Fmr. Postal Worker Charged Had ‘Emotional Issues’

By Susie Jones, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — It could turn out to be a big price to pay for allegedly stealing nearly $800 worth of gift cards from the mail, but that’s just what one Forest Lake postal worker is facing after being accused of the crime.

Thirty-five-year-old Christina Steiner faces up to five years in prison for stealing between $600 and $800 worth of gift cards from the mail.

The U.S. Attorneys office said the thefts took place from December 2009 to mid-September 2010.

Her attorney Ryan Pacyga said she was going through a difficult time.

“I believe that with the medication and post-pregnancy issues that she was experiencing that it’s possible that they played into some decision making on her part,” he said.

Steiner pleaded not guilty. Her trial is scheduled to begin on Feb. 28 in federal court in St. Paul.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Susie Jones Reports

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  • John

    Post -pregnancy a reason for theft – Now thats a new one!!!! In this bleeding hart liberal State that one may work!!!!

    • John

      Sorry Heart – Don’t want the spelling Nazi after me!!!!

  • m

    hey john you ill informed jerk!
    It’s called post partum psychosis and it is a real condition look it up!!!!

    • Ed

      Post PartuMYASS.
      She tried her hand at being a thief and got caught.

    • Victim Du Jour

      Quite often a junk-science can be recognized as simply a belief-system that cannot be put to any scientific test, like Freudian psychology.

  • Pappa J.

    I’m from F.L. & I think I know why I didn’t get much for X-mas.
    I hope she gets the whole five years.

  • brent

    john, your ignorance is hanging off your upper lip getting in the way of your right wing lip twitch.

  • Jill Walek

    Medications alone can cause people to do weird things, but still, why? Now I am not a conservative loser, but why would someone even think of doing that? It just goes to show how corrupt the world is right now.

  • Fascism

    There is nothing in our constitution that gives the Judicial Branch the power to make a seperate set of rules for people with mental health problems.

    14th Amendment says laws apply to everyone equally.

  • Julianna Miho-Ettl

    Was stealing $800.00 worth going to prison for up to 5 years? Christina, what in the hell were you thinking? I would have given you the money if you needed it that bad….

  • tony montana

    Everyone has made mistakes in there lives. She will never be able to do it again. She lost her job, and I’m sure regrets her bad choice she mad. What she allegedly did is in fact wrong but it’s not like she’s a killer or child molester. They get less time then what this women and mother is facing. 5-$800? Come on! Look @ Denny Hecker and Tom Petters for cryin out loud. Save the cell and tax dollars for someone that deserves it.

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