By Rachel Slavik, WCCO-TV

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Police are investigating after an armored truck was robbed in St. Paul early Friday morning.

According to authorities, a Dunbar Armored vehicle was making a stop at a SuperAmerica convenience store at Energy Park and Lexington Avenue.

A man with a gun approached the guard at the ATM inside the store. There was a scuffle and the robber took off with cash and the guard’s gun.

Police confirmed about $70,000 was taken this morning, but have since said they are not commenting on the amount.

Police said they haven’t made any arrests yet.

The Minneapolis FBI office described the suspect as a black male in his 30s standing about 6 feet to 6 feet, 2 inches tall. He was wearing a black stocking cap and took off in a black SUV.

The FBI also released surveillance photos from the robbery.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the FBI at (612) 376-3200.

SLIDESHOW: FBI Releases Surveillance Images Of Robbery

Comments (56)
  1. bp says:

    You don’t tell the amount stolen come on WCCO.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Fox 9 reported $70,000 was stolen as well….so it’s NOT just CBS/WCCO.

    2. MPLSLibgirl says:

      bp-I know. What a stupid thing to report.

  2. Billy says:

    It sounds like an inside job to me.

    1. Tonya says:

      I think the same way Billy. When I first heard of this story, I said inside job. I thought these vehicles were pretty protected. So how can someone get into it. A friend of the drivers perhaps?

    2. ddilts12 says:

      Billy be careful of what you say. These employees are protecting your money and other peoples valuables. I know for a fact that the people at Dunbar work very hard and take their jobs very serious and are trained very well to do these jobs. How would you feel if a black man came up to you in a black mask and asked for your wallet or broke into your home and stoled your money and gun. Do you think that was an inside job or your neighbors? Be real Mr. Billy.

      1. Changed says:

        You sound like a racist person. So, all the robbery that’s going on in this country is only black people? Think about what you say before commenting on here.

        1. chris says:

          well majority of crimes are done by black people. Haven’t you seen COPS? or Maury? The results are in Black people are proven to have the highest in Crime, Gangs, Govt. Section houses and many babies by many women. LoL And I’m not racist for the record at all. it’s just stats look them up.

      2. ddilts12 says:

        No one on here is racist. It was stated in the news it was a black male 6ft 2in tall. They now have his picture posted. I would be very scared if any person came up to me with a gun and dark clothing and a dark mask. Doesn’t matter what race the person is. They are criminals. I am not racist. I have a lot of friends who are from all over the country. Please keep the racists stuff out of it!

      3. RaRa says:

        What does being black have to do with it? I would’nt want nobody, black white or anyother color robbing me at gun point! Thaey say ignorance is bliss but U take the cake!

  3. BM says:

    AS someone that manages a local armored car branch, I find that the reporting of the amount stolen was irresponsible. In bank robberies, it is always an undisclosed amount of cash. There is no need for the public to know how much money our messengers carry. It puts them in a more risky position than they already are and only heightens the edginess that they esperience every day, providing a service that most people take for granted.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      I disagree. Everybody knows that armored cars contain ALOT of cash. Regardless of the amount if people are that crazy, they will attempt to rob it. Maybe disclosing the amount will help catch the criminal….

    2. Billy says:

      Well said, I agree 100%

    3. ddilts12 says:

      Why do you not have the stores close until the Dunbar employee is done with loading or unloading the ATM machines? I never did understand this one. Or have two guards walk in with the ATM Guard and stand watch while the other one does the filling or emptying?

  4. Chelsey Little says:

    BM: I completely agree!

  5. Billy says:

    BM, I agree 70,000%

  6. Ca says:

    DItto to what BM said. The amounts they carry can vary widely. No need for us in the general public to know which runs carry more or less. Dunbar might want to pick a smarter time to send their truck into a rough area too. However, that being said, it usually isn’t crazies that rob those trucks, it’s insiders. These guys put their lives on the line everyday for barely more than minimum wage. Thank God, especially for the sake of their families, that none of them were hurt/killed!

  7. Jason says:

    I would like to know how they stole it.

  8. Jenna J says:

    I think it is insane that they got robbed! Where I work this company comes EVERY day and they are so heavily guarded. I am shocked. This had to be a inside job! There is no way! They usually have 1-2 guys in the truck and 2 that walk in the building to do the pickup. WOW. This is insane. Plus, I have to agree. Disclosing the amount is STUPID. Now they are going to be more of a target. I think everyone knows they carry a lot of money. I had no clue it was that much. DANG!

    1. ddilts12 says:

      They do not have two guys walking in. The driver is to stay in the vehicle at all times and leave if there is an altergation. They put my families life in jeopardy.

      1. db says:

        Dunbar often has a messenger, driver and guard on their trucks, so what Jenna says is actually very possible. Safety and security standards and practices amongst the armored companies vary greatly.

  9. Sam I am says:

    Mark that is a very stupid thing to say. These guys have families and its not funny to them.

    Its completely irresponisble to report the amount stolen. Any insanely desparate person will think its a quick and easy way to make money. Look at the bank robbers and how brazen they can be. Do you think its will be long before they think about switching to armored cars.

  10. LM says:

    Jason, You are a moron. Did you even read this story? It clearly states how the robber got the money. Hooked on phonics didnt work well huh?

  11. Jose Warner says:

    That’s some scary shtuff, I live less than two blocks from that SA, I think that it’s time to start looking for a new home, in a different area. This was a nice neighborhood when I first bought this house back in 1983, things have changed,,,a lot.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      I love the area. I miss it. But the people are just nasty! It seems since I moved to the northern suburbs, I hear MORE sirens. Kinda odd :-/

  12. Amanda L. says:


    First of all my husband works there and he is black and I’m not! Just because someone is black, doesn’t mean they steal and rob. My man puts his life on the line every single day for this job. I was scarred this morning when I heard that his truck was robbed and I could not get a hold of him or his company to find out if he was the one robbed and if he was dead or alive. They are not allowed to carry their cell phones, so still we wait……….We have a newborn baby and a 9 year old. How could I explain to my children that their Daddy died because someone robbed them? Furthermore, if you are black, white, etc… you are capable of anything. Grow up and start living in 2011. Its losers like you that carry racism still and keep our world divided. My daughters are half black and I sure hope nobody discriminates against them. You’re missing out on some wonderful people because you are a racist. Your mother did a terrible job raising you. Obviously you’re scarred or you would at least post your name… LOSER! It’s people like you that hide behind their computers and say things you wish you had the guts to say in person. Keep hiding, nobody wants to see your pathetic measly self anyways.

    1. Amanda L. says:

      Enough, that is all you have! Get an education

      1. BettyBoob says:

        You two sound like my kids before they wisened up Stop it huh

    2. ddilts12 says:

      Amanda my brother works there. I know this is very scary. I always had a vision of this happening. Now it did. I am just shaking and can’t stop crying. I hope they catch those theives. They will be going to federal prison for a long time.

    3. steph says:

      Maybe you and your ‘man’ need to sit down and talk to you kids about the kind of job he has so that if he WAS ever hurt it wouldn’t be quite the shock! Nice parenting skills if your children don’t know what kind of danger their father could be in every single day. AND lets not forget that the CHOICE for your ‘man’ to take this job was exactly that, a CHOICE. AND how is it someone’s mother’s fault for their comment on here?? The way someone is raised does NOT always ring true to how they end up as an adult. There are people in prisions and mental hospitals that I’m pretty sure their parents didn’t raise them to be the way they are or talk the way they do. You need to chill out Amanda. Freedom of speech and RELAX.

      1. rosepickle says:

        Thats smart tell your baby and 9 year old that they Daddy could be killed anyday. Have them living in fear everyday of losing they Dad. Have them living in fear at such a young age so they grow up having issues, or them waking up at all hours of the night screaming ause they had a nightmare that Dad was killed. REAL SMART!! Dont worry tho Amanda you can always dope your kids up with all the medical drugs they have today to cover their illneses. Steph you dumb as hell. If you have kids I’d love to see how they turn out someday…..In a childs eyes some things are better to not mention……….

      2. Mnmommy says:

        Wow, Seriously?

    4. db says:

      I’ve been married for a very long time to a long-term employee (in spite of ddilts12 saying I don’t understand). I’m sorry for the stress this has caused you and for the unkind comments people have posted. It’s obvious some did not carefully read what you wrote, nor do they understand. Being a family member of those employed in high risk professions is hard. Many of the employees get into this work because it’s the only job available at the time, or for the medical benefits, etc…They often do it to put food on the table. It is absolutely not for the crummy wages or because they will be appreciated. They are totally under-appreciated. I don’t know what the case is for you, but I am sure your husband must be a very hard working man. I hope you can stay focused on that and get lots of support for yourself, having experienced this too. Many of the marriages do not survive the stress working for these companies puts on a family. But whatever happens, whatever path of employment your husband takes in the future, hold on to each other and keep on appreciating him for the hard working man that he obviously is. Blessings and prayers!

  13. dunnski57 says:

    The police should go to Eagan and search the Pawlenty household. Timmy’s got to finance his joke run for the Presidency somehow!

  14. ugh says:

    “A man with a gun approached the guard at the ATM inside the store. There was a scuffle and the robber took off with cash and the guard’s gun.”

    It’s six paragraphs long…read the whole story

    1. max says:

      When the story was posted, it was only a few sentences long and didn’t include that information.

  15. johns A. stoner says:


    1. RaRa says:

      RICH!!! Ur kidding right? $70,000 don’t go far! Especally when your a fugitive!

  16. Smarter Than the Average says:

    From the Uniform Crime Report for you racist idiots out there….

    “In 2009, 69.1 percent of all persons arrested were white, 28.3 percent were black, and the remaining 2.6 percent were of other races.”

    Are Black just better at not getting arrested?? Things that make you go hmm…

    1. ddilts12 says:

      So were you the one?

      1. Smarter Than the Average says:

        These ignorant responses sadden me. We don’t know any information on the suspect that committed this horrible crime.

    2. Smarter than .... you need to do the math says:

      What percent of the US population is black and “other” ???
      Here ya go

      Black – 12.3%
      White is 65.7% and the balance is Hispanic-Asian-Other

      So blacks get arrested more than twice as often as a percentage vs all other races.
      So Smarter Than the Average person – you just nuked your whole basis for comments. I’d let it go 😉

      1. Wipe'emOut says:

        not sure exact context of why these numbers are bantered about but it’s known fact that blacks committ an extremely high percentage of all crimes. I have heard a million theories as has everyone I am sure.
        Then again – if one is automatically assuming the perps to be black that is racist.
        If this was Vegas one could surely find some place that would take this wager based on these facts. lol

  17. ddilts12 says:

    This is to DB, they do not have a messanger. My brother works for Dunbar also. There is only a driver and the guard. They have a messenger when they do other jobs. I am not going to explain myself to people who do not understand.

    1. Steph says:

      I”m pretty sure you DID just explain youself…….wow

  18. jlovesj says:

    As a wife of a Dunbar guard I know for a fact that these people take pride in their jobs and guard all liability to the best of their ability. And Mark the problem is that people do kill for that type of money and to me that is a very scary thought. For those of you that think this is funny, it is not.

  19. Dave says:

    $70,000, If i ever get that desperate for money, I know where to do my robbery, you guessed it, Dunbar!!

  20. Amanda L. says:

    It’s funny that all of the racist people are getting their comments taken off! LOL! Leran to type something that can actually stay posted. Get your stats straight before you claim 90% of anything. IDIOT!

  21. Amanda L. says:

    I meant learn, sorry!

  22. Don_J says:

    …shouldn’t be too hard to find this dumb-ass… doesn’t EVERYBODY know there are always cameras or people with iPhones waiting behind every corner…

  23. Kathryn S Korthank-Rikess says:

    When did this story go from a Armor Truck robbery to a rant about race? Thank goodness no no was hurt.

  24. Sadie says:

    I used to be an armed security guard. One does the legwork, the other stays with the truck no matter what.
    They did a good job. The dude will be caught, for sure. Not like he can cash any of those deposit checks.

  25. Sadie says:

    And this should not be a race issue… come on people, it’s 2011. Grow up.

  26. fcku says:

    fck this,
    monkey see monkey do,,, theres going to be some dead monkeys in minneapolis if they want to keep this up…

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