ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov.-elect Mark Dayton’s administration is under construction.

Key commissioner slots to be filled include the departments that oversee the budget, tax collections, unemployment benefits and education. Dayton is also searching for people to lead agencies for prisons, public safety, veteran affairs and natural resources.

Dayton is building the first Democratic cabinet from the ground up since 1983. There hasn’t been a Democrat serving as governor since Rudy Perpich left office after consecutive terms in 1991.

A recount in Dayton’s close race with Republican Tom Emmer kept him from making any hires until mid-December. Dayton has selected people to fill roles within the governor’s office and named the heads of three departments. They cover labor and industry, transportation and agriculture.

Dayton takes office a week from Monday.

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Comments (4)
  1. IMHO says:

    Mark Dayton more than ever we need fearless leaders with backbones who can stand up for the tax payers and vulnerable children and be honest during these corrupt times. Finding ones with golden hearts will be hard but with golden balls even more just ask the religious organizations in America. Seems hopeless considering the state of world affairs and people’s spiritual attainment; nevertheless, all things are possible if we get to know God for real.

  2. Wrascal says:

    Sorry but Dayton couldn’t put a two piece puzzle together.

  3. MrB says:

    Wrascal……and you couldn’t handle a one piece puzzle! I’m sure you are puzzled by this comment as well!

  4. Dave L says:

    Give him a chance. Governor Tim is proud of the fact he used gimmicks and rollovers to “balance” the budget. I can’t wait – Dayton will have a balanced budget proposal with tax increases and painful spending cuts then we get to see from the GOP just how painful 6.2B in cuts will be unless they try more gimmickry..

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