MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A murder charge against a Minnesota woman accused in the death of her toddler has been dropped after a key witness left the country.

Rachel Reeves of Burnsville faced trial in Hennepin County on a second-degree murder charge in the death of 13-month-old Julia Rivera. A criminal complaint says Reeves dropped off her daughter at a baby sitter’s house in Minnetonka in March 2009.

The baby sitter asked her son to call 911 after noticing the child was pale and had a blank look in her eyes. The toddler died at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.

The defense alleged the baby sitter should be a suspect in the child’s death. The St. Paul Pioneer Press says the prosecution dropped the charge after the sitter left for Mexico.

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Comments (9)
  1. EMH says:

    Let’s see…suspicious actions by the sitter all around. Why isn’t the sitter a suspect here, especially after leaving the country, allegedly permanently?

  2. JackieM says:

    YEah, too many unanswered questions here!

  3. BBinTonka says:

    Maybe because she’s the one who called 911, the wounds were not done that day per medical examiner and the white skank prolly either tossed her some $$$ to disappear or she wanted no part of a white skanks Saten Act.
    You folks just cannot wait to lay into anyone of a different nationality now, can you? Why?
    If they thought they had the wrong perp it’s easy to chase one down in Mexico if they want to. They don’t-they have the perp right here . 😉

  4. Maude and Me says:

    They have the criminal – just missing the ammo to convict her w/o the witness.
    She’ll be found guilty at some point – either with testimony or in Heaven, she’ll pay. $250,000 bond says it all. And they looked real hard at the sitter – she was not a party. They likely wish she was as it was easy case then.
    Agree with BB – so many love to hang anyone out to dry ___ but a young white woman that is. Says a lot about the type of people we have become

  5. MadasHe!!inMN says:

    come on ….simple deal.
    White, young, attractive and must have some money as a $250K bond is $25K in cash. Bet it wouldn’t have cost her to much to make the witness disappear. Or she freaked out the witness with it all. Was the babysitter here legally? That’s another question – if not of course she would have left. Or they’d take hre anyway after the trial so why stick it out?
    I pray to God this woman gets hung at some pint for what she did. A little girl – it makes me sick to think about.

  6. Do unto others says:

    She still have the other kid of hers with her, or did someone else reach out to save the kid?
    Think she plans to stay in area? That’d be bright now, wouldn’t it. 😉

  7. Clint Make My Day says:

    Nuttin’ to defend — this woman is a murderer who gets to walk away free.
    Nothing like being a white chick now is there. From DWI’s to murder – they get off so often it’s pathetic. My Bro’s an attorney and he loves these white gal cases. Makes mucho $$$ and wins quite often. The great system we have working at it’s best. lol

  8. josie says:

    This is such a sad day! I was at childrens when this little girl was there! I cried for her! Her face was swollen and black and blue. The mother kept blaming everyone else and I didn’t see her shed a tear! I was discusted then and even more so now! To think the justice system failed this little girl! When will she get justice? She has other children and its only a matter of time before she does it again and another innocent life is lost. This is just appauling!

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