Duluth Business Joins Synthetic Marijuana Lawsuit

DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — The Last Place on Earth shop in Duluth is suing over the government’s plan to crack down on synthetic marijuana.

Store owner Jim Carlson tells the Duluth News Tribune that he has joined three similar Twin Cities businesses in a lawsuit against the Drug Enforcement Administration and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Carlson says they are asking a federal court in Minneapolis to block the DEA’s move to outlaw five of the chemicals in synthetic marijuana, which is sold as incense.

In November, the DEA issued an emergency order to outlaw the chemicals after receiving increasing numbers of bad reports — including seizures, hallucinations and dependency.

Carlson has said the incense accounts for half of his sales. He already has challenged a city ordinance banning its sale.

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  • OnTheFence

    What an interesting case. Too much Government VS protecting our kids from themselves. I hope the news keeps following this case. Smoking incense-Yuck!

  • Karen Lynn Eaton

    Good for Carlson. You cannot protect children from themselves by banning anything .. haven’t we proved this TIME AND TIME AGAIN?


  • Shane G

    Half your sales?? awww..guess you’re gonna have to find something else to sale. Better revert back to whatever you were selling once before synthetic Marijuana got into the picture.

  • Lee

    Stop smoking pot and face reality. Get off the dope and the welfare system. I am tired of carrying you on my back

  • Parry Hotter


    Stop drinking so much.

  • wotanMMX

    Much ado about nothing. Legalize all of it and the problem goes away.

  • mayhem


  • hmm

    Good luck winning that lawsuit.

  • Fascism

    Last Place on Earth should be sued for targeting young people with an addictive cancer causing substance. Just like Joe Camel and candy cigarettes.

    I remember Last Place On Earth selling cigarettes to minors during the 80’s, only two blocks away from a Jr High.

  • T

    It’s a shame people think they need to get high or drunk to live life.

  • misty

    I really do not think place on earth is targeting young consumers many kids especially in the 80’s bought cigarettes it was not regulated until maybe 85. Come on now alot of kids still buycigarettes that are underage because some 17 year olds look 25. So whos fault is the sale the store or the kids. Should we have everyone swipe their id to get into a store? Synthetic cannoboids actually assist people with cancer do your research people. It has not killed anyone. What kills is alcohol and other things why can people still huff aresol cans ? that kills. yet we are not aresol free. why is this government and business do not mix

  • misty

    I support the lawsuit and hope they win lets look at silly bands. huge choking risk and they give them to kids. and its cool. THe law IS extremely vauge and who wants to see their own dumb kid get charged with a felony to posess it? So the message we are sendin to our kids is “its better to smoke and posess a little pot than to have some incense in your posession.” that is not even for smoking. The faccts on synthetic arijuanna are not even researched. It is based on a few angry parents that forgot to teach their kids not to eat something or smoke something they shouldnt. Government and business do not mix. Look at our economy.

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