By Edgar Linares

By Edgar Linares, Newsradio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A pit bull is dead and one is missing after police say the dogs came after them aggressively.

It all started near 33rd and Emerson Avenue in the north side on Wednesday evening.

“There was a report that two pit bulls had bitten a person on the hand,” said Minneapolis Police Sgt. Bill Palmer.

WCCO’s Edgar Linares Interviews Sgt. Bill Palmer

An officer and a sergeant responded to the call. When they arrived the dogs were nowhere to be found. They then searched the area and found the dogs in an alley two blocks away 45 minutes later.

“When they encountered the two dogs, the dogs attempted to attack the officers,” explained Palmer. “The officers felt they were going to be bitten. Both the officer and the Sergeant were forced to protect themselves.”

The officers fired multiple rounds hitting both dogs.

“One of the two pit bulls was killed at the scene. The other one ran after being shot. We did not find that dog,” said Palmer.

The owner of the dogs is still unknown.

Comments (81)
  1. linda says:

    Glad it was two officers who the dogs attempted to attack because they took care of the problem & now we won’t have to worry about the ignorant owners trying to say the dogs are so good & they want them back. MAYBE OWNER SHOULD BE FINED TOO.

    1. Clarence Watson says:

      God Bless You man, I agree with 100%, and Happy New Year to you too!

    2. SARAH A says:

      So the people that I expect to protect myself and my community cannot even defend themselves to an aggressive animal without using their gun? Brilliant. And if it took them 45 minutes to find the dogs in a local alley, why hadn’t they called their local animal services… you know, people trained to deal with these circumstances. Then these poor animals would have at least had a 50/50 shot at a life IF and ONLY IF they werent deemed too aggressive by PROFESSIONALS. Who knows what those owners did to those dogs, and then who knows how fearful they were of police?? C’mon people have a heart.

      1. JJWilly says:

        Sarah A – Maybe you should have been in the alley standing in front of the officers when they encountered these 2 animals. Your view on this may be a little bit different.

  2. mark from says:

    Could you find the owner and put a bullet in him because of the way he trained these dogs!

  3. trh says:

    When will these dogs be outlawed

    1. amber says:

      It’s not the dog it is the owners. An animal is an animal and they can turn at any time no matter what kind or the breed. It is when you have owners that train their pets to kill rather then protect.

      1. JackieM says:

        but dogs are bred for certain things and it is in their blood.

  4. Terrance says:

    When will idiots be outlawed?

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Agreed. It’s the owners. I encountered a very aggressive BLACK LAB last weekend. A dam labrador.

    2. Outlaw Terrance says:

      When will Terrance be outlawed?

  5. mayhem says:


    1. deano34 says:

      how bout we shoot u

  6. RAZORS EDGE says:


  7. cat clinic says:

    Hey, Swamp, shooting a little girl’s beloved pet cat is just cruel. And, cats (not aggresive) help keep the rodent pop under control. Grow up!

  8. P.R. says:

    People Find out what happened before you start firing off live rounds in the city is it that serious… I would like to think that the Police have better things to do then to go around shooting the local dogs. FYI even the little dogs bite wake up people it’s almost 2011!!!

  9. mud says:

    lets ban all dogs and cats they could be all dangers when can we let the stupid people die by Darwinism

  10. Montana says:

    It is NOT the breed that is the problem. My brother has a pitbull named Lily, and she is the sweetest, most loyal and gentle dog that I have ever seen. My little yorkie is more aggressive than she is. And why? Because Lily has been with my brother and his family (which includes a year old baby) since she was born; and has been trained in a loving household.
    The reason so many pitbulls in this city are aggressive, is because of the way their owner’s treat them. They just want these poor animals for street cred, and they treat them horribly-making them angry and extremely scared of humans.
    Those people are the ones who should be outlawed.

  11. Leah says:

    You are ignorant.

  12. Ignorance is NOT bliss says:

    To Mayhem: So, my dog should be shot because she is a pitt bull? She has never been aggressive towards a person, plays with children between the ages of 3 to 12 years on a daily basis, and goes to the airport dog park often without any issues with other dogs. No, it is not the breed that should be blamed for this type of behavior, it is the owner. I have own many different breeds of dogs including the breeds that are branded aggressive, menacing, or mean and never had any type of behavioral issues.

  13. Think Clearly says:

    Hey P.R. – There is a pack of 5 pitbills in your yard right now. They are looking for protection from the police. Quick, let them in your house. Hurry, the police might be right around the corner. Hurry! Let those 5 pitbulls in your house now for protection!!!

    1. Ignorance must be bliss says:

      Think Clearly
      Dumbest comment I have ever read on any editorial page. Thank you for bringing down the intelligence level of this conversation. I would hate for people to be informed by someone who knows what they are talking about. Everyone who has read this comment has now lost a few IQ points, good show.

  14. Tiffany Carson says:

    I happen to have to pit bulls that are thew most gentle creatures you will ever meet. Pit bulls are a more aggressive breed but at the same time you have to not train them to be mean. These digs are around my two very young children all day everyday but my dogs were raised to be good dogs. It is unfortunate for people like me who have nice dogs to hear this because most are against pit bulls but i would get another one.

  15. lib says:

    You need to be licensed to have exotic dangerous animals, perhaps that is a solution for pit bulls and other aggressive breeds?

  16. Valentina Heath says:

    Shoot owners, not dogs
    thanx Valentina

  17. john says:


  18. Tiffany is ignorant says:

    Make sure you keep your nice pitbulls locked up inside with your children. Because “when” they get out and attack someone “Tiffany Carson will be held responsible”. Not the nice pitbulls. Keep thinking with your emotions… it changes reality for you.

  19. Wee says:

    Just about every owner of one of these dogs, owns one for protection and to feel like a badass and untouchable because of their violent dog.
    There is the exception to the rule and yes it’s all how the owner trains them.
    I say euthanize these dogs and throw the owners in jail for a while when they do attack. They will think twice about owning a Pitbull again.

    1. mikey mike says:

      any breed of dog will attack if it feels threatendnot jus pitbulls,its jus like some pitbulls are more aggresive than usuall jus like some labs ,some reteivers,some sheperds,you people are iggnorant and jus dont know dogs,so jus keep your mouth shut

  20. Ignorance must be bliss says:

    All of you that say that the breed should be destroyed are just stupid, ignorant people. Why are you all not destroyed then? Have to love when people talk just to hear themselves speak.

  21. Valentina Heath says:

    I don’t have pitbulls but I think the dogs shows what you are….

  22. True pitbull story says:

    Years ago I was delivering something to a home and when I got out of the car I noticed many pitbulls watching me from down the street. I barely made it back into my car as they all attacked for no reason. As I was backing up my car to leave I heard these popping noises. Later at home I looked at my tires and saw slice marks on the sides of both front tires. The popping noises I heard as I started backing up my car must have been the pitbulls teeth popping off my tires as they were trying to bite through my tires. Lucky they only ruined my tires. I agree with what is said here about these stupid pitbull owners. They were not Labradors, german shepards, collies, great danes or poodles. They were PIT BULLS. Why do you suppose they are called PIT BULLS? There should be a law that if your PIT BULL gets loose and bites someone you go to prison, no exceptions. Then people will have to weight the cost of owning a vicious pitbull. Because that is what they are when they get loose. Vicious to everyone, including the police.

  23. Lindsey says:

    I’ve been bitten by the family Rotweiler(he was put down) and I don’t think the breed matters, at least not 100%. I think bad training, or in our case LACK OF TRAINING is the real issue. So many pet owners fail to train their pets, I think being a pet owner should involve a rigorous background check, home visit and all.
    And no, animals should not be shot at random(which I realize wasn’t the case in this story), innocent until proven guilty people! They’re only here because HUMANS bred them.

    1. Steve says:

      Are you kidding? background check , home visit to own a pet! My god your a idoit

  24. Mplscitizen says:

    Behind every pitbull is a dirtball who claims his or her dog is sweet and docile.

    1. Ignorance must be bliss says:

      Behind every idiot is a lot of stupid ignorant comments about things that they know nothing about. You put all this energy into 2 dogs that bit someone on the hand when the story right nxt to this 1 is a boy who killed 2 people and not 1 comment on that story. Hope you do not have any kids, and if you do,,, please let someone else teach them.

  25. john says:

    MR. true pitbull story…. your LAW… is redicuolus,. and straigh up retarted, what have u been smoking, thats like the equvilant of saying all parents should go to prison for ther underage children doing something horrible, your retarted, straight up man

  26. john says:

    a pit bull is just a type of dog, yes its more of the bad a$$ breads, but you are using your personal decisions and opinions, u are straight up reatrted to mplscitizin, learn to be open minded, mistakes and bad things happen, bad people are everywhere, this us planet earth, get with it.

    1. Gary says:

      What the heck is retarted?

  27. Mplscitizen says:

    Breed needs to go as do the bad spelling and grammar among many of you. Shameful.

  28. Valentina Heath says:

    Happy New Year John!!!!

  29. john says:

    ya bad spelling, who cares, im at work, and have a break and see your stupid comments, im not sitting on my but like you editing stupid little posts to think your important in this so called life, your opinion about dogs dosnt have anything to do with this post, why were they loose is the reason this all happened, dont be so closed minded, people and thigns are different thats life, from bad to good, thats life get with it, 2000 years ago your sorry but wouldnt of made it one second on this earth, worry about that why dont u

    1. Gary says:

      Where does John work ? Hopefully not Silvan learning center!!!

  30. john says:

    happy new year too you too! may all family and friends be safe during this typical winter day,

  31. John sounds drunk already says:

    John you’re a lame or perhaps already drunk…. People buying pitbulls already know they are attack dogs. That is why they buy them. So they should pay the consequences of what their attack dog does to innocent people. We have all heard numerous stories of “pitbull attacks”. On rare occasions you hear of other dogs biting people. But stories over and over again of “pitbull attacks” on innocent people because that is the type of dog they are. When your pitbull gets out and attacks someone you should go to prison. Including you John. No exceptions.

  32. Mplscitizen says:

    Time for tight legislation. We are proposing a $2,500 dog licensing fee for these owners and hefty fines for every police call. Of course nothing that a little raw hamburger laced with arsenic over the fence can’t cure.

  33. Are pitbull owners basically dishonest people? says:

    Pitbull owners always talk about how nice their pitbull is. Because if they were more truthful and said something like “Yeah, I know my pitbull is vicious. That is why I bought three of them.” Then they really would be held responsible for their actions. That is why it is such a joke to non pitbull owners when they all talk about how nice their pitbull is. Sounds like pitbull owners who say that, are not very honest people to begin with anyway.

    1. Ignorance must be bliss says:

      Let us get a few things straight here before all the idiots start talking about things they know nothing about. THERE IS NO SUCH DOG AS A PIT BULL!!! This is a class of many different breeds that range from American bulldogs, Staffordshire terriers, bull terriers, and so on. People who say “pit bulls” are making a statement about terriers. The media also uses this term for any kind of dog that they cannot label as a pure bred dog. I work with an terrier rescue org that takes these dogs in from narrow minded simpletons like all of you that say these dogs should be destroyed but are still too stupid to figure out that they are not talking about a kind of dog but many kinds. It seems that everyone has a story about these dogs but knows nothing about them. Check the facts, in the US the dog that has attacked the most times for the last 7 years has been the lab. Pretty easy to understand why when they are the most numerous dog breed in the country but you never hear about these stories because that would not get the simple people to watch or buy the paper. By all means though… please continue to tell stories and act like you know what you are talking about because those of us who love these dogs and know what they are and how they can act will still laugh at your stupidity and still own our “pits”. Yell all you want but you are not going to change the fact that we live in the US and it is my right to own the type of dog that I want to just like it is your right to shoot sh@# out of your mouth whenever you want, just like now.

      1. Steve says:

        This is the best comment yet 100% agree with you!

  34. john says:

    no im not drunk, i just have an open mind, dont blame blame blame, stuff happens, go on with it. you don t like it, then MAKE A CHANGE, AND GET YOUR SORRY BUT OF YOUR SEAT AND DO SOMETHING

    1. Gary says:

      I believe what you were trying to type in between swigs of vodka was SORRY BUTT OFF YOUR SEAT

  35. McLovin says:

    Maybe its a sign Michael Vick wants to play for the VIkings

  36. Hey John says:

    Why do you want to protect people that are responsible for harming the innocent? Isn’t it about exposing those that harm the innocent? You have it backwards. Try thinking about using your energies to help the innocent, not harm them.

  37. Chuck Ashley says:

    Pit bull mixes are the ones that are the Most Unstable! Staffordshire terriers(pit bulls) are a registered breed it is the cross breeds of these dogs that are unstable-Why? who knows but they seem to have a built in kill switch & it CAN & WILL go off ya just don’t know when! These cross breeds are the ones used in most dog fights! You can teach a good dog to attack & even kill but if properly trained & loved 99% of dogs are good companion animals! It is irresponsible owners who cause the most problems by NOT spaying or neutering their pets if they have no intentions of breeding them! thus creating these problem animals!

  38. DOPE BOY says:

    ???? mclovin u have a good point> he likes pit bulls who cause terror? we need a qb? he is gonna be a free agent after this year??? hmmmmm??? could be the next big NEWS on WCCO,,,,, “””””MIKE VICK COMES TO MINESOTA FOR PLEA AFTER COUSIN TERREL VICK 2 PITBULLS GET SHOT BY COPS””” CONSPICRCY THEORY? MAYBE,

  39. john says:

    i dont want to protect them, they never harmed the innocent, the dogs did, dont imprison them cuz they have a pit bull, imprison them if they did somethjing wrong or didnt prevent the accidnt or violence the dog caused

  40. Mplscitizen says:

    Sticks of butter work well, too. That’s how our neighbors fought back against the owner whose pit liked to aggressively meet us all at our doors. Pit owners make quick drops at the dog shelters when their sweet puppy comes home with chronic diarrhea. It’s a lot of work to clean up that mess and well, you miss a lot of cable TV doing that.

    1. Ignorance must be bliss says:

      Do anything like that to someone who sees you with that butter or raw hamburger and it is not the pit that you are going to have to worry about! I still am amazed by stupid piece’s of sh$% like you who think that it is at all funny to joke about animal cruelty. You take the cake when it comes to stupidity. I would sure love to live in a country where people understand that freedom for all does not mean that everyone has freedoms as long as they do not interfere with what YOU want them to do. Makes me sick to my stomach to think that my kids (and pits) are growing up in a world where you have a soapbox for everything that you want and are willing to use it for jokes like this. Wonder what else you joke about that is over the line?

  41. john says:


  42. RIII says:

    Perhaps the Police should bite the pit bull owners on their way to target practice. Firing multiple rounds in a residential neighborhood and missing or only wounding one dog puts humans in danger.

  43. Having the dogs is my fault says:

    “Having the dogs is my fault,” he said. “That is a burden I will carry on with me the rest of my life. Even though the dogs did the mauling, indirectly it is my responsibility to make sure things like this didn’t happen.”
    That is what the man said in his interview from jail after his gentle pitbulls killed his 2 year old grandson.

    1. Ignorance must be bliss says:

      Nice job on putting your own spin on a story that started word for word.

  44. I love my Bengal Tiger says:

    He is so gentle and nice around people. It is all about how you train them. What is wrong with all you people?

  45. Mplscitizen says:

    Peter the pit didn’t mind, had a smile on his face all the way home licking his lips. Owner kept him home after that. Everybody happy and problem solved without violence. Quite clever actually.

  46. cd says:

    lol whoever said cats are not aggresive just made me laugh out loud. Just because they aren’t able to do as much damage as a dog does when they attack does not make them non aggresive

  47. cd says:

    and dogs are just domesticated wolves anyone who thinks any breed of dog is not capable of violence without reason is fooling themselves. Just like humans violence can be cause by enviroment but it can also be unexplainable

  48. Patrick Shull says:

    These dogs or any other dogs should never be outlawed. The people who own them and train them this way should be put in prison and or shot instead of these dogs. All dogs are actually good if you raise them right this also goes for human beings. But when owners treat their dogs like trash then expect the dogs to do what they want and attack who they want when they feel a bit intimidated. I have been attacked by a Chihuahua walking down the middle of the street minding my own business and the owner started to yell at me because after I got bit by the dog out in the middle of the street I picked it up by its neck and booted it like a football back into the owners yard. The owner threatened to call the cops and I told him to do it so I could file charges against him and his dog and my friend was standing right there watching it all in shock. We didn’t provoke that dog at all but it was unleashed in a unfenced yard and it came flying out at us and I was the closest one to it in the middle of the street. So yeah dogs can either be good or bad, but its actually the owner that can make it a good or bad dog in the end. So please do not outlaw dogs but actually make sure the owners aren’t like the owners of these two pitbulls and or like Micheal Vick type of owner. I know more people who own dogs that you all want to be outlawed and they are actually the most kindest nicest dogs on this planet next to a golden retriever, if given a chance to be that way.

    1. Valentina says:

      You are right Patrick.

    1. Here are those numbers says:

      For that period that is a little more than 5 years:

      55% of people killed by dogs were killed by pit bulls.
      70% of people killed by dogs were killed by pit bulls or Rottweiler’s.

      For you pit bull owners: Try to rationalize your way around those numbers without making yourself look stupid. Go ahead. We dare ya…

      1. Mplscitizen says:

        Finally, someone with facts, intelligence, and the ability to communicate beyond 2nd grade. Direct correlation between pit supporters and challenged IQ.

  49. And says:

    That does not include the permanently scared and disfigurement numbers of people that lived through pit bull attacks.

  50. Truly fine upstanding citizens says:

    A whole bunch of Pit Bull owners tend to be people that have something to hide. Like drug addictions, drug dealing. Perverts, child molesters, registered sex offenders (those that have been caught), and the ones that haven’t been caught, yet… Whose vicious dogs kill and maim innocent people. And then they think they should not be held accountable. The slime of our society.

  51. Sarah says:

    I own a home, have a great job, own a car, love my family, have many friends and have a ‘pit bull’ in my house. I’m not hiding anything and I think a few posts on this story are inappropriate and offensive. Banning a breed doesn’t work. Poisoning a dog or feeding the dog something to make the dog sick is crossing a major line. It isn’t clever and I hope actions such as those are illegal.

  52. CookerJoe says:

    Roast a Pit on an open Pit!

  53. FattyB says:

    I shall loose my Scottish WildCats on any Pit Bull that enters my yard. And they shall rip off it’s genitals and leave it in a steaming heap!

    1. Saphira Pittie says:

      Yes, they most likely will, because the nature of a properly raised Pit Bull is loving, energetic, and goofy – the felines are manipulative, calculating, and have some fearsome claws! Duh! The cat in my house is definitely in charge of our SWEET, PEACEFUL Pit Bull!

  54. Saphira Pittie says:

    That picture is COMICAL! They obviously, from the story, wanted to depict ‘vicious, man-eating Pit Bulls,’ yet that photo is of the dogs OBVIOUSLY having a great time playing! Any dog person can see that! What lame police, that they had to resort to KILLING a dog! REALLY?? I guess even a stun-gun or calling the ASPCA were not an option… DUH! When will people stop being so ignorant!?

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