GOP Leader Against State Tax Money For New Stadium

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The new chairman of the House Taxes Committee says he opposes using state tax money to build a new Minnesota Vikings football stadium.

Republican Rep. Greg Davids of Preston says residents of his southeastern Minnesota district would not benefit from having a new stadium in the Twin Cities, so he won’t ask them to pay for it.

Davids tells Minnesota Public Radio News it’s possible some money for a new stadium could be raised by a ticket tax or some other kind of user fee.

But he says it’s not going to be general fund money.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Susie Jones Interviews Rep. Greg Davids

Davids says he opposed the new Twins stadium until supporters proposed a plan to raise sales taxes only in Hennepin County, the ballpark’s home county.

The Vikings’ Metrodome lease expires after the coming season.

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  • Val

    Seems a bit selfish to me! If all decisions were made based on benefits to individual counties or cities, we’d be in a sorry state. Whatever happened to making decisions for the overall quality of life in Minnesota? So no one in Preston goes to Vikings games or watches them on TV? I’m not an advocate one way or another, but I really detest what amounts to “my way or the highway” comments like this.


      Val you might want to learn how the Met Council works, they do it all the time

  • What Did You Expect

    I do agree with this clown. No TAX DOLLARS PERIOD for purple palace. But he needs to loose the mustache (unless he is trying to be popular at the 90s) and about 80 lbs.

    • FreddieBaby

      What physical characteristics do you have that we can make fun of?

      • alan

        Democratic, reflublican.

      • snarfblat

        An unusually large democrat ego!

  • Priorities

    Over 6 Billion dollar deficit. No tax money for a stadium from any county. Why is this even a consideration????

  • andrew

    Captain Combover IS responsible to represent his people in a case like this, which does not affect the whole state.

  • St Paul

    This life-long democrat is totally supporting this Republican in his view on this. Nice job Chairman Sir!!! Both the Vikings and the Twins owners need to kick in as well as the business around where the new stadiums will be build. Business’s are run to sell their product and make money, governments should be run to spend their money wisely and for the betterment of all.

  • betty

    Republicians when they were NOT in control supporting tax for a new stadium. Oh I get it its because Minnesota now has a Democrat governor. Never mind.

    • bob

      Democratic. I usually counter with Reflublican.

  • Bob

    Racino babe , the tribes say jobs will be lost . How many jobs could we create at a casino , next to the megamall , and Canterbury park!!!!

  • FreddieBaby

    I’m against farm subsidies to farmers in southeastern Minnesota. I don’t eat their crops or meat from down there, so they shouldn’t get any of my tax dollars as a subsidy.

    • andrew

      That’s federal. Plus, how the heck can you track your corn?


      • alan

        Eat jello or gummie bears?

      • snafblat

        So none of my federal tax dollars should go to any farmer subsidies because I am a vegetarian and I don’t want to support meat farmers.

  • jackie l

    If we were to buy and start a company would we have to pay for it? or would the tax payers pay for it? so i thinks it’s good that I dont have to support a business that I dont give a damn about me. They make millions of dollars a year. maybe if they quit spending their money on crap and quit being selfish they could pay for their own stadium. maybe dont pay the players as much as they do. they dont deed to be payed millions of dollars. You might think I am selfish but I dont care I dont think I should have to pay for a damn thing I dont use or even care about. I’m sick of our taxes going to sports when it could help keep more schools open. Or maybe to help the families that have been really hurt by the economy.. .

  • Jj

    Finally a GOP w some sense.

  • Sporter

    Oh but he’s a Republican. Only against it until he’s for it.

    Just wait a bit, he’s flip flop…

  • Big Dog

    Let the owner flip the whole bill like Jerry Jones and George Steinbrenner did. This owner could sell this team down the road. Make a quick buck and the new owner could relocate to his own roots. Al Davis went to LA before returning to a remodeled stadium. The Colts left Baltimore in the middle of the night and Art Modell took the Browns to Baltimore because they would not give him a stadium. Then Cleveland builds a new stadium and look what kind of team they have. Do not trust team owners with tax payer money

  • Sunny

    Billionaire professional team owners asking Minnesota taxpayers to “help” them build a billion dollar stadium, in a state that is practically bankrupt. If it weren’t so OFFENSIVE a demand, it would be funny ! ! !

  • cory

    take my money and build the sweetest stadium possible!!!!! go vikes…. sports haters!!!

  • Jj

    Love sports. Hate sports welfare.

  • thumbody

    What kind of a business deal allows billionaire owners to put up 1/3rd for the new stadium and then keep all profits when the team is sold? Should not the other 2/3rds share in the profits? Red McCombs bought the vikes for 200 million and sold them for 600 million. Can’t this deal be structured with future gains being shared? Seems like a private business man would insist on this so why not the state? I’ll hang up and listen……….

  • Hey Now

    Hey, Jesse had setup a donation jar for a new stadium when he was in office. Jesse did not expect tax payers to foot the bill and they should not now.

    Viking’s fans, players, owners, national-networks, advertisers with those TV-networks, NFL merchandisers etc. You need your profitable business to continue? Start out the pocket book and start filling that donations jar.

  • John

    All of you nah sayers I would like to know your solutions on how to replace the tax money this team produces? They payroll taxes for the players alone is 15-20 million. you still ahve the rest of the staff, stadium workers. merchandise, the list goes on and on. Corp taxes not just on the vikes but on that ripoff of ticketmaster as well. If you really add up the impact I would bet it approaches 100 million/year. where are you going to get it from? Schools, Health and human services? DNR? Roads? The right solution should be a combo of racino, user fees, License plates. All optional items if you do not use them you do not pay taxes on them. Petty simple. A deal could be landed as well to tie value growth to the sale of team as well. That has been on the table before. Stop telling us how bad an idea it is and tell me where you are going to replace that revenue when we are 6 billion short already?

  • Get it done

    “Where there is a will there is a way”. The Vikings make money in many different ways. Can’t tell me the Vikings don’t help the community. The Vikings have all ready said they are willing to donate 1/3 of the money for an open air stadium. That is a pretty healthy investment to simply walk away from in a couple of years and playing somewhere else. There are also such things as agreements made between differnt parties. Such as an agreemen that the team stays in Minnesota with and where the new stadium would be. Ticket sales, food, drinks, and other things could also be contributed to the
    new stadium. There has to be a way of doing this that pays everyone back over time including the tax payers. Call it an investment if you want to. The Vikings should stay in Minnesota. Even if they have to continue to play in the metrodome. Leave the darn roof off if that is what the people want.

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  • Greg Smith

    People need to wake up. There are two and only two scenarios: 1 Build the Vikings a new stadium (yes with tax dollars), or 2 Once the Vikings go to LA because you would build them a new stadium, build an even more expensive one (yes with tax dollars) to attract another NFL team. Then you can all cheer for the Minnesota Frostbite.

    • Big Dog

      If the Vikings leave, their will not be another team.

  • Jay

    Anyone that is against a stadium is a fool!! Look what happend when we let the North stars Go!!!! We got a new hockey team and spent more money.

  • John Sherman

    Why wont the polticians have the GUTS to tell the sports public some 60,000 that you under no circumstances provide any funds for a stadium and end the discusions and give the Vikings their freedom from minesota and its politicos they desrve the right to go and let the politicos suffer the consequences of that decsion. Its like the politcos who let NWA Honeywell,Ford all go for which you all should be fired and I’am waiting to hear the 2 state senators to do something major for this state no the BS deals they do.

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