By Bruce Hagevik, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — St. Paul city officials have rejected four proposals for events to replace the Taste of Minnesota. That means no summer festival in 2011. However, there will be July Fourth fireworks at Harriet Island.

“The proposals didn’t bring everything that we wanted and ultimately we needed to make sure that any event that we put on at Harriet Island would be successful in the future,” said Parks and Recreation spokesman Brad Meyer.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Bruce Hagevik Reports

The 2010 Taste of Minnesota ran into deep financial trouble leaving unpaid bills.

“Putting on a traditional fireworks show for 2011 was the way to go and then kind of begin new planning for potential uses beginning in 2012,” said Meyer.

St. Paul has had a summer festival, including the Taste of Minnesota, for nearly 30 years. The city will entertain other new ideas in the future.

Comments (23)
  1. sue says:

    so now i can’t park 40 miles away and walk in 90 degree heat amongst 80 million other people just for bad, over priced, fair food. oh know, what will i do?

    1. Teito says:

      complain complain and more complain

    2. Haha FunnyGuy says:

      You could take the time to learn how to spell.

    3. Jack says:

      You obviously don’t know what the taste is all about. it is an amazing event and maybe if you could read a map you could figure out how to park 2 blocks away but I guess I can’t expect you to be able to do that if you can”t even spell “no”.

  2. St.PaulieGirl says:

    Seriously, it took 30 years to figure out this “event” actually cost the city money?? ( in terms of the trash, both human and inanimate , left behind)
    I stopped going years ago when it seemed to become a H*ll’s Angels festival.
    Why not make something of St. Paul for once? Make our downtown a showpiece, a destination worth traveling to? We have an arts community that seems to be looked upon more as something to be “tolerated” than a treasure to be mined. Make St. Paul the “River City of Arts” and you will have people coming here, as a summertime destination, from all over the US and Canada.

  3. Julie says:

    Hey though, she was right lol
    thats why I never went xD

  4. john stpaul says:

    the best place they should have the taste of minnesota is at the state fair grounds.

  5. sue says:

    sorry “no”, forgive me for not caring enough to check my spelling

  6. jmnlove says:

    I’m with Sue!!! And why Bi**h about her spelling? She made a good point! The subject is not about her spelling it’s about an overpriced gathering that is a wast of money and time. We have the MN state fair. Do we really need the Taste? And you dont need to rag on Sue for her spelling just because your not getting your extra deep fried Heart attack this summer.

  7. Bruiser says:

    LOL Sue – me wit ya all da wayz
    State Fair Grounds not a bad idea – maybe use part of it and run it like the fair too. We’d prolly come in droves asong as it was real different then the Fair itself. Then again – I dislike the idea as it may impact the fair so maybe it’s dumb idea to take away from a MN treasure.

  8. lib says:

    Never went, I had always heard it was expensive and you had to work hard to find something tasty enough to spend the $ on. I give credit to the St. Paul planners for standing back and taking stock of their options. Taking a year off to plan something worth while makes sense.

  9. Kevin says:

    Where will all the gans hang out now???

    1. Doh! says:

      What is a gans

  10. Cory says:

    You guys are all a bunch of downers, the taste of MN was fun for some people. Yeah bad management and planning might have cost more money than it’s worth but doesn’t mean the thought behind it sucked. I’d like to see a festival in the near future. Nothing wrong with good music and fair food, as long as it’s planned well.

    1. Randall says:

      Very well stated Cory. The taste of MN was an excellent oppportunity and tradition for alot of out-state Minnesotans to travel to the metropolitan area for time to enjoy the festivities of the summer climate and a very upbeat attitude that came along with the celebration if you had an opportunity to go to the event it was well worth it and if anyone complained about the price I recommend they just don’t go to it its not that hard.

  11. Luke Lahti says:

    Why not just move it back to the state capitol grounds and make it free admission again? Taste of MN used to be a fun and worthwhile experience before it moved to Harriet Island. And then when they started charging people to get in, they really just shot themselves in the foot since the food was overpriced – the reason that a lot of people were reluctant to go in the first place. Paying to hear/see the music makes sense but there could be a better way to charge for that if it’s absolutely necessary. But again, it was free all those years when the event was at the state capitol grounds and there never seemed to be any issues with that. It’s really just the change of ownership and greed that took over, I think.

  12. TOM SMITHY says:


  13. Melanie Dettmer Campbell says:

    Wow people really need to learn how to spell and check their comments before sending them! I agree with the ones who say that it should be moved back to the capitol grounds and made more affordable for everyone!!!

  14. Larry Ellis says:

    They spent too much money on too many has-been bands and had too many out-of-state traveling road show fair food vendors. Move it back to the State Capitol, but arrange booths to avoid the police gauntlet that existed before; install no chain link fence (were they trying in incite riots?). Limit vendors to Minnesota businesses and cuisine. Maybe have one name band for Saturday night, otherwise feature Minnesota entertainers, there’s certainly enough local talent that isn’t showcased. Pay the bands out of part of the food proceeds, like before.

    The Twin Cities downtowns need to decide if they’re going to remain relevant. They already lost the RibFest to Des Moines. This year, Bismarck, Fargo, Sioux Falls, Cass Lake, MN, Mankato, Fort Wayne, IN and Naperville, IL are all having ribfests. Twin Cities: no ribfest, no taste, no nothing. Last year’s Aquatennial Block Party was a total joke and waste of time and gasoline. If it weren’t for the Bascilica the Twin Cities might as well just role up the sidewalks after 5pm when the workers leave for the suburbs..

  15. Doh! says:

    I really didn’t mind the “has been” bands when I could get my family in free. You always have to pay through the a** for food at festivals or sporting events. But when they charged big $$ for “has been” bands, a family could no longer afford to go. It was something that you could go to and hang out and leave when you wanted. Sammy Hagar was a main national draw?!! Not in my books and not for $30 a pop at the gate.

  16. Justine says:

    maybe if they didn’t keep jacking up the prices, more people would want to go so there wouldn’t be shortages. In my opinion, w/ how many people go each year, they really shouldn’t have to charge $20+ for admission and $8/corndog.

  17. Sporty007 says:

    You know there are other cities besides mpls/st. paul that do festivals – go check one of them out. The Taste of Minnesota was good when it first started – the idea originally behind it was to showcase different foods from the state of minnesota – the problems started when they went corporate.

  18. Amber says:

    I agree with Luke. But The taste of Minnesota is about celebrating independence day, while bringing our state in some money. If they left it the way it was before we wouldnt be losing money, we would of been gaining money.

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