Minneapolis Named Gayest U.S. City

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — When you think of the United States’ gay meccas, you no doubt think of San Francisco or New York, right?

Well, gay magazine The Advocate seems to think the nation’s GLBT capital is actually well within flyover country. The magazine’s February issue ranks Minneapolis as the nation’s #1 gay metropolis. Ahead of San Francisco (#11) and New York (not even on the list of 15).

The magazine used a formula that accounted for, among other things, the number of officiants for gay weddings, the number of openly gay politicians and the number of gay-inclusive churches. The number was then divided by the city’s population.

The formula placed Minneapolis above Santa Fe and Las Vegas to take the title. The article mentioned the high number of gay-inclusive churches and noted that the city was where the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America voted to accept gay and lesbian pastors.

The Advocate also made note of Sen. Al Franken’s introduction of the Student Non-Discrimination Act, intended to protect gay youth from bullying at school.

Click here for a list of the Twin Cities’ best gay bars.

  • mplsgirl

    I feel bad for both of you. Must make life hard to have such small minds.

    • richard

      No one is surprised by this. It explains Frankenstein!!

    • Proud to be gay

      Amen to that

      • MarkF

        LMAO …. what’s the basis for the Amen?
        Ohhhhhhhhhhh. That Luthern Few. I forgot ;-)

    • StPaulGuy

      It is a great acknowledgment and I commend your distinction.

  • Biff Shrimpton

    yay let’s go prancing off to uptown.

    • Hetero Uptowner

      Uptown? You chose to single out UPTOWN?!

      • mr. jans

        Uptown is a stupid burb now..They should build a pretent wall around the pretend people and a new pretend mall and a new pretend condo…Why would any city lover live there? yuck.

  • Allen

    Judging by some of the comments, Minnesota Nice doesn’t mean inclusiveness and respect for others. THAT does not make me proud!

    • Sam W.

      “I’d be proud of a bigoted, exclusive state where the most basic tenet of being American – we’re all equal – is beset by a steaming dump”. Make the rest of us proud and stop being a bigot.

  • Jon Woll

    I don’t see how this is a bad thing. More gay relationships have fewer spousal anger than hetero ones. And more people that love one another irregardless of sexual preference is pretty cool.

    • bj

      ACTUALLY…domestic violence is highest amoung homosexual men, not to mention infidelity. Check your facts…

      • KD

        are you an idiot? re check your facts.

      • KD


        Those are completely outdated. hello its 2011. come on now. find something better. please.

      • BfPE

        Yeah, buddy, you’re clearly up on your “facts.” Only 22% of gay men have experienced physical abuse (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12453817) whereas that number is 25% for women. Before you call someone on on their facts, it’d probably be wise to know your own.

      • A student

        not all studies are done every year on the year. Sometimes the most recent information is 5 years or more old. Seeing has how LGBT issues probably aren’t top of the research list I could understand why you wouldn’t find anything more recent. HOWEVER if you are interested I suggest going and finding the information yourself. Academic Search Premiere is a good search engine to use when trying to find peer reviewed articles.

        Also it’s wise to doubt any statistic you find before looking at their methodology (such as survey methods).

    • DannyG

      irregardless isn’t a word. regardless would have sufficed.

      • Dan Mork

        It actually is a word. It means regardless. Look it up.

    • Bixby

      Wow, did you just make that up? Spousal anger… would love to see that study, professor.

  • Hannah

    Wouldn’t you know that gay magazine would bring the church into it!

    • mr. jans

      Actually, the church brought in the gay people, then the magazine wrote about how Christ-like that is..

      • Maggie

        I’m proud to live in a city that’s being praised for it’s tolerance and acceptance. THAT’S what being called “Gayest US City” means, by the way. The MN ELCA was mentioned because they were brave enough to fight against the hate and bigotry shown by some of the other members during the conference . And they should be praised for following Christ’s teachings that ALL are equal and beloved in the eyes of the Lord.

        The only thing I’m ashamed of is seeing the ignorant and nauseating comments here from the people calling themselves “Christians.”

  • Kieron

    Poor thing. Move away, then.

  • Ryann

    Right on :)

    • TC's a Mess

      Gay seems to me like it’s more being EXACTLY LIKE EACH OTHER dolphinegirl87 ;-) ;-) ;-)
      just saying …. not alot of anatomy difference and such if you will.
      Me—gotta pass on the weird stuff. I’m a Christian ;-)

  • Ryann

    You’re an ignoramus

  • Miss War

    Proud to live in Minneapolis and proud to be the gayest city. Many great people and friends of mine are gay and doing a lot of great things to improve our city and are great people.

    • PatPaulson

      IDEA _ go into the printing business and print the MN Proud to be Gayest City on shirts.
      I will do the opposite and we both can get rich and join the happy and gay movement as gay should be meant. Happy.

  • Chris

    Isn’t it amazing that people find it so disgusting that we live in a tolorant, accepting, and diverse community that welcomes people of different background and ideals. To use a phrase you hear a lot at political rallies, if you don’t like it then move out.

    • max

      What would your neighbors think if they knew you were writing about their kids’ butts on the internet? That really does strike me as bizarre and inappropriate.

      • max

        This comment was in response to an inappropriate comment that was deleted.

    • mr. jans

      An overwhelming majority of pervs(child molestors) are hetero…VERY overwhelming..

      • Victim Du Jour

        DFL Public School Teachers are in the News more than anyone.

  • Ryann

    This is a great thing!! Funny how stark the difference is between Mpls and the rest of the state though. Small town in the western part of the state I grew up in, is probably where all these hate comments are coming from!

  • Ruth

    Those of you who are sad make me sick. Stay away from the cities, please and thank you. Keep your hatred in your small, close-minded communities.

    • gjkeeper

      Ruth – I have lived here all my life. Homosexual orientation is an objective disorder & it evokes moral concern. The majority of folks living in Minnesota are MORAL & CONCERNED. It has nothing to do with hate when people “speak out” out of concern.
      By the way, I am not going anywhere.

  • RD

    I no longer live 30 minutes south of minneapolis. I now live an hour north of Mankato! No wonder why the dome collapsed… from all the gayness!

    No offense to gays, I respect the way you are, but come on, why so flamboyant? Minneapolis “gay capitol of the US”… great.

    A magazine about being gay? !!–Light Bulb–!! 4-1-2011 all my friends are getting subscriptions to this! Yay!

    • Rosie Hanggi

      Really? Gays made the metrodome collapse? Is snow gay then? If so, Minnesota gets pretty gay 1/3 of the year…

      • happy1

        We’re just so happy!!! :D

  • mr. jans

    What does loring park have to do with the story??

  • mn proud

    it must be hard to look in the mirror each day at someone who isn’t proud of equal rights for all… your narrowminded attitude is what is SAD!

  • mr. jans

    The AIDS comment is disgustingly ignorant and VERY non-Chirst-like but VERY “Christian-like”…GROSS>>>

  • Missy

    Stupid! I’m embarrassed to live here now!!!!

    • mr. jans

      Then leave.

      • LoneRanger Rides a Horse

        take your minority and head to the BADLANDS mr jans cuz the posse is saddling up again.Horses that be mr jans, horses. We ride the right way now don’t we

    • Aurora

      I’m embarrassed that you live here too. Please find the nearest exit and take all your hater friends and family with you.

      • JLKF

        Right on!

      • BostonRob

        Then who the he!! would be paying your bills there honey?????????
        You need us in more ways than one

    • JLKF

      Are you kidding me? Can’t believe how many bigots still exist. Insane.

      • mr. jans

        They are all anti-christs..Haters will burn in hell! That’s the devils’ greatest work..making the “Christians”

      • RD

        Are you for real? Burn in hell? Get a grip. Who’s the hater again? Please check yourself in to a mental hospital.

      • mr. jans

        I don’t believe in hell, personally…or Christian agendas….But by “Christian” standards…”Christians” WILL definately burn in hell…total haters.

      • BostonRob

        That’s where he’d typing from RD … he’s in the odd wing to the left

      • RD

        +1 Rob. Someone should notify the orderly in his wing.

      • mr. jans

        I’m not christian. That hate means nothing to me..

  • Patience Anderson

    everyone mistakes the limits of their vision for the limits of the world. Have compassion for others when they cannot see what is obvious to you. Have compassion for yourself when you realize that you can see only a small part of God’s vision for the world

    • Tee-Bee

      Thank you. This needed to be said.

  • Ryann

    It’s so frustrating that SOME people identify themselves as Christians and in the same breath will judge others for their lifestyles. I’m sure you all are getting into heaven.

    • insignificant

      Miniabominationapolis…may the Most High God have mercy,and lead these people into rightiousness

    • stacy

      well said

  • desi

    it would have already happened, what makes me sick are ignorant people who still think only gay men get aids

  • SuperMegaEquality

    That’s funny because Modern Homophobe Magazine voted it that way too for the very same reasons. It was right next to their article “How to be Offended When It Has Nothing To Do With You.”

  • mr. jans

    I’ll help you move…But I won’t suck your……

    • Aurora

      Ha ha! Methinks they doth protest too much?

    • Bruiser

      full up ??

  • Robert

    At last, being gay is a great thing.

    Minneapolis is a great city

  • MPLSLibgirl

    I am proud to live in such a tolerant and progressive city. To the homophobes on this thread: Stop being so ignorant. Grow up.

  • Nindonis

    Oh HAHA!! Shut up hater…Minneapolis is great.

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