Police Want Help Identifying Credit Card Thieves

MINNEAPOLIS  (WCCO) – Burnsville Police need the public’s help finding a man and woman they think are responsible for taking purses from cars and then using the stolen credit cards and debit cards.

Police said the thefts happened in the early morning or evening hours at the LA Fitness, Red Lobster and Olive Garden in the city.

Within an hour of the theft, the victim’s credit card, check card, or debit card is used at other stores within the metro area to buy gift cards usually valued at $250 or more.

The gift cards are then used to buy items at other business locations within the same day.

Police believe that the woman captured in the photo is the main suspect but investigators believe the man in the picture is also involved.

The Burnsville Police Department say they have three active felony cases involving the suspects and the Eagan Police Department currently has one case that also appears to involve them too.

Officers think they were driving a late 90s or early 2000’s silver or light colored Cadillac.

If you have any information about their identity please contact Investigator Yakovlev at 952-895-4604.

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  • johns A. stoner

    let me guess, they smoke meth? or do heroin… im probably 99% right, people who smoke marijiuana would never do this

    • rosepickle

      LOL are you incinuating that you smoke mary jane!! LOL im just kidding!!

    • JamieinMN

      Most likely Meth, yes. It’s sad when you can tell from a crappy surveillance camera.

  • johns A. stoner

    who dosnt will be legasl in 20 years, if not sooner, once my gernation is in senate and congress, around 2040-2050, it will be legalized, you old timers are too old school, its time to relaize that,

  • johns A. stoner

    bad spelling i know im sorry for u all who have to read my posts, im working lol

  • PullYourShare

    Wow. Impressive thread. A dope smoker and a lazy worker. The future is frightening indeed.

    • rosepickle

      LOL. Im working too I just havent had any calls in the last two hours

  • Straitforward

    He is right you know, I would rather smoke some MJ rather than take some adderall with all the side effects for my A.D.D. MJ was made illegal by fear monger republicans that lied to the public about its effects.

    Drug companys dont want it to be legal. If so say goodbye to market share of many drugs.

  • Tommy Tripper

    Is there any reason to not be even bolder and try sobriety?
    34 years of it and Lord only knows how many #’s I smoked, tabs of acid I dropped, barbs I swallowed and others pills I ingested. I thought I was having a great ol’ time….actually Woodstock was fun from the bits I remember. lol

    I’m not in the MJ is harmless camp – sorry. Better than booze and some things but harmless to the brain. Not so

  • BostonRob

    I think when the gals are caught I should be the one administering the sentence and punishment too. just thinking aloud here.

  • MARK

    better then booze tommy tipper? hmmmm then why is BOOZE LEGAL? and MJ illegall?

  • Tommy Tripper

    Taxes Mark – Tax Revenue. Just like smokes – they a massive killing machine but the government loves them in the end.
    Booze is easier to tax and hell. Don’t matter that the drunks slaughter so many on the roads, or that more families are destroyed by booze than any other drug out there. It just gets poo-pooed around the corner unless it is your family.
    Smokes – Booze – the USA’s guarenteed revenue stream. Things get bad out there they take in even more. Silly isn’t it. ;-)

  • MARK

    true so so so true tommy,, you made a very valid point, taxing mj would be very hard,

  • Alan's Gone

    LMAO at all the comments. I drink I get UGLY. I smoke I get mellow and laugh. to me they not even close in cause and effect. same effect with our friends.
    never heard of anyone in a brawl after smoking unless a drunk jumps someone that is. lol
    lost my best friend when he was in a car leaving the cabooze 2 years ago. drunk took them out soon as he got on freeway. he may have been drunk to they never said. always hoped so as it would have lessened pain in the end. I quit drinking then

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  • Joseph Pearl

    Thanks for bringing this credit card issue to light. A nice benefit to my practice as a consumer attorney.

    Joseph Pearl
    Bakersfield Bankruptcy Attorney

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