ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Former state Sen. Ted Mondale gained the lead spot Friday on the commission that operates the Metrodome, giving him a role in the debate over a new Minnesota Vikings stadium.

Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton appointed Mondale the chairman of the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission.

The most pressing issue before the commission is how to fix the Dome’s collapsed roof. The roof fell under the weight of snow in December but may take until spring to repair. Also, the Vikings’ Metrodome lease expires after the coming season.

In a news release, Dayton described Mondale as “uniquely qualified” to lead the commission at a critical time.

“His exceptional dedication to public service, his business experience and his established relationships with key decision-makers will enable him to represent the best interests of the people of Minnesota in attempting to negotiate a new ‘People’s Stadium,”‘ Dayton said.

The Vikings plan to push for public financing toward a new football stadium during the legislative session. The current Metrodome site is one of a few the team is looking at as the location for a new stadium.

The commission consists of seven members, six of whom are appointed by the Minneapolis City Council.

Mondale is the son of former vice president Walter Mondale.

He was chairman of the Metropolitan Council, a regional planning council, under then-Gov. Jesse Ventura. He served in Minnesota’s Senate from 1991 to 1996. More recently, he has served as chief executive of a software company that automates property searches for the mortgage industry.

Mondale last ran for office in 1998, when he finished fifth in a Democratic gubernatorial primary that also included Dayton.

Mondale pleaded guilty to drunken driving in 2007 after refusing a breath-alcohol test. He had been to a Twins game and out dining with friends afterward.

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Comments (47)
  1. Mark says:

    Not going to help the vikings get a new stadium. Anyone that is dumb enough to vote yes for a new stadium shoule be voted out of there seats during the next election

    1. Richard Bones Roeser says:

      Great choice,He will get the ball moving on the vikings new statdium.

    2. Jacob says:

      Get a life and grow up, how about being more friendly

      1. Todd says:

        Wow. Hats off to Mark Dayton! Mondale will be fair that is for sure. Great choice.

  2. Alan says:

    Mark – it’s “their”, not “there”. Anti-government people, generally, stink at spelling. “There” rants are full of typos, which sadly diminishes the impact.

    My question: Other than having a “name”, is he qualified?

    1. Reagan says:

      Alan is not straight

      1. Alan says:

        And in the comment below, Reagan, it’s “you’re”, not “your”. Another data point against knuckle-dragging Neanderthals with too much free time and net access.

      2. alan says:

        Is this is supposed to be an insult, or are we missing something?

  3. Bill says:

    Anyone dumb enough to not see how much revenue our football team brings to the state is a moron. Get your head out of your ass.

    1. Reagan says:

      Bill, I think the state might shutdown if the Vikings were not here, Oh my god we need to save them now, they must not be allowed to throw around the LA threat anymore. Your a moron

  4. dont be dumb says:

    I am sick and tired of all these whiners about a new stadium. I agree, they are usually the uneducated stench that opposes it. Get a clue before you open your mouth.

    1. Cache says:

      My… my… Bill and don’t be dumb…talk about dumb…what a pair of thuggish bullies…can’t get your way threaten, belittle or Waaaaaaaaaah…grow up children!

  5. SW minnesotan says:

    to the people against the stadium, have any of you actually looked at the numbers of what the state would be losing if our Vikes left. i really don’t want anymore taxes than the next person, but isn’t there an old saying “you have to spend money to make money. the advantages clearly out weigh the disadvantages

    1. cache says:

      Yes we have…not my money! You want your entertainments pay for them yourselves…the only thing we would lose would be band the lazy overpaid thugs!

    2. Big Dog says:

      Not so. 11 home games will not have that much of a affect. When the North Stars left, did the economy suffer. No. They played more games than the Vikings. San Diego is trying to pull the same crap and their tax payers are telling them to hit the road. Football is not a necessity and Minnesota survived fine before the vikings ever arrived on scene. Support the Gophers even if they are terrible. At least their not going to threaten to leave every year.

  6. cache says:

    What “Mondull #2 will be impartial?” NOT… the fix is in! a free stadium for the Billionaire, the multimillion dollar players and the thugs fans…Grab your wallet and butt they are after taxpayers money for their gladiator nonsense! If they want it pay for them selves not drag us into it!

  7. Bob says:

    This is so easy ! Racino let the gamblers pay for it! The tribes are laughing at us!!!!

    1. northvikesfan says:

      It’s not that simple. There are agreements with the tribes. They are called compacts. Both the tribes and the state have to agree to open them. The tribes are completely against a Racino. I want this to work and hope it does. But tribes have been getting the shaft for hundreds of years, this will not be as easy as some think it will be. Unless the state renigs on an agreement with the tribes. Historically this is the norm.

  8. mike says:

    I go along with, in order to make money you have to spend money. Why can’t Zigy see that?

  9. Chuck says:

    A new stadium must be built, but not for only the Vikings…
    We can see now how many other uses and teams are dependent on it.
    That is a result of our nice, arctic weather, and a roof will be mandatory.
    It would benefit the state many times over and should be done – Fairly!
    And definitely consider rectifying the gambling (Indian casino) limits…
    Also, not exclusively to cover a dome but to make it fair and right.

  10. Jaquelyn Mack says:

    The metrodome is in better shape than most of our bridges & roads. How about fixing that first.

  11. Steve says:

    All us “whiners” who are against a stadium think billionaires can pay for it out of “there” “their” own check book. I will agree that it brings in revenue. But for us in outer Minnesota who don’t watch football there is no payback. If public funds are used tax Hennepin county business. Mr. Spell check, get a life.

  12. Gregg says:

    I feel that this dome needs to be replaced. Not because the vikings want it but from a safety stand point. If this would have happen during a game everyone would have went into a panic and started running down stairs and there could have been major injuries or even deaths. The roofs expected life was 20-30 years and should have been inspected more then it had been. But to conclude this message I feel if the Vikings and the Wilfes want a special state of the art venue they need to pony up more cash and the state need to build a casino and let canterbury be a full casino. Maybe the state will issue a Viking license plate that we can pay extra for if you are a Viking fan. Thats my two cents.

    1. rosepickle says:

      I like the license plate idea. I WANT one!

    2. Alan says:

      Indeed, Gregg, this is a good idea, and I hope someone reading this forum can move it along.

    3. Hannah says:

      That’s a great idea!!! I don’t like Dayton and I don’t like Mondale, but I do like the Vikings! I think Gregg has a great idea here!

  13. Pearl says:

    To all you uneducated stadium backers who think that those of us who are against a public funded sports venue are anti -government. Stick your stupid head in a snow drift, or some other place. We don’t like football.

    1. Chris says:

      Again, this should not be a Viking exclusive deal…
      But they will need to pay their fair share for sure…
      You don’t need to be a footbal fan to see the need is there…
      for a thousand other reasons!

  14. John Sherman says:

    that will garantee the new team logo will be the LA Vikings

  15. sports fan says:

    The people againt and that critisize the stadiums should learn the facts before spouting off. The new Twins stadium is not being paid for by the general fund or the average tax payer, nor would a new inclosed stadium that would also include the Vikings. The Metrodome wasn’t either, they are paid for by ticket taxes, taxes from the city that the city endosed to lure the stadiums there; Hotel, restauruants, event parking. Then add in any player that comes here to play a game is taxed for the portion of their salary for the game played here. 1/16th of a visiting players salary for the year is payed to Minnesota for an NFL player. MLB the players salary is broke down to per game and depending on the number of games played is their tax breakdown. When the Vikings Giants game was moved to Detroit the estimated economic loss for Minneapolis and thestate was over 9 MILLION DOLLARS. fOR 1 MISSED GAME!!! So don’t complain about the money coming out of your pocket because it is not. the state will bond out for the money and it will be payed back by the stadium just like the others were. The dome was still scheduled over 200 days of the year after the twins left and with a better stadium they will probably book even more. So lets talk facks and not B.S. because you are for or against it.

    1. Lets Talk Facks says:

      Explain to me please, how the state will bond out for the money?

    2. northvikesfan says:

      Very good point.

  16. G1 says:

    For the people that are not wanting to fund another stadium don’t come to minneapolis. There are many things that the this will do. 1) Economy. how many millions to local businesses. 2) Have have been and see family play foorball and baseball in that stadium from grades 6-12. 3) JOBS! For the people that think only people with no education watch football your wrong. This guy here has a 4 year degree and season ticket holder not to mention my wife 6 years of education saving peoples lives. If you build it we will come. Twin stadium proved that in a big way. I could not even get decent tickets this last year.

    1. Reagan says:

      Why build it your already there????

  17. Renee says:


    Mark – it’s “their”, not “there”. Anti-government people, generally, stink at spelling. “There” rants are full of typos, which sadly diminishes the impact.

    Wow, what a statement. People who question the need for a public funded stadium are “Anti-Government.” They might be “Anti-Sports” or “Anti-Public Funding” But not “Anti-Government” I would hope that the informed, intelligent Viking fans have more common sense than you. You should take your prescription for your paranoid condition in the morning before you make such stupid comments

    1. Alan says:

      Poor punctuation and use of capitalization plus sentence fragmentation are the hallmarks of this posting. Yet more data has been logged.

      1. Hannah says:

        I agree! If G1 has a four year degree, then he should know how to use a sentence in a correct way! It’s hard to read a “post” when you can’t do a sentence or spell the correct way!

  18. Greg says:

    Well, G1 I hope you make it to 5th grade next year.

  19. Joe says:

    I am against having to pay for someone’s business property. But if Minnesota or the surrounding area will benefit and they can show figures then go for it. If or when they build it then they need to make sure that the workers are from Minnesota. They need to make the leases longer. Say, 50 years etc. If the Vikings want to only put $X amount to it then they need to only reap $X amount from that stadium. Make it a multi use stadium so that it can be used during non Vikings events. Someone had the idea of selling Vikings plates, good idea. As long as money does go to to building of the stadium. How about people can spend $X amount for building materials and they can have their name put on it, like buy a brick? I know dumb idea but something like that. Make it not just paid for by taxes or fees but by other means as well. There is a will there is a way.

  20. Dan Borland says:

    Give the parking lots, the concessions and the skybox leases to the Vikings and then send in the stadium make over folks in . That bar across the street could use a new home and others could join in. What would the star tribune cafe look like?

  21. Mike says:

    I don’t like the “Arts” yet I keep paying my taxes to fund them without complaining. I’m so looking forward to the big “Art Bowl” this year on FOX pitting Monet vs Van Gogh. I heard it’s going to bring hundreds of pennies in revenue!!

  22. StraycatStrut says:

    Good to see Dayton take a step forward. Mondale has a good name here in liberal MN. Hopefully we can strike some kind of a deal between taxpayers and the Vikes / NFL……. before Happy Hour and Mondale drives home MADD

  23. Todd says:

    They say that cities that have professional sport teams such as the Twins or Vikings are attractive to those who wish to establish or grow their business in that city. We all pay for things that promote a strong community – it is those things that help our economy and is worth our investment even if we don’t use some of what we pay for. I think we need to build a new stadium but not just for the Vikings.

  24. Johnny F. says:

    LOL, do you really think those in power care what you say (or even vote) the vikings will spread some wealth to the greedy politicians and they’ll get their stadium. Cost to vikings, 20%. Dayton has already said our taxes are going up, who else will pay for their reckless spending. It’s the same crap, cut funds for schools, handicapped, etc etc and spend more for docks and buildings and highways that never get built. Someone is getting the money for the things never seen or built, and it ain’t the working class. Just like the first bailout, the voter told the congress and senate people vote NO, by a margin of 20 to 1, what did they do, they voted yes and then told us we were to stupid to understand why. Ya, that’s why we vote these people in, so they can tells us to get bent afterwards. Welcome to the Ant farm people, And Your The Ants, you just don’t know it.

  25. Richard says:

    FYI-we paid 3% sales tax for the Dome later lowered to 2%
    FYI-we are paying .15% sales tax on Target Field. We are also paying a sales tax to fund the Mpls. Convention Center. One way or another we pay for all public places. Upkeep and maint. is not free. Why not support something that provides revenue to the state. I don’t want my taxes to go up, DO YOU?

  26. Big Dog says:

    I went to many viking games as a kid at the old Met and we paid five dollars for a ticket and the teams were pretty good. Why would any one pay those unreasonable prices and sit in that toilet bowl and get a headache from screaming drunks. Let the Vikings go and get better games to watch on TV.

  27. Joe says:

    How about this. I would like to see hard numbers. How much it is going to cost to build? How much revenue just from the stadium? How many employees full and part-time and average pay? How much in just tax money just from the stadium its self? Know what I’m talking about? If we get back that money over a decent amout of time then let’s go for it. Any revenue that is generated from the stadium from the stadium should be used for paying back the debt. Is that not fair? Don’t business have to look at that when they lease a building from someone? Just asking.

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