonus Bucks

A big thing you won’t want to forget is to use those gift cards or bonus gift certificates and coupons you may get for purchasing gift cards for others. Each year millions of dollars in gift cards go unused or are simply lost. The bonus cards tend to expire pretty fast, usually the end of the year or mid-January. Sad to say, I’ve found this out the hard way in the past. So use it or lose it!

Click here for a list of sales happening around the end of the year.

Finally, I’ve even heard of some families doing gift exchanges after Christmas, so everyone can cash in on those deals and just celebrate being with family on Dec. 25. A nice way to spend the holiday away from commercialism.

On that note, I want to wish you all a safe and fun Christmas! I hope you all get everything you want, but most importantly, enjoy the things that make a good life — family, friends and your health. Happy Holidays!

-Alison Lorge is a web producer and consumer blogger at WCCO.

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  1. Ashton Wood | Budget says:

    After Christmas also some of the stores gives discounts if you buy stuffs from them. The only reason is the stocks they bought during the festive season. SO if someone find some stores who give discount after Christmas is great.

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