Woman Dies From Injuries Sustained In Crash

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 53-year-old woman has died from the injuries she sustained in a three-vehicle crash on Monday.

Lori K. Smith, of Winthrop, Minn. was driving westbound on Highway 19 at Sibley County Road around noon on Monday, when she lost control behind a bulk truck that was stopped to make a turn.

Smith ended up spinning into the eastbound land where it was hit by a semi truck.

The driver of the semi was treated at the scene for injuries and released. The other driver, of the bulk truck, was not injured in the crash.

  • Jackie M

    So sad. :(

  • NANC

    Really Billy? someone is dead right before Christmas and that’s all you have to say? You must be a total loser in every sense of the word……

  • Dave

    I think NANC is the total loser.

  • Billy

    NANC , Get a life, People die everyday, death is a part of life weather you like it or not.

    • Oh that's funny

      …and that would be whether, not weather. How ironic.

      • Billy

        its wood, NOT would, very funny, thank you for the laugh.

  • shell

    wood??? huh, I guess I don’t understand

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