Prosecutors Want 10-Year Sentence For Hecker

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — U.S. prosecutors want fallen Twin Cities auto dealer Denny Hecker to get the statutory maximum sentence.

They’re recommending a 10-year prison term.

Hecker pleaded guilty last September to conspiracy and bankruptcy fraud charges. Prosecutors say he duped Chrysler Financial out of more than $13 million in loans.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that prosecutors write in court papers filed Thursday the Hecker “committed each of these relatively ordinary crimes over and over and over, year after year after year.”

The prosecutors allege that after Hecker sought bankruptcy protection, he “cheated that system in a multitude of ways” with a goal of furthering his “high-flying lifestyle.”

Hecker’s attorneys are expected to soon file their own position papers on an appropriate sentence. Hecker is in the Sherburne County Jail, awaiting sentencing.

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  • Murph

    Spoiled greedy rich guy should die in prison!

  • B A

    You look nice in orange Denny, burt you’re going to look a lot better to ALL of us in stripes. By the way, do you have the 6000.00 you owe me ?

    A former Southview Chev employee

    • Quaulity 1

      Sorry B A he doesn’t have the $6,000.00 he owes you because chose to pay Manny’s Steakhouse for Filet’s and Martini’s instead. I hope you is enjoying the bologna sandwiches he is eating now !!!

      • Billy

        LOL, Funny

  • the cold hard truth

    Think what you may about Hecker, Is he guilty ? yes but there are others out there that have done worse and they are being covered up by the powers that be. I worked for Denny for a short time , did I approve of his methods ? not always but just because I didn’t does not make him wrong. I left because of policy differences but I never ;had any animosity toward Denny he is a business man that got caught with his hand in the cookie jar did he hurt anyone with his crimes? In fact because of his crime there are people that have autos that would not have gotten them if he was not using money he obtained illlegaly I say chase down the big shots that are taking from the poor is he guilty you bet he is but, the max is out of the question.

  • Common Sense up North

    Hope he enjoy’s the new “friends” he meets there too. They will love someone new. ;)

  • Mike Jacobson

    Was Denny Hecker a racing enthusiast? I attended the Indy 500 in the year 2000, and I would swear I saw a Indy car with nothing on it but Denny Hecker. If I saw what I think I saw, that Indy car would have cost millions to get into that race. If anyone knows different, let me know.

  • Cathleen Retka Bakos


  • RachelClaire

    Ten years somehow doesn’t seem long enough. I’m sure he’ll get used to prison life.

  • Them

    Nice look Denny.I say light him up and watch him burn like a human candle !

  • ACarDriver

    I was sorry that I ever bought a vehicle from one of his dealerships. The dealer didn’t even stand behind what they sold. Wound up going to another dealer

    • Todd

      I walked away from a Denny Hecker dealership in the midst of negotiations because I did not like their sleezy high pressure sales technique

  • Dave Seavy

    Ten years doesn’t seem to be much time when you consider the years of commiting crimes, ignoring court orders to produce adequate financials, then presenting purgered financials and testimony. But that’s the federal guidelines. The only reason he won’t do 50 along side Petters is simply a matter of the amount stolen. If he would have played it straight with the court, he might have gotten about 5 years. As it is, I think the judge will give him the max, and he should.

  • Fern Applegate

    Where’d you get the tan Denny? It doesn’t go that well with orange.
    white arse, MN

  • Frances H.

    Maybe they’ll play “More Than a Feelin'” by Boston when he meets his boyfriend in prison.

  • Jimmy

    Man meat sandwiches thats what’s for dinner…

    Someone said once a day is like a thousand years…

  • He Deserves More Time

    He’s every bit as much of a sleezebag as Petters, if not more so. At least Petters didn’t flaunt his crimes like Hecker always has and will continue to do. Why only 10 years? You know he’s got money squirreled away for a life of luxury after he leaves the gray bar hotel.

  • TMH

    Seems to me everything he did to defend himself became so screwed up he ended up getting into more trouble, and then those whom he associtated with seemed to be just as crooked getting him into more troubles… some days I am gald I wasn’t blessed with too much money.

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