MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO/AP) — U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota is the keynote speaker at a GOP event in the early presidential caucus state of Iowa later this month, and a spokesman said Wednesday that the tea party favorite has “not ruled out” a bid for president.

In an interview Wednesday afternoon, Bachmann would not say directly if she is or isn’t running. WCCO’s Esme Murphy asked Bachmann, is it fair to say you are leaving the door open for a run for the presidency?

“What I’m doing is focusing not necessarily on personality, on who the nominee will be,” replied Bachmann. “What I am focusing on is a commitment to ensuring that we will be able to return to American exceptionalism in allowing people to have the American dream restored so I will be speaking about that on into the future.”

“Nothing’s off the table for her,” said Andy Parrish, Bachmann’s chief of staff, earlier in the day. “She’s looking forward to traveling to Iowa for the fundraiser, and you know, she’s looking forward over the next year to traveling and sharing the story of why we can’t re-elect Barack Obama as president.”

Parrish wouldn’t say when Bachmann would decide. But he said she won’t be affected by the decisions of fellow Minnesota Republican Tim Pawlenty or former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, whom Bachmann has previously called a good 2012 prospect.

Bachmann, who has drawn a national following with frequent guest appearances on cable and network news shows, broke fundraising records with an $13 million haul en route to winning her third term in Minnesota’s 6th District. She also founded the congressional tea party caucus.

“In many ways it’s not a surprise,” said Hamline University political analyst Dr. David Schultz. “In many ways she’s at the peak of her popularity right now.”

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Edgar Linares Reports

Schultz says Bachmann won big in her congressional race and is at the crest of the Tea Party movement.

“She is maybe looking at this as her best shot to run for the presidency. Although, it is a huge leap to go from the House of Representatives as a third-termer to the President of the United States,” said Schultz.

Bachmann, 54, is a native of Waterloo, Iowa, but as a child moved with her family to Minnesota. On Jan. 21, she will deliver the keynote speech at the Iowans for Tax Relief PAC Taxpayers Watchdog Reception in Des Moines — an event co-hosted by U.S. Rep. Steve King and other prominent Iowa Republicans.

Parrish wouldn’t say whether Bachmann would talk presidential politics with state GOP leaders. He said she made several trips to Iowa in 2010, and while he wouldn’t reveal specific travel plans in the coming months, he said she could end up in other early caucus or primary states.

Bachmann has also been mentioned in recent weeks as a possible U.S. Senate candidate against Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar in 2012.

While popular with party activists, Bachmann has struggled to parlay that into Capitol influence: Last month, she abandoned a bid for a top post in the House Republican conference after Speaker John Boehner and other prominent colleagues backed her opponent.

As for attracting strong independent voters, Schultz believes that’s doubtful.

“She’s won big in a congressional district that’s very conservative. And even within the Republican Party she seems to have a more contentious relationship with the more moderates of the Republican Party,” said Schultz.

Schultz also added this maybe good news for democrats because it could potentially pit Bachmann against Palin.

“Palin seems to the major darling of a lot of the Tea Party movement in the United States, and has more name recognition. Right now you still have to give a nod to Sarah Palin,” said Schultz, “potentially dividing the Tea Party and making it easier for Democrats and perhaps moderate Republicans to do well in 2012.”

Bachmann and Palin, who also hasn’t hinted at a timetable for her presidential decision, presented themselves as ideological allies at a Minneapolis rally last April. At the time, Bachmann suggested Palin would be a strong 2012 contender while Palin similarly lavished praise on Bachmann.

Pawlenty, whose two-term stint as Minnesota governor ended earlier this week, has laid the groundwork for a presidential campaign and made frequent trips to Iowa and other key states in recent months.

He has promised a decision in the next few months, and probably stands to lose the most if Bachmann jumps in. They share the same geographical base and the fiery Bachmann has generally inspired a more fervent following among both religious and fiscal conservatives than the low-key Pawlenty.

A spokesman for Pawlenty did not immediately respond to an e-mail seeking comment.

Though they’ve maintained a cordial public relationship as the state’s two most prominent elected Republicans, Pawlenty and Bachmann have never been seen as close political allies.

In September, both pulled their names from a Values Voters Summit straw poll of potential 2012 GOP contenders. Pawlenty cited his inability to attend because of an Asia trade mission. Bachmann spoke at the event, but dropped from the poll after her then-opponent suggested she had bigger goals on her mind than her congressional seat.

Asked if the GOP presidential race would have room for two Minnesota Republicans, Parrish deferred: “I can’t answer that because the decision hasn’t been made.”

WCCO-TV’s Esme Murphy Reports

Comments (92)
  1. MrB says:

    Oh please Bachmann, do not embarass us anymore, do not run!

  2. Kevin says:

    Even though I think this chick is just about the dumbest mess to come out of MN (the 6th District being the 2nd dumbest mess for electing her), I doubt even she believes she has a chance in he$$ of getting anywhere with this nonsense. She’s using the Palin tactic – say anything to keep your name in the news. That’s all Bachmann knows how to do – flap her mouth, flap her mouth.

    1. Craig Pelletier says:

      I don’t have a clue as how she keeps getting elected, in her district its got to be something in the water. Now she wants to run for President of the United States. Give me a break, You have got to be kidding.

    2. Leah says:

      Who’s the first dumbest disriict?

    3. tim says:

      you are so right what an air head

  3. truth_hurts says:


    do or say anything for attention…

    great way for the republican party to draw the teabags’ votes in… can’t hate on the tactical move….

  4. EAE says:

    That womanis a joke, how she ever got elected the fist time is beyond me.

    1. Slim says:

      Isn’t it obvious that she gets the votes? Cool it, as that is because there are more supporters than folks on your side of the aisle at this point. At least she addresses issues head on instead of playing games.

      1. Really? says:

        It is obvious. Your district is chalk full of hillbilly rednecks, who buy magic beans on your way home from work. Ok..she addresses issues huh?? Name some smart guy?? Name any legistalation she has drafted that has beneficial to ordinary citizens (not the rich)?? Name anything she has done that has meritted her re-election? YOU CANT!!! There is nothing!!! People vote on emotion and fear…not logic and independent thought. Your district is like cattle, no one wants to think for themselves…they just want a pretty woman to first, identify the boogey man, and then talk about she is going to stop it. That is all it takes for you people to sleep good at night. Folks who vote for her are the average, dumb, reading at an 8th grade level hillbillies. No intellegence = no future. God save us all.

      2. Get a Life says:

        Adresses the issues head on? She flip flops more than anyone. She says whatever the crowd listening to her wants to hear. Embarassment to MN.

  5. Andrew Arhelger says:

    Enough already!

  6. Patrick says:

    I like the idea that she has fostered a lot of kids but she has no business in government. She is a complete nut job. Now that I think about it….don’t let her foster anymore kids. They need a better example of an adult. What’s in the water in the 6th district anyway?

  7. Otto says:

    I hope she does run. It will be a guaranteed Republican loss

  8. mellow out says:

    I can see it now…Palin/Bachmann 2012, the boob ticket.

  9. Kevin says:

    Actually, I think a much better idea for Bachmann would be a Bachmann/Palin ticket. Can you even imagine??

    Oh wait, the Bible has a word for that………..

    The Apocalypse!!

    1. Get a Life says:

      Funny! Good point.

  10. JHT says:

    I am in her district and I don’t get how she keeps getting elected either. Everything that comes out of her mouth is not a fact–it is made up or twisted and when called on it she blames others for bad information. She was schooled in Law but doesn’t have her license in MN. My guess is she would fail on the Professional Responsibililty. She decries government subsidies but takes advantage every chance she can get. She has been on the public dole long enough. While admirable she took in foster care–would she have if not paid to do it? She took her farm subsidies–oh wait–that was her in-laws and her family was just partial owners….

    1. Kieron says:

      Sad thing is, I know a former Dem turned Repub who is a carbon copy of Bachmann, foster kids and all, was banned from the court at one time for spouting off at a judge, and is really a very strange person overall, with a strange husband and 3 biological children who will need therapy. It’s not just the sixth district… it’s epidemic.

  11. jon says:

    Good luck. Obama is going to have an easy time being reelected with the names we are hearing so far. Pawlenty, Palin, Bachman… He will not even need to try.

  12. kh says:

    Hey, if B. Hussein obama can get elected, ANY unqualified…..even non us citizen…..can get elected.

    1. Really? says:

      Really….we are two years into it and you “birthers” cant let it go. OMG…get a life. At least attack his policys and platform…something that shows you have a brain!!!!!

      1. carla says:

        hahaha you guys just can’t let this damn birther thing go. What else do you need when the U.S Supreme court validates the birth certificate. God forbid you hear the facts.

  13. nan says:

    Great, I support that since it means Obama will be re-elected. She is truly delusional.

  14. Lynn says:

    Personally sick of all the men around the world ruining our lives with their stupid ignorant wars. You guys have had a long time to get it right, and you still can’t figure out how to get along! Now, let the women have a chance; at least a couple hundred years. Ok… being a women, I admit we are not very good at it yet, but give us some time please. Thank You

    1. Reagan says:

      Yeah nan, because then more countires will think we are idiots than already do. Moron

  15. Reagan says:

    Can at least one of you clowns name at least something bad she has done? or you just don’t like her personality??

    1. Kevin says:

      Take your pick of dump things Bachmann has done. Take your pick. It’s pretty much laid out for you here:


      1. Reagan says:

        Nice bog, I was looking for facts. moron

      2. slim says:

        Thanks Kevin, you are proving a point for me where people are now just saying “go to this web site” and find all the answers because they can not come up with anything on there own. Here go to BLAZE.com and you will find answeres to all your questions…

    2. Really? says:

      Can you name something good she has done, that benefitted the general public, constiuants of the 6th district, or any minnesota resident. Tell us smart guy….why should i vote for her?

    3. dphilips says:

      How about twisting the facts on death panels in the healthcare bill?

  16. K. says:

    I agree to let a woman try…………………BUT NOT THIS WOMAN, PLEASE!!! She’s a real bimbo. They say she is rising in popularity but that’s only in her district. I think the rest of Minnesota can’t stand her. I know the country would barf!

    1. L. says:

      Maybe she can learn the ropes and pass on valuable information to other women?

  17. Kevin says:


    The word is BLOG not BOG……………..


    1. Reagan says:

      I know I can’t type. 😦

  18. Reagan says:

    Great comeback though, your a real thinker!

    1. Kieron says:

      The word you’re thinking of is YOU’RE. The apostrophe, that little mark hovering over the other letters, indicates a contraction… oh never mind. You’re is short for YOU ARE. As in “YOU ARE apparently illiterate.”

  19. red says:

    give a person a break on the typos ok but Bachmann is a Bimbo is a Bimbo, ditz, you name it And just last Saturday she told Esme Murphy that she probably was not interested in running for president. she already a liar. you want she as president?

  20. red says:

    my computer flipped so please forgive give my typos

  21. Dave K says:

    There is zero chance she will get the nomination but the bigger fear is what if a Romney or Huckabee (or fill in the blank) puts her on the ticket at number 2? What a scary thought that this uninformed loudmouth could be that close to being President.

  22. Kevin says:

    Well, for starters if you want an example of a dumb Bachmann rant:

    (from the Star Tribune)

    “By 2012, incandescent light bulbs will be no more,” Bachmann said. “Fluorescent bulbs are more polluting because of their mercury content. We are working on a light bulb bill. If the Democrats can hose up a light bulb, don’t trust them with the country.”

    The electrical and manufacturing industries, in a rare alliance with environmentalists, portray Bachmann’s mercury concerns as overblown. They argue that fluorescent lights actually reduce mercury emissions in the long run. That’s because the new bulbs use so much less electricity, much of which is produced by burning coal, which emits greenhouse gases and mercury.

    “That’s not just the industry talking,” said Mark Kohorst of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. “That’s an accepted aspect of these products, and that’s why they’ve been promoted so heavily.”

    Whatever one’s views on global warming, Kohorst said, the energy savings of fluorescent lights are real. “The lamp thing has merit,” he said. “Unfortunately, [Bachmann] has lumped it in with this whole conspiracy thing.”

    Environmentalists are more emphatic in downplaying the mercury hazards of fluorescent bulbs, which they say are minimal.

    “There is 200 times more mercury in each filling in Congresswoman Bachmann’s teeth than there is in a compact fluorescent light bulb,” said Julia Bovey, a spokeswoman for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

    The federal government is also on board, with Congress’ last energy bill, signed by President Bush in December, having mandated a phase-in to energy-saving bulbs starting in 2012.

    But in a letter to congressional colleagues earlier this month, Bachmann asked for support of her legislation to reverse that mandate, unless a comptroller general report shows clear economic, health and environmental benefits from the switchover to fluorescent lights.

    Her letter says that the energy bill “forces consumers and businesses to use only light bulbs chosen for them by the government” and that further study “is simple due diligence.”

    Again, just nonsense from Bachmann.

  23. Brolan says:

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Clark.

  24. A. T. says:

    OMG – a Palin wannabe! Please say it isn’t so!

  25. Slim says:

    I guess we missed the most obvious points shared here… These personal attacks on Bachmann and the other commenters here show a real lack of respect. You cannot expect legitimate results when you have such an awful opinion of a respectable public servant. She doesn’t owe you any favors and could easily retire without the headaches and harrassment like I see here… I am not saying that she should pursue this, but back off on the ridicule!

    1. Paul says:

      Your comment would carry more wait if you were equally critical of people badmouthing Governor Dayton or President Obama. I’m not a big fan of the personal attacks of elected figures, but I would be a fool if I assume only one party did it.

    2. Kevin says:


      A respectable, public servant?? I would have to disagree with every word in that statement – every word. She is not respectable and in no sense of the word a public servant. She’s out to make a name for herself and that’s it.

      More famous Bachmann quotes:

      “Literally, if we took away the minimum wage—if conceivably it was gone—we could potentially virtually wipe out unemployment completely because we would be able to offer jobs at whatever level.” —Michele Bachmann, 1/26/05, Jobs, Energy and Community Development Committee, testifying against SF 3, a bill to raise the MN minimum wage and advocating the elimination of the minimum wage altogether..

      “Many teenagers that come in should be paying the employer because of broken dishes or whatever occurs during that period of time. But you know what? After six months, that teenager is going to be a fabulous employee and is going to go on a trajectory where he’s going to be making so much money, we’ll be borrowing money from him.” —Michele Bachmann, 1/26/05, explaining why teenagers should pay employers for the privilege of working instead of receiving minimum wage.

      “If we allow businesses to be prosperous and accrue capital, they’ll be giving their employees more than they can even begin to imagine. But when we continue to tie cement blocks on businesses (like the minimum wage) and constrain them, they can actually do less than their employees.”—Michele Bachmann, 1/26/05, testifying against SF 3, a bill to raise the MN minimum wage and explaining why it actually keeps wages and benefits lower.

      “I was wondering, if most employers are already doing this anyway, isn’t minimum wage really just superfluous? Why do we even have one?” —Michele Bachmann, 1/26/05, Jobs, Energy and Community Development Committee, testifying against SF 3, a bill to raise the MN minimum wage, and advocating the elimination of the minimum wage altogether.

      “If raising the minimum wage to $7.00 an hour is a good idea, that why dont we just raise it to $20.00 an hour, that must be even better.” —Michele Bachmann, 1/26/05, Jobs, Energy and Community Development Committee, testifying against SF 3, a bill to raise the MN minimum wage.

      “I look at the Scripture and I read it and I take it for what it is. I give more credence in the Scripture as being kind of a timeless word of God to mankind, and I take it for what it is. And I don’t think I give as much credence to my own mind, because I see myself as being very limited and very flawed, and lacking in knowledge, and wisdom and understanding. So, I just take the Bible for what it is, I guess, and recognize that I am not a scientist, not trained to be a scientist. I’m not a deep thinker on all of this. I wish I was. I wish I was more knowledgeable, but I’m not a scientist.” – Michele Bachmann interviewing with Todd Fiel at KKMS as quoted in the Stillwater Gazette, September 29, 2003.

      “Something that I think sometimes people don’t like to hear is that secular people can be sometimes even more dogmatic in beliefs than people who are not secular. … In some ways, to believe in evolution is almost like a following; a cult following — if you don’t believe in evolution, you’re considered completely backward. That seems to me very indicative of bias as well.” – Michele Bachmann quoted in the Stillwater Gazette, September 29, 2003.

      “No one that I know disagrees with natural selection — that you can take various breeds of dogs … breed them, you get different kinds of dogs,” she said. “It’s just a fact of life. … Where there’s controversy is (at the question) ‘Where do we say that a cell became a blade of grass, which became a starfish, which became a cat, which became a donkey, which became a human being?’ There’s a real lack of evidence from change from actual species to a different type of species. That’s where it’s difficult to prove.” – Michele Bachmann quoted in the Stillwater Gazette, September 29, 2003.

      “On the morning of December 7, 1941, local St. Paulite Orville Ethier was aboard the USS Ward, a boat manned by 82 Navy reservists from St. Paul, when a small Japanese sub appeared near the entrance to Pearl Harbor. The Ward fired two shots, one of which struck and sank the sub, which constituted the first American shots of World War II. The commander of the Ward relayed a message about the incident back to military headquarters in Honolulu. The message stated “We have attacked, fired upon and dropped depth charges upon submarine operating in defensive sea area.” The message, sent more than an hour before the 8 a.m. attack on Pearl Harbor, went unheeded.

      In case you haven’t guessed, I really don’t like Michele Bachmann and I don’t even live in her district.

    3. carla says:

      You cannot expect legitimate results when you have such an awful opinion of a respectable public servant.

      First off, she is not a respectable public servant. That is the whole point. We (Minnesotans) want her to simply retire and quit embarrassing us.

    4. Ignorance must be bliss says:

      You are so wrong when saying she owes no favors. How do you explain the fact that SHE WORKS FOR US!!! We are the employers here, she owes us for every dime she has made while in office. I would say that means she should have the idea that there is a debt that needs to be paid back to the people.

  26. JohnF says:

    Shouldn’t this story be under “Entertainment”?

  27. Joe Hanson says:

    Rather than mocking Bachmann, you people should be encouraging her. If she’s running for President, she won’t be running for re-election in the 6th district meaning a better chance for a democratic candidate.

    But then, you bright folks probably voted for Governor skid-Mark.

    1. BostonBound says:

      Yo Joe — I’ll mock the ClueLess Juvenile sounding moron until the day I die and I voted for Tom Emmer.
      She’s as much an idiot as that yellow cartoon charactor called Simpson Oh – maybe she’s Bart’s momma??? 😉

      1. Otto says:

        Don’t insult Bart, bostonbound, Bart is a too smart to be related to Bachman

  28. Slim says:

    Kevin, I am amazed at your extensive knowledge of this subject and especially Bachmann. What I do not understand is why you are not a Rep or Senator yourself yet, as you would be the absolute best! Or is this just another angry rant that we can file along with the lame “hillbilly” comments?

    1. Really? says:

      Ok slim…prove the hillbilly comments wrong. Tell us, in your own words, exactly what Bachman has done to earn your vote. What policies or platform of hers do you find so attractive. And most importantly…what has she done since taking office that you really respect and find admirable and in the interest of public service?

      I bet you dont respond…you didnt respond last time i called for you to back up your opinion. Kevin backed up his, and i have to side with you. And this is all because you ARE a HILLBILLY. Thats not an insult…just my way of illustrating how you blindly support someone you know NOTHING about.

  29. richard says:

    She couldn’t be president of ANYTHING! I wonder….did she get a degree in law? Did she ever pass the bar?

    1. scott says:

      Yeah, thats what we need…more lawyers?

  30. Victim Du Jour says:

    If you compare all the statistics of Michelles district, to districts who hate her the most.

    Hard science says smarter people and people who don’t need a free ride voted for Michelle.

    1. Really? says:

      Ok…please enlighten us with this “hard science”. “Hard science”…give me a break…you sir, are a moron.

    2. tom says:

      all the people who do not need (want) to be supported by the government voted for her. All the others put our worthless ex-senator into the governers job and he has already started screwing up the state by spending more of our tax dollars on his health care plan.

  31. Tom says:

    Another bad thing she has said is that ‘holding BP accountable for the cost of the oil spill clean up was ‘extortion’. I don’t know who she wanted to pay for it but it obviously wasn’t BP.

  32. Kevin says:

    Any yet another example of Bachmann’s hard, scientific knowledge:

    “Carbon dioxide is portrayed as harmful. But there isn’t even one study that can be produced that shows that carbon dioxide is a harmful gas.” -Rep. Michelle Bachmann, April, 2009

    Seriously, I could go on all day with these. There are just so many to pick from.

    You know, I really hope she does run for Pres. The Presidential debates on TV would be unbelievable with Bachmann sticking her foot in mouth, pulling it out, sticking it in again and again and again. Bring it on I say!!

    1. Kieron says:

      Could she be cited for indecency, in that case, seeing as she would sort of be simulating oral with her foot?

  33. Slim says:


    You are right and must have it all figured out.

    I still have a problem with all of the negative, attacking comments…

    You are also right in knowing that I will not reply again or participate more in this endless banter…

    But, keep up the hateful dialogue yourself, as you are doing Michelle a huge favor!

    Thanks again.

    1. Really? says:

      Ok…i’m sorry i offended your delicate sensibilities with words like “hillbilly” and “moron”. Boy, you are right..that is hateful dialogue at its worst. What was i thinking. And basically, you have no evidence or reasons to back up your opinion. Had you articulated the few things i was wondering about…like “why has Bachman earned your vote”…i might have got another side of the coin and something to take away. However you didnt…i can only assume its because you cant. Maybe YOU SIR need to take a good hard look at why exactly you believe what you do. Because your undying allegence towards Bachman is just mind boggling. Yet again, noting that the average american reads at an eight grade level is mind boggling….the two examples i just gave illustrate why America is losing its grip on world dominance. Too many peopel get their facts and opinion from TV and “their gut”. Please…think for yourself…bachman doesnt want you to..but you will be better on in the long run…and so will our country.

      1. Slim says:

        I guess I lied and am replying once more…
        To clarify, I think that her taking that step would be a huge mistake.
        I just use different logic than yours in my approach to that opinion.

  34. red says:

    John F, I like your comment. This is good entertainment. Keep it coming. On the other hand I have met Bachmann personally and I am glad I did not and nor would I ever vote for her as president.

  35. GoTwins says:

    Bachmann is yet another MN embarrassment. She’s nuts and everyone knows it.

  36. Victim Du Jour says:

    Nazis used to accuse people of being nuts too, it’s like a superiority complex.

    If Minnesota is embarrassed of Michelle Bachmann, she would not have defeated Clark by such a huge margin.

    1. Patrick Lilja says:

      The only people who like her in this state are the ones who vote for her. If she ran in a statewide or national election she would lose.

      1. Patrick Lilja says:

        *the ones who get to vote for her, I should say.

      2. Victim Du Jour says:

        Yeah — Dayton really kicked Emmers Butt in the last election didn’t he?

        Democrats and their vote fraud.

    2. Jane says:

      Um…I’m pretty sure that pulling the Nazi or Hitler card in any debate make you the automatic loser!

  37. gtVoyageur says:

    I wonder what the Founding Fathers of this nation, if they were alive today, would think of Michelle Bachmann running for President? Presently, somewhere in the Hereafter the Founders are wondering what is going on in this nation?

    Is Bachmann the new face of US politics? Just the thought of this question makes me cringe and wonder how this country got derailed from its core Constitutional values.

    Have we lost the visions about what this country stands for and represents in this troubled world? No wonder the world is laughing at our politics. Our politics lacks that American character and stalwartness that we were once famous for illuminating freedoms to the world.

    Running for President is not a circus for extremist politicians to gain power or infamy. Unfortunately, that is the case for Bachmann’s political circus and Presidential feelers. Anybody can run for President but it takes integrity, leadership, political maturity, and Constitutional wisdom.

    Congresswoman Bachmann, unfortunately, doesn’t see the light and guiding wisdom on which this country was founded. How soon will it be before her political rising star and 15 minutes of fame will come collapsing to the hard fast ground of reality? Let’s hope wiser minds and voters prevail. That’s the American way.

  38. Patrick Lilja says:

    I hope she runs, because then she’ll be out of Congress and then out of political power entirely when she loses the election.

  39. Bradley America says:

    I’d love for her to run, just to see her in the primary debates. Would Huckabee be able to keep a straight face while Bachmann spouted?

    And if she got the nomination! Obama wouldn’t even have to campaign.

  40. Formally Incredulous says:

    First Congressman John Boehner proclaims the House of Representatives is now ‘the people’s House’ and now this, Michelle Bachmann could run for President in 2012! I’m now convinced 2012 is truly the End of Days. Buy your survival kits now! I do believe in ghosts… I do believe in ghosts….

  41. carla says:

    please please please please run Bachman. It will surely help us Dems out.

  42. Bob says:

    well she sure can frightening the looney left can’t she…..

    1. IwonderIf says:

      “well she sure can frightening the looney left can’t she…..”
      You must be a supporter..
      Grammar errors – Check
      Spelling errors – Check

      No need to post any more

  43. Andra says:

    I found this story quite interesting. Ms. Bachman has made comments in an attempt to set herself up as an expert in everything from business to healthcare and the reality is she doesn’t know much about either, especially small business, the very core of our economy. She is a favorite of large corporations, however; just look at her comments about BP. I sincerely hope she does not run and further embarass herself or the good state of Minnesota. I was deeply saddened that she even won re-election but then it goes to show that marketing really does work in persuading indivduals in believing you are working hard for them.

    1. Bob says:

      The good state of MN ?????, it’s a friggin liberal stronghold, as close to communism as you can get…..

      1. ThomasD says:

        Yo Bobby Bobby Bob – it’d take me less than a day to make a move to a Red state if I felt the need. I don’t and I’m an IR voter normally.
        Gotta think if you really becoming so upset and pizzy with MN you’d best consider the move – always been a somewhat liberal state and always will be. That’s what the folks here like and want. I like the middle but misddle left works too.

      2. Really? says:

        So Bobby boy…you have no idea what Communism even is…do you? I’m sure you’ve heard people smarter than you, use the word when in a political debate…so you thought you’d try to be witty and clever and give it a shot. Problem is…you FAIL. And liberal stronghold….besides Dayton…when was the last democratic governor of the state?? Thats right…20 YEARS AGO. You FAIL again there boy genius.

  44. Kevin says:

    Yes, by all means run Bachmann run! Run for president.

    Obama would only have to do one TV ad – only one.

    “Hello, I’m President Obama and I am not a witch.”
    (pointing to a photo of Bachmann)
    “Are you certain about her?”

    1. Really? says:

      OMG…that is so effin funny. I cant see it in my minds eye and its hilarious because its true. I am sure Obama isnt a witch…but Bachman….i really cant be certain.

      1. Really? says:

        Ooooppps…I can see it

  45. K. says:

    Bob – what do you mean by putting down Minnesota? If you think it is so bad because it is a “friggin liberal stronghold and as close to communism as you can get”, then why don’t you live somewhere else that is more suitable to your values and belief system?

  46. Maria M says:

    I was at the Capital yesterday and was aghast to see the face of Michelle floating around in the toilet. Sheesh – can’t anyone flush anymore?

  47. Really? says:

    @ Slim….regarding your last comment….i can totally respect that. While i may not agree with what you say, i will defend you right to say it until i die.

  48. Marick T says:

    Do you sense there may be a push to a new and higher calling of religion called The Truly Highest Bachmannism?
    The end is near I am afraid …… maybe the Dark Side actually is better. Satan must be rejoicing when Michelle sends all his way

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