By Mike Max

By Mike Max, WCCO-TV

COLUMBIA HEIGHTS (WCCO) — This week’s “Rally Star,” a feature on local prep sports athletes, is Columbia Heights’ Zach Lofton.

Who: Boys basketball’s Zach Lofton.

Why: He knows what to do with the ball in his hands, score it, which is his definition of a scorer’s mentality. The reason he’s doing what he’s doing might come from his off season time on the game he loves. But it might also come from what he did not have — a lot of preseason hype.

WCCO-TV’s Mike Max Reports

Comments (5)
  1. east coast basketball says:

    By far the best boys basetball player I have seen this season. University of Minnesota should look at this kid before he is stolen by Wisconsin.

  2. Louie Lofton says:

    man who you tellin Tubby has seen him play quite a few times hope they don’t let him get away the kids wearin gophers gear every time I see him

  3. hoopdreams says:

    just another case of one of minnesotas finest getting overlooked by the U .

  4. DOnt worry about it says:

    He’s not that good. He takes maybe 30-40 shots a game, so of course he’s going to score a lot.

  5. HylanderALUM says:

    DOnt worry about it… the fact that this kid shoots that much and still has a season FG% above 65% is something that needs to be mentioned… He is an elite scorer and should be mentioned along with the best in the state! My advice is to watch him play in person if you haven’t already! But don’t go just watch the game… watch him facilitate and watch him let the shots come to him within the offense! NOONE in the state can guard him! I will stand by that!

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