MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Burnsville man has been sentenced for a shooting last March at a gas station in Burnsville.

Marcus Rollins was charged with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and was sentenced to 36 months in prison, which was stayed.

He will have to spend 265 days in the Dakota County jail on a work-release program and will be on probation for 15 years.

Burnsville Police officers were dispatched to a Super America on County Road 42 and County Road 5 last March on the report of a vehicle accident that led to a shooting incident.

Authorities say a Dodge Durango had driven into a parked car at the gas station and the person whose car was hit, pulled out a gun and shot more than one round into the Durango.

A 15-year-old girl was slightly injured in the lower back.

No damage was done to the Super America or any of the gas pumps.

Comments (4)
  1. bubba says:

    I am certainly glad the station or pumps were not hurt,how stupid !!!!! learn how to write a story.

  2. Soldier of Fortune says:

    I remember this story, kinda hit on both sides as the Guys in the Dodge Durango were bunch of wanna be tough guys and seemed used to trying to act tough and in this case found out exactly why you don’t antagonize people, then again it was excessive force to pull off rounds in that situation. Fair sentence.

    1. unknown says:

      haha like i said if u dont know the story dont say anything!!!!!!

  3. unknown says:

    wow if you dont know the hole story then dont write anything because you where not there…….

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