Sudden ‘Resolve’ At Gyms 1st Week Of New Year

By James Schugel, WCCO-TV

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (WCCO) — On the first Monday of the New Year, it’s easy to guess what kinds of businesses get a sudden rush of customers.

After Christmas vacation, Minnesotans went back to work and back in the gym to try to keep their New Years’ resolution to lose weight or gain muscle mass.

“It’s busy. It could be busier, but it’s usually not quite this busy,” said Andrea Yesnes, a Lifetime Fitness member who was on the treadmill Monday afternoon.

Losing weight is always a big resolution for folks, right alongside saving money, paying off debt and quitting smoking.

Other resolutions include getting a better job, taking a trip and volunteering to help other people.

The Lifetime Fitness Crosstown in Eden Prairie has seen a steady stream of folks working out since the first of the year, though the club’s spokesperson won’t say exactly how many because the company is publicly traded.

Other clubs, including YMCA clubs in the Twin Cities, saw a big increase too. A spokesperson said tens of thousands of people worked out Monday.

A lot of people were excited to get this year started, thinking they’ll get back in shape. But because of the crowds, not everyone was thrilled about going to the gym.

“I feel like I just kind of want to come in and leave, and I don’t want to have to wait for things. And I don’t have to try to find a locker and try to find a parking spot. It’s kind of like, ‘no nonsense.’ But I wasn’t able to do that today,” said Yesnes.

One statistic from the City of Eagan’s Fitness Center puts the day in perspective. Usually between one and five people sign up for a membership on any given day. Monday, 25 people did.

WCCO-TV’s James Schugel Reports


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