MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — For once this month, it’s not the snow in Minneapolis causing the headaches.

For anyone trying to get to the East Coast from Minneapolis, however, they’re stuck and are forced to wait it out.

Many of the flights coming from and going to Newark, New York, Boston and Philadelphia are cancelled or delayed.

Carolyn Johnson has been stranded at the airport for more than 24 hours.

She flew in Sunday from Scotland and her flight to Boston last night was cancelled.

She’s trying to get home to see her parents in New Hampshire.

Johnson was on stand-by for flights Monday afternoon but was told by Delta they can’t guarantee her a flight until Wednesday at 7 p.m.

“Kind of cutting my holiday short since I only get to come home once a year,” she said. “Chalk it up to bad luck, I guess. I’m just crossing my fingers and hope for the best. Hopefully I’ll get out of here soon.”

Alice Charles, of Mankato, is travelling to see her family in Africa for the first time in 20 years.

When she showed up this morning, the first leg of her trip was cancelled.

Charles said she wasn’t expecting the weather to be an issue.

“I thought I was clear, but no I wasn’t, not at all,” she said.

Charles said they rebooked her on another flight through Chicago so she should make it on schedule.

“I’m just looking forward to getting home. That’s all. I just want to get home,” she said.

Other passengers aren’t so lucky.

Because some airports remain shut down on the East Coast, Pat Hogan, a spokesman for MSP International, said some people may have to wait a couple of days before they’re able to get a flight to cities like Boston, Philadelphia and New York.

WCCO-TV’s Holly Wagner Reports

Comments (2)
  1. BostonBound says:

    what a pit of a place to be caught at. For that matter they all are.
    I don’t fly for many reasons – this is #1

  2. Helen Johnson says:

    Carolyn did make it to Boston Monday night. Hurrah! Her Grandma

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