MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A private practice attorney in Aitkin has landed on the wrong side of the law.

Crow Wing County drug task force officers arrested 41-year-old Jennifer Cummings in an undercover drug sting Wednesday morning in Brainerd.

Officers say Cummings was attempting to buy the powerful stimulant drug, Adderall along with some methamphetamine from an undercover officer at a private residence.

Cummings will likely be charged with fifth-degree felony drug possession.

Cummings remains free on bond. The drug Adderall is widely prescribed to help children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD.

Comments (69)
  1. johns A. stoner says:

    wow, i though adderal was only used among younger kids adults, any one differ that opinion? please respond,

    1. Dr. Feelgood says:

      Doctors dole out Adderal to adults too. This would have appealed to Jennifer, because the effects are a stimulant type of “high”.

  2. shawn laughton says:

    this is my lawyer…shes a good one too. people have rough times in life yo. dont judge as someones always judging you. chin up lady youll do just fine 🙂

  3. 22 year old survivng says:

    very understandble shawn, i hope she learns from this, i was dishcrged from the army for controlled substance abuse, it was a 1 time occurnce that happend to have someone snitch, i told the truth but gotta face your actions, life moves on, take it all in stride, thats all u can do sometime.

  4. Kristen says:

    As an attorney I would hope to have one a bit brighter than her – good luck with that!

    1. steve hartman says:

      you must think she,s a good attorney then,, seings,,good luck with finding a better one ,, hu??? how you like that !!!

      1. shawn laughton says:

        Dude…this makes no sense.

  5. Joy says:

    Best wishes to Jennifer. She is very effective in court and I hope this does not hamper this.

  6. mrs3406 says:

    I am not sure I would want her to represent me in any case unless of course it was a controlled substance crime!! And yes I am sure she does very well in court as long as she has her stimulants to keep her going!! I just don’t think this woman diserves to have her license to continue law when she can’t abide by the law herself!!

  7. Jo says:

    Meth?!? Classy drug of choice !! a felony?!? Something tells me she won’t be practicing law much longer. Hope she is effective at appearing in court……as the defendent!
    I’m sure her family is soooo proud. Or, maybe they can relate. (Yup…that’s right…we know)

    1. Jonathon says:

      Well, if you believe in our system, then you also know a person is innocent until proven guilty. <– period.

    2. Offended says:

      What is this supposed to mean? No, as a family member I AM NOT PROUD. But, she is my aunt and she has struggled for a long time and maybe now she will be given the help she needs. I’ve prayed for her many times and all I can do is leave it in God’s hands. What is this supposed to mean that maybe we can relate? You shouldn’t say anything until you’ve dealt with a family member who has undergone a problem that they are struggling with. You obviously DON’T know my family. So please, keep your “all-knowing” comments to yourself.

    3. StrengthinFamily says:

      read below Jo, all the way at the bottom. You don’t have a frickin clue about this family, so shut it.

      1. Jo says:

        Thanks for the tip StrengthinFamily. I did read all the way to the bottom. WOW!! I didn’t have a clue how messed up she was! Using her clients to buy drugs – I’m glad I did read till the end.

  8. Clair says:

    As i sit here and read this i am forced to wonder how hypocritical one person can be… As i made my way through the sobriety court program i listened to hours upon hours to jennifer preach of the importance of sobriety and what it means to her…. Jennifer a member of a panel that made a commitment to the programs members who are dealing with addiction. A member of a panel designed to guide and enforce how these members deal with thier issues. A member of a panel who decideds how many drug tests they get a week always ending each weeks court speach with a quote from her precious big book.. I can just hear it now addiction is a disease…. BULLSHIT it is a choice….. A choice only you can make…. A choice that comes with consequences…. And where was her book today???? Maybe it is time we practice what we are so proud to stand up and preach!!!!!!

    1. Robyn says:

      In fact, addiction is a word used by the media and picked up by the lay person. In the DSM-IV, substance abuse and substance dependence are both indeed diseases.
      You sound a bit bitter, though. Good luck with that.

  9. C.A says:

    she got what she deserves!!! i would not want an attorney that is high on meth and taking perscriptions drugs illeagaly on any case of mine!!! This lady Jennifer is a joke!!! she needs her licens taken away and never be allowed to practice law ever again and get what other people get for getting caught with drugs!! JAIL TIME!!!!!!!!!! SHE NEEDS TO PAY FOR THE ACTIONS!!! I’m praying they are just as hard if not harder on her!!!!

    1. Jonathon says:

      Got what? . . . She deserves, what? Mayhaps a fair trial, maybe protections we all consitutionally have earned? You assume facts not in evidence. Try again. You fail.

      1. ToeCutter says:

        As much as I despise meth, I believe in our founding priciples of democracy. She deserves a fair trial like we all are entitled to. If she is guilty, then she deserves to be punished as the law dictates. Congratulations to the Brainerd Lakes Area Drug Task Force. They just busted a meth lab a week ago on the 700 Block of Laurel St. You boys are sure on a roll. God Bless you!

      2. mark from mntaxwaste.com says:

        @Jonathon Do you talk the way you type because your stupidity is on a roll today

  10. Jonathon says:

    Well. So judgmental. First, try to correct your grammar and spelling, “T.” If you wish an ad

    hominem argument, you win at that fallacy, so far. If I were to meet you on your playing field,

    I’d greet you with the popular “STFU,” but I won’t. Too rude.

    So she is a joke. Provide proof. If you can’t, then YOU are a joke. You say she “deserves”

    something, but can’t provide any proof or conclusion. Don’t you know that since our liberation

    1. Jonathon says:

      from England, the innocent must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and may present

      witnesess, or not? I’m sure a further iteration of the rights afforded an accused beyond what I

      provided would cause you to wallow in disbelief and further confound you. Sorry.

      T, you just present your ignorance, nothing more. Unless you can bring something that is

      actually remotely intelligent, (which I believe you cannot) then just SHUT UP.

    2. Jonathon says:

      I would challenge you, or anyone, to actually bring an argument forward with proof, evidence,

      and witnesses, which is what is required to make a case. If you cannot you are just an ignorant

      individual who mires him/herself in the stupidity in which you choose to live. Your dedication

      to your argument (by posting with your extreme “brevity of wit” contrary to any exclamation by

      Alexander Pope) just demonstrates you are an idiot, nothing more. You are, almost a waste of my

      time to respond. Almost. . .

      Any other “Citizens” want to post to blame Ms. Cummings prior to her constitutionally protected

      conviction, post here. You will prove yourself as dumb as you accuse her to be. I will


    3. mark from mntaxwaste.com says:

      @Jonathon What a DA remark you just made! You look like a fool but i’m sure you have already been told that

  11. T says:

    Jonathon how about gets what she deserves!!!! Does that work for you? There are folks on here that know her very well and what she has done. She needs a very well taught lesson but knowing that county and their system she will only get a slap on the wrist. If you really knew what happened you would not be leaving comments like that. She did wrong and needs to pay the piper now. She has not only screwed her life but many others also by not representing them properly because of being high. Karma has ways of coming back to haunt you always remeber that, her time has come. How about the protections she was supposed to be giving her clients ever think of that?

    1. ToeCutter says:

      Hey T, did you ever think that jonathon may have litigated cases with her and knows her abilities as an attorney better than you?

  12. sal says:

    I have known Jennifer since grade school. She has struggled with drug issues for years and this isn’t the first time she has had problems. It is unfortunate because she is comes across as a very strong, intelligent, put-together woman . You would never guess it if you met her in person. She has an addiction

  13. T says:

    I also had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting Jennifer on a case she was working on. How nobody that works with her didn’t know she was on drugs amazes me. Her actions in what she has done not only to herself but to some of her clients deserve real legal action not a slap on the wrist which will more then likely will happen. She has done a lot of damage to people that depended on her to protect them in the court room. Maybe with some prayers the ones she deceived can actually get the help she was paid to do in the first place. This should be an interesting case on how the justice system works when one of their own are on trial.

    1. C.A says:

      @ T i agree with you.. but i am going to pray that they take this case serious if not more serious then anyother because like you said she was suppose to be helping her clients in stead of being high and tweeking out on cases and never geting anything done!!! god bless you T and may god help the people that she had represented….

  14. Your Niece says:

    Jen, I am happy that you were caught. I love you very much and I don’t want to see you doing this anymore. If this is what it’ll take to change that, then so be it. Because you’ve got a family that needs you and loves you. And we do want you around for a long time. So I am thankful that maybe now you’ll get the help you need. You’re still my Aunt Jennifer and I won’t think of you any differently. As long as you learn from this.

    1. ToeCutter says:

      Oh Niece, God hasn’t turned his back on your Auntie. I’ll pray for her and your family.

      1. StrengthinFamily says:

        You are a good person ToeCutter:) Thank you.

  15. StrengthinFamily says:

    I love you Offended. And I am not proud either, nor do I condone what she has done. Our family is a wonderful family and I don’t know what this Jo thinks she “knows” but obviously Jo’s mother forgot to give her nurishment during the vulnerable stage of childhood when the brain was developing, because she doesn’t know much.
    We as a family will stick together like always and support Jen’s husband and children and give them all of the love we have to get them through this terrible time. Most of the rest of you should get a life and look in the mirror. And then realize that you are not God, only human and you should think about the others that are affected by this.

    1. JoAnn says:

      I don’t think brain nourishment is the relevant issue here – but i do know that I wouldn’t “nourish” my brain with meth or prescription drugs, so i must know more than some people. Chemical dependency of any kind has consequences – to the entire family.

      1. StrengthinFamily says:

        Nor would I or anyone else in my family….I was talking about your comment….”Or, maybe they can relate. (Yup…that’s right…we know)” That is what I was referring to. You implied something there…..what would that be?

  16. StrengthinFamily says:

    nourishment…..excuse me.

  17. C.A says:


    1. ToeCutter says:

      Everyone deserves a fair trial and a jury of their peers CA> She hasn’t been charged formally yet, so save your comments till she’s convicted.

  18. AH says:

    i have seen jennifer in court more times than i care to count. she has made a joke of the system many times over. she herself is a very judgmental person. i think clair said it the best. i would also like to defend her family. jennifer made her own decisions. her family can’t control her and they should be left out of it. i am just glad no one got her. now it is time to pull her license so we don’t have to listen to her in court anymore.

    1. Tony the Nose says:

      Well, AH, much to your dismay, Jennifer will still be practicing law. I feel 99% sure of this. If I had a penny for everytime I heard of a lawyer getting popped for buying drugs, I’d be a fricken millionaire.

  19. Concerned says:

    Seriously people? Can’t you see that your hateful comments are hurting Jennifer’s niece even more than the fact that her aunt has been arrested? The family is upset enough; leave them alone.

    1. ToeCutter says:

      @Concerned…Really! Save the poison for the conviction.

  20. T says:

    Concerned, I don`t see anyone attacking Jennifer`s family on here at all. I also feel for them in this bad situation. It does hurt when a family member has done wrong and got in trouble but that person needs to learn they can not do this kind of stuff and get away with it. It seems Jennifer has had problems for alot longer then I even thought and that is what makes this so bad on how and why something has not been done before now. I also feel even worse for the people she was supposed to be representing, how would you feel being represented by an attorney that was paid to help you and was to busy getting high to know how to represent you. This is what is so bad here, she knows how to manipulate the system and apperently knows enough people to help her at it. I do agree she deserves a fair trial but lets be real here, this is someone from within the so called justice system, so how fair is it going to be compared to the average person that gets in trouble and pays dearly for it. I doubt she will have to pay the piper like most people or clients have had to do. It`s cases like this that get handled behind closed doors instead of in the open like everyone else. Also what about the people she was paid to help what happens to them???

  21. akhanlonroque says:

    Jennifer is a close friend of mine. I taught both her children, and I love them like they’re my own. It is amazing to me how much time some of the people above have had to sit and condemn someone’s actions. How nice it would be to be that perfect. Or does it just make you feel that much better to jump on the “bashing bandwagon”? No matter what, Jennifer is a mom, a sister, a daughter, an aunt,… and a great friend. She has my prayers and support 100%. I also pray that none of you, or your children, ever have to experience the strong hold of addiction.

    1. ToeCutter says:

      Unfortunantly addiction runs rampant through Crow Wing and Aitkin Counties. It’s easier that one would expect to get sucked into.

  22. shawn laughton says:

    You all judgmental people should take a look in the mirror I’m sure most of you have smoked pot ( a control substance) drank coffee ( a stimulate)…. judge not as others are judging you…. seriously Jennifer is a very good lawyer. And a good person she was there for me in court and to se me off to Iraq. I got her back as she had mine.

  23. Ellie says:

    Well put. Jennifer is just as human as any one of us. We all face struggles, and her addiction is her’s. Behind the addiction, however, is a very VERY kind woman who loves her children and all of the people around her. As someone who has held countless heart-to-hearts with Jennifer, I can say that she is an extremely understanding and NON-judgmental person (sorry to burst AH’s bubble) and I have yet to run into an instance where she hasn’t offered great support and love.
    My prayers go out to her and her family, as they are all amazing people. Sometimes addiction gets the best of us, even those as wonderful as Jennifer.

    1. v says:

      her addiction may be hers but when she black mails her clients and steels from them that affects them too she needs to be punnished not only for theft but for abuse of vulnerable people, she endangers children not only her own but others.

  24. D says:

    Boy, and I thought I was judgemental! I also know Jennifer personally. The only thing she is guilty of is choosing a profession where people like you can hold her to a higher standard. I agree with concerned…get a life…keep your nasty comments to yourself. I have a brother who has a prescription for adderall. Guess what folks, all you have to do is find a prescription writing happy doctor and you can get it too.

  25. Disappointed says:

    Some of these responses defending Jennifer are pathetic! Honestly, I am surprised it took this long for Jennifer’s conduct to be made public. It is time Jennifer put on her big girl pants and finally hold herself accountable for the choices she has made in life. She has had the unconditional love and support of her family but it is difficult to continue to support someone who does not take responsibility for her actions. Jennifer has hurt many loved ones with the decisions she has made. I only hope she will take this experience seriously. Quit judging others, take a true look in the mirror and do the right thing. NO MORE EXCUSES!

  26. ASHE says:

    Well put Ellie (and akhanlonroque) My prayers are with Jennifer and her family. She is a wonderful person and a very loving mother.
    “Those in glass houses should not throw stones”…
    If I were as perfect as those who commented negatively above, WOW! That would be great!!! I, too, would feel qualified to “bash” others.

  27. Robyn says:

    Let’s make one thing clear; Jennifer is a kind woman who believes in standing up for the rights of ALL people. Buying drugs does not negate any of the good, moral qualities of her character.
    AH– the system is ALREADY a joke, what with cops spending their time (and our money) on busting small-time, drug dependent nobodies.
    Most people who use drugs do not abuse them or become dependent, yet some do. It has nothing to do with a person being good or bad, Christian or atheist– it is biology. And contrary to what the government tells us, it is natural and normal to want to alter our conciousness. Some of us get into trouble. NOT ALL OF US HAVE OUR TROUBLES PASTED ALL OVER THE INTERNET AND NEWSPAPERS.
    She’ll be fine, she’s one hell of a woman!

  28. liana says:

    Please. A druggie is a druggie is a druggie. She is no different than a tweaker living on the streets. She has had more opportunities to live a good, privileged life, but she CHOSE drugs. Over her education, career, family, husband, and children. There is NO excuse. Punish her to the full extent of the law.

    1. Robyn says:

      Ignorance is a choice too, liana. But clearly, you know that very well.

  29. dui says:

    Yikes! It’s a good thing this woman got caught before she hurt herself.

    Or someone else – I hope she never put herself behind the wheel of a car while under the influence of meth or other drugs. That’s when I would lose all sympathy for her!

    Addiction is an addiction – but she has a choice every day – I hope this is her wake-up call. Unfortunately for her and probably her career, this is going to be a very public and painful wake-up call. Good luck to her and hope she can stay clean!

  30. Support says:

    The judgmental comments people leave always amaze me. However, in recovery Jennifer will need to face these types of people and the beliefs they hold which can does make the recovery process difficult. It is also a reason many people don’t seek help earlier. Name calling and belittling people is not helpful for anyone in any circumstance. However, when people are hurt this is sometimes the only way they know how to react. Hopefully Jennifer is ready to seek the help she needs and get the tools she needs to be successful in recovery. It is important to deal with those you’ve hurt during the recovery process. I wonder if the comments would be as strong if we were talking about alcohol vs. drugs as alcohol is more socially acceptable. Sounds like Jennifer has family support which is vital in recovery. If you haven’t ever battled with alcohol/drug dependency it is difficult to understand those who struggle with this. Remember, when you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up I have not heard any of them say I want to be an alcoholic or I want to be an addict.
    To Jennifer and her family – wishing you all strength in the roads ahead.

    1. v says:

      in recovery is she going to be able to get the cases she lost due to not getting papers or briefs filed on time over turned and rullings overturned. I doubt it.

  31. Friend says:

    Support–Very well said!!! Ditto!!!

  32. Righteousness says:

    Ok, This woman sits in court and tells the judge Im not a worthy parent for my kids and she’s out smokin meth and taking drugs ! She has kids as well , I don’t do drugs or drink at ALL!!!!! She is a HYPOCRITE and should never be allowed back in the court room EVER! All you people that are sticking up for this LOSER make me sick and you should be ashamed!! She is menace to society and could have harmed many lives, and you justify this nonsense?!! HAVE FUN IN PRISON JENNIFER!!!!!! you deserve it ……………….. 🙂 Ta ta

    1. v says:

      that is the only truth she has ever said she is not a worthy Parent.

  33. TW says:

    I would like to know if Jennifer has gone to any meetings since this happened? All this “poor Jennifer ” nonsense has gotten her to where she is today.This is the only disease in which we do have a choice,once we are introduced to the recovery program,and she has gotten the best opportunities money can by,many times.As addicts/alcoholics we wake up every day and make that choice-do I want to give in to my addiction, or do I work every second of my day to keep it at bay.People with cancer,diabetes,arthritis… and many other diseases do not have that option,we do.It is a disease that we can’t let our guard down for a second,or it easily takes over our lives.We all know what it takes to stay sober,but you do have to make that choice whether you want to work at it to make it happen.Save your sympathies,you made need them in the future if she doesn’t do what she is supposed to do to stay clean.

  34. karma....happens says:

    Blah….blah…blah….both sides!

  35. Chin UP! says:

    I grew up in Aitkin, my brother went to school with Jennifer. As a little girl, I watched her cheer on Aitkin Boys Basketball. (I think….might have been football) I know she comes from a good family. Anyway, I have been on the bad side of Jennifer’s court room a few years back. I also was charged with 5th degree drug possession. It was the most embarrassing and shameful moment of my life. But it was also the best thing that ever happened to me. It woke me up.

    Jennifer should be held accountable for her actions as everyone else should be. No one is perfect and while we do hold people at higher standards, if they let us down, that doesn’t mean we should treat them like they are a lesser person. The road to recovery is hard, and not one of you know what it is like for her. Those of you who are bashing Jennifer need to get your heads out of your rear ends and try to do some good for people. How are your negative comments helping ANYONE, including yourself?

  36. T says:

    She needs to be more then embarrassed for these actions!!!!! Let me give you a little more info that is fact an will be brought up in court, that is if it don`t somehow get swept away and never heard of again. She was blackmailing her clients for these drugs!!!! How does that get you all that want to defend her??? She was also a court appointed attorney and using those clients she got from the court to give her drugs. Now get this folks, she would tell them that she is so busy with her paying clients she needed these drugs to help with their cases!!! I can`t understand why there is not some sort of charge for besides just getting reported to the bar. She really did this and this is how she was caught. From what I heard she didn`t have barely any paying clients except for the ones the state was paying her for. Now she gets these people who have a drug background and tells them she can be more effective on their case as long as they give her these drugs. I know of one case she didn`t even file a closing argument until after the case was determined causing that person to lose her children. She is the worst kind of criminal doing it the way she did. Don`t feel sorry for someone that really used the system in every manner she could. Look she got her paycheck from the state, she got her drugs from the people she was supposed to be defending and basically telling them you will lose your case if you don`t get me these drugs, all while being on the states dime. How can you feel sorry for someone like this?? And reading some of these other comments on here from people that also know her and have known for a long time about atleast the drug use, Didn`t anyone of you ask just maybe where she was getting these drugs from. She has ruined some peoples lives by this and in my opinion the STATE should be at her house removing her children from her care so she can feel what it is like to have everything taken from you. I feel real soory for her family, its not their faught she turned out like this or was doing to this limit. But come on people don`t try and defend her actions. The way she did what she did is the worst any human being could do to another. This needs to be more then just no longer practicing law it needs to be serious jail time and her children removed and hopefully another family member can take care of them better then she was able or willing to do!!!!! You all can bash me on here all you like, but until you have been in my families shoes with this woman think twice before embarring yourself. Just watch the papers folks because there will be a story on this and mark my words I won`t let it just get swept away!!!!!!!!

  37. V says:

    I am with You T. Since she is part of the clan they will try to sweep it under the rug. I just hope that the other people that she has done this to that have come forward to the Police will also come forward and file complaints with ACLU and File complaints with the Minnesota State Bar,. If enough people come forward I am sure there is a Law office that will help to file a Major Law Suite against the counties that she was a court appointed Attorney, and also there could be Major retrials for County Cases.

  38. MissingMyBabies says:

    I find it amazing how all you people can sit here and yack back and forth about this so called “attorney”. Jennifer was my attorney on my CHIPS case for just over 2 years. She was also at my home when she bought those drugs. I feel that i have lost more than anyone can imagine because of her drug use. I feel that i was misrepresented through out my case. She would not return calls in a timely manner, always late on important deadlines, always having to appologize “on the record” for not doing her job, stealling my prescription meds, then eventually blackmailing me for my pills. When you being told by you attorney that she really needs this to do her job or be at her best in court or to get your brief in on time after just finnishing a miserable 5 week trial, it kinda puts the pressure on you. I mean, damn, you think either i do it so she does her job and i can get my kids home or not do it and god knows what kind of shot or chance you are gonna have gettin them home. And now the 2 children i did have left and a chance to raise and watch succeed in life are now gone because of HER drug use and addiction. I dont pop pills and i dont do meth but yet my 2 and 3 year old were taken from me because of her actions. How does that work? Where is the justice in that? She gets to sit at her home with her children and husband while “HIGH” but yet i have to do rule 25’s and ua’s 4 times a week. WOW!! And i have been clean and sober since feb of 10′. And people wonder why i have no trust or faith in people.

  39. JJ says:

    I sure hope that those of you who have information on Jennifer’s actions while she was supposed to be representing you go to the authorities and/or to the newspapers. Sometimes this is what it takes to prevent people like this from abusing their position of trust. I sure hope she is not put back in her job where she can continue to do this to other people.

  40. Julie Ryan Millam says:

    Jen- I am praying for you and know that I have been set fee from an addiction as well.Don’t listen to the condemnation. I would love to help as I have walked in your shoes. The Lord can help you as He has helped me. Please get in touch!!

  41. T says:

    Looks like ABC 5 News KSAX has picked up on this story. About time someone opened their eyes up there. They did a very nice story on Monday night. Now its really in the open with CBS and ABC picking it up. Hopefully something actually gets done with this woman so there are no more lives ruined by the so called law that is really lacking in that county. Maybe this will also open up eyes of people hire up that can actually help the people that need it instead of using this lousy attorney as their scapegoat. What happened there was far more worse within the county that knew this woman had a problem with drugs. The county used it to benefit them in destroying a family that had a very good chance in making it. We shall see where this goes from here. I sure hope the state goes in and cleans house from Cummings all the way down to the county workers. Good luck top anyone who lands in court in Aitkin County until this whole mess is cleaned up.

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