MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minnesota Court of Appeals says a lawsuit against the makers of Marlboro Lights cigarettes can proceed as a class-action claim.

A three-judge panel issued its opinion Tuesday. In the 2001 lawsuit, smokers claim Philip Morris engaged in deceptive trade practices, false advertising and consumer fraud by marketing cigarettes as “light.”

The class would include consumers who bought Marlboro Lights in Minnesota from 1972 through November 2004. The plaintiffs seek refunds for their purchases. The number of people in the class and amount of damages is not immediately known.

In a statement, Philip Morris says it is considering its appellate options.

Courts around the country have been split on whether similar cases can proceed as class-action claims.

In 2009, Congress banned the marketing of tobacco products with words like “light.”

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Comments (11)
  1. Bobbi Smith says:

    what is going to be the proff of purchase? I have smoked for many years but normally do not keep receipts. Is this only for Marlboro or any other products?

  2. john stpaul says:

    Another liberal way to steal money from people , but the ones that smoke the most is the ones on EBT or other social programs.

  3. john stpaul says:

    besides I smoked for many years, and I knew the risk its been on the package since the 70’s that the surgeon general says its bad for you, so you cant sue if you knew that or don’t you know how to read!

  4. Kyle says:

    John StPaul

    How could you possibly blame this on liberals? Seriously. The stupid gene must run in your family. Go watch Fox News and bang your head against a wall. Do you think Republicans are above suing people for endangering their health? Why do you love big corporations so much. They don’t have your interests in mind.

  5. john stpaul says:

    kyle , you don’t have to buy the product you know its your will to buy they didnt choke you till you bought the product. you libs are so stupid. do you have a mind or do you like people to tell you how to think.

  6. john stpaul says:

    the ones that should be sued is the movies that’s where we learned it from when i was a kid, and from our parents, Government, lets see the list goes on, but know one broke my arm I did it on my own, not anyone else Kyle. so its holly woods fault. or don’t you get that ?

  7. Dave Phipps, AEC(AW) USN Ret. (Ex Fudd Fixer) says:

    Just another case of people wanting to get something for nothing. You buy and smoke cigarettes, you know the danger. It was your choice, no one held a gun to your head. The courts should be dealing with real crime, not this frivolous garbage. Comes down to the same thing with the McDonald’s Hot Coffee case, you know it’s hot, be careful you idiot!

  8. mark from mntaxwaste.com says:

    So smoking is bad for you? All this time I thought it was healthy. This is why our courts are tied up.

  9. Fascism says:

    Pothead draft dodger judges and lawyers think big tobacco is a blank check.

    With this in mind, shouldn’t the Beatles be sued for promoting LSD and Marijuana?

  10. Baja K says:

    How about suing American Indians? It was they who started using tobacco about ten thousand years ago for appetite suppression, digestive relief, alertness, and stress relief. Didn’t they know that everyone was supposed to use costly, synthetic, patented pharmaceutical products instead?

  11. Baja K says:

    If there are any legal suits involving Light cigarettes they should be about how manufacturers use a LOT more untested, often harmful, even carcinogenic, additives to replace the flavor lost by lowing tar and nicotine levels.
    And, why are there no suits against AWOL public officials who permitted the manufacturers to poison and experiment on millions of un-informed people by using those adulterants?

    Further, never assume that a cigarette is automatically tobacco. Unless it says it’s made from tobacco on the package, it may be partly or entirely fake tobacco made in Patented Ways from all sorts of industrial waste cellulose—including wood chips, paper, peanut shells, coffee bean hulls, or what not.

    htttp://fauxbacco.blogspot.com has lots more useful info.

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