Gov. Rendell Calls Us A “Nation Of Wussies”

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell wasn’t happy with the Philly/Viking game being canceled on Sunday. In a local interview, he said we were becoming a “nation of wussies” and argued with the station meteorologist about how much snow they actually got.

To check out the video, click here

  • Chris

    he is right, they get millions and want to play in their PJs.

  • St Paul

    I agree with Chris!! Man up folks!!

  • Al G

    Not a problem here – I agree with him but you know the real reason is so Vick could be showcased in better weather!! Actually it is the politicans that are a bunch of weenies.

  • Joe White

    Democrat Rendell looks for a way to describe the pathetic weakness of Americans, so he uses a misogynistic term.

    And the media yawns. And giggles.

    You can bet if he were a Republican that the media and the NOW would be spitting fire and calling for his resignation.

    What’s that called? oh yeah a double standard

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