MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police said they have made an arrest in the November drive-by shooting that likely left a now 13-year-old girl paralyzed.

Casey Michelle Walters, 19, was allegedly the driver in the drive-by shooting that happened at East 34th Street and Chicago Avenue South, police say.

Guadalupe Galeno-Hernandez was shot in the throat while walking with family to their aunt’s home. The bullet went through Guadalupe’s spinal cord and likely paralyzed her for life. She is currently recovering at Gillette Children’s Hospital in St. Paul.

“I hope they find all of them in the car,” she said Tuesday.

According to the criminal complaint, officers were dispatched around 9:20 p.m. on Nov. 12 to 3400 Chicago Ave. S. on a report of a shooting. Upon arrival, family members of the girl shot said they were walking back to a residence when they heard someone yell, “Southside!” and “Trece!” which means 13.

The family said they then saw a man with his upper body hanging out of the sunroof of a small lighter-colored vehicle, holding a small pistol. The man allegedly yelled “VL killers!” and fired one round at the group.

The family hit the ground and the driver of the car sped away.

In a police interview with Walters on Jan. 14, she admitted that she was acquainted with some gang members and had dated someone who police believe was a Surenos 13 gang member. Police also noted that Walters had the number “13” tattooed on her neck.

Walters said she had a gray Optima with a sunroof that she frequently lends to a friend. She said that friend once showed her a gun while they were at a residence near Park and 31st.

According to the criminal complaint, Walters admitted to police that she was the driver of the car during the drive-by shooting. She said there were three other men in the car that day, one in the front and two in the back.

The alleged shooter has not been identified. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman would not comment on the possible shooter referenced in the criminal complaint. He did say that a $10,000 reward from Crime Stoppers, that was offered for tips in this case, helped police find Walters.

“Frankly in cases like this we rely on the community to help us — no witnesses, no case,” Freeman said. “Why this girl was shot and these people were shot at, we don’t know.”

Freeman said no one from Guadalupe’s family is a member of a gang. He believes this may have been a case of mistaken identity.

Walters told police she didn’t know that anyone had been hit and only later learned that a girl was shot and paralyzed.

It is not clear at this point whether the car Walters was allegedly driving is the same vehicle found by police last week. A Crime Stoppers tip had led officers to a car with a sunroof that was parked at a St. Paul gas station that was processed for possible evidence.

Walters moved to Indiana after the shooting but was arrested at Southdale Service Center in Edina on Friday. Police are still hoping to arrest the three other people who were in the car, including the gunman.

Guadalupe could be allowed to go home sometime in February.

Comments (60)
  1. Monica says:

    That is good to hear, although this little girl has lost a lot. Hopefully the shooter is brought to jsutice.

    1. Richard Paulus says:

      she is as guilty as the shooter, but because SHE is a pretty girl, she will spend 1/10 as much time in prison as the shooter…..He will actually see less than 10 years in prison…, just watch…..I bet’cha

      1. mike says:

        umm, hey richard, you must have some some pretttty low standards if you consider this fat piece of trailer trash to be pretty… lock her up and lock up the refrigerator as well

  2. JamieinMN says:

    About time! Just grab a shotgun and take him out back.

    1. Abdula double OO says:

      Did you even READ the story before you ran to the closet to get your gun?
      SHE was ALLEGEDLY the DRIVER. Now unload the shotgun and lets wait for the facts and justice to run it’s course. Maybe they will even find the SHOOTER that did this to the girl. Then you can load up your shotgun and take care of it out in the street like they do in Iran.

      1. JamieinMN says:

        Yea, she was an ACCOMPLICE. Just as bad. Take her out back.

      2. John says:

        “Then you can load up your shotgun and take care of it out in the street like they do in Iran.” – Sounds good to me!!!!

      3. No more violence says:

        Abdula double OO, read it again yourself, she already admitted to being the driver, she is not the alleged driver, she was in fact the driver and is just as guilty as the person who was the shooter.

  3. BrandonMN says:

    “Him”…..is actually a “Her”. Unless Michelle is suddenly a guy’s name……..

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Hey, ya never know. It didn’t state the gender. REGARDLESS Of gender….bring that animal out back.

  4. red says:

    I never would have guessed it was a woman. I would have thought she would have had the heart to come forward sooner. OMG shoot her

  5. BrandonMN says:

    The DRIVER of the vehicle involved was arrested. And SHE is a girl. The Shooter, however, has not been arrested. But I gotta think that’s only a matter of time. They’ll work that girl over until she’s begging to give them information…….

    And honestly….most people who have the “heart” to be involved in a drive-by shooting won’t have the “heart” to come forward and admit to it. Be they male or female…..it takes a certain type I’d presume……..

    1. Chris says:

      Thanks for clarifying that for some of these folks…
      They better pull out all of the stops to get her to fess up on the others!
      We have got to get tough with these thugs that terrorize our Metro area!!!
      More support to our police and for the residents that stand up against it.

  6. red says:

    thanks Brandon for clearing that for me I misread things but then this young chick can be thrown in the slammer for years for hanging out with the slug who did this and taking so long to come forward

  7. D.H. Wi. says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if they could force the driver and shooter to give up their working legs and give to this innocent child. After all, how far will they be walking in prison???

  8. Michele says:

    Casey Michelle Walters is a coward and complete waste of breath. You know she is guilty and I know she is guilty. I say give her the chair and set it on high.

    1. Ed says:

      Don’t include ME in your rant. In the America I live in a person is innocent till proven guilty by a court of law. I’ll wait till she is judged by a jury of her peers not a news report before I think about the punishment.

      1. Michele says:

        Well what if that was your daughter laying there? I think you would think differently.

      2. John says:


        She admitted to driving the car during the shooting – so I guess that the innocent until proven guilty is a rather moot point. I also line in this same america as you and I know she will get off with next to nothing for this crime as will the shooter if he is tried by a gury of his peers!!! lets hope that his peers ( Gang Banging thugs ) are not on the jury !!!! I’m guessing you think if caught he should be sent to treatment and then be released back out into your american society as well!!!

      3. Ed says:

        Sent to treatment???? HELLNO! What I believe is a person is innocent till proven guilty by a jury of their peers. Like it or not you are considered a peer of every dirtbag criminal till they are proven guilty, then they are a felon and no longer your peer but a peer of all the other dirtbags guilty of crime, that is why it is important to show up for jury duty not make excuses to get out of it. If found guilty do not pass go… any sentence of more than 10 years is going to do more mental damage than good to an already damaged person so therefore should just be put to death and save taxpayers the expense of babysitting them. She will get off with next to nothing only cause the prosacutor will make a deal so she will turn on the shooter.

    2. Ed says:

      Sorry I didn’t know that was your daughter. Yes I would feel much differently, That is why you won’t find family of a victim on any jury, What if the kid and her family turns out to be here illegally, would you still feel as strongly?

      1. Michele says:

        No but it was my nephew a few years back in pretty much the same situation. Illegal or not, you do do the crime, you pay the time and get punished for it.

  9. Pete Reasoner says:

    She will give up the shooter when she sees she will spend the rest of her life in prison. Although, I think she should get the time anyway.

  10. BrandonMN says:

    I don’t believe the fact that the family is here illegally really has anything to do with this. What? She deserved to be shot in a drive-by because she’s not a Tax-paying citizen? Or, the shooter and those involved deserve less of a punishment because the person they happened to shoot is illegal? That’s ridiculous.

    Although I agree. A trial by Jury is necessary. Sorta tough to convict and sentence someone based off of a 3 paragraph News Article. LEst you forget, the cops and “powers” aren’t ALWAYS right. I just read an article last week about a guy who was released in Texas after spending over 30 years in prison due to a false conviction. He was exonerated by DNA evidence. Tell me that’s not a HUGE injustice, to be released at the age of 54 into a world where the last you remember, Reagan was president and 9/11 still was only the number you called in an emergency…..

    Bad things happen in this world, and often to good people. Its just, unfortunately, the way of things…….

  11. red says:

    Does not matter Ed whether or not this little girl is here legally or not, she is innocent and the driver is just dang guilty as the fricken shooter who ruined this poor little girls life. Cut all of their fricken legs off

  12. Cache says:

    Dollar to a donut they are Illegal Aliens…get these animals out of our neighborhoods and state. Then arrest every politician that facilitates sanctuary nonsense… that means MPLS and St Paul Mayors who are complicit in this crime!

  13. phooeyshe mustsmell says:

    miss piggy finally made it to the big time!

  14. dala says:

    What happened to this beautiful child is unforgivable, but all of the facts have not been published. I find it deplorable so many of you have already judged this young woman who may have been a victim herself. Casey is also someone’s child, look at yourself in the mirror, how painful it would feel to read these horrible rants about your daughter.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Oh shut the front door! She bangs with the gangs you idiot. She is nothing but a piece of trash….LOSER in my book.

    2. anonymous says:

      Dala thank you for your comment. I know the drivers father and while I do not agree one bit with who this girl hangs out with and how she was involved in this case but she is someones daughter and it would be horrible to read some of the comments on this page.

      1. wow! says:

        the driver is someones daughter, sister, cousin, friend… It’s a very sad tragic thing that she was involved in! Let the courts decide her fate now!! Bashing her or anyone else invovled is immature and just ridiculous!!!

    3. lalie says:

      Are you stupid???? She knew what she was doing and she knew who she was with. You dont just let 3 guys You dont know in your car to go joy ridding. And if it was my daughter that was driving that car, I WOULD TURN HER IN MYSELF!!!! And yea it would suck to read these things if it were my daughter but at the same time, she admitted to being the driver. maybe she grow up and get a brain!!!!! she is just as guilty as the guy that pulled the trigger. they should ALL rot!!! maybe take their legs from them see how they like it!!!!!

      1. Idiots says:

        Actually…..overweight, under-esteemed, attention-starved white girls take these types of men around joy riding ALL THE TIME! Why do you think they pick them? Hell, My sister was one of those girls. She looks like a prime example of the type of girl they’d target to do their bidding. Pay their bills, drive them around….They probably run the train on her too.

        I’m sorry….but you don’t just go out and get a gang tattoo because you’re “hanging with the wrong crowd”. Or, because you’ve made a mistake in your life. Its one thing to be too scared to get away. Its something completely different to put your devotion to Ink……Gangs don’t just let anyone and their mother get gang-related tattoos. You’ve gotta be part of the group before that can happen.

      2. JamieinMN says:

        @Idiots, I’ve got to agree with you, it’s sad but true. A former friend of mine who was overweight, under-esteemed, attention starved, etc. also ran with the wrong crowd. Never got into gang activity, but she would drive guys around to do their drug deals and what not, WITH her kids in the car! But they do it because they feel “needed”. Same reason they breed.

  15. Allah Is Coming To Town says:

    She is from out of state. Seems she was dating a gang member. Mommy must be proud. North Minneapolis gangs love Ms. Piggy……….She was the only adult…the others were under 18…..robbing the gang banging craddle….put a bullet in her head and save my tax dollars for more important things…like new diversity programs…

    1. Dee says:

      Alla, you are the Pig.

      1. Allah Is Coming To Town says:

        No Dee…I am Allah…..I do not date underaged gang bangers and drive gang owned cars while they shove guns out the windows and fire them. See sweet Dee this young adult lady is a pile of garbage…a burden on society….and being from out of state she will now cost the state of Minnesota millions…..maybe you can send her care packages while she does her time in a Minnesota prison…send me one too as I will be flipping part of the bill…….

  16. Dee says:

    Hey Allah,
    If you bothered to research what you are spitting out, you would see she is from Crystal. Also it was not a gang owned car, you are so full of hate and venom, you don’t even know what you are talking about. Take a look at yourself, seems you are the burden of society and most likely don’t even have a job to flip part of the bill, sitting on your fat ass condemning others that can’t fight back.

    1. Allah It Coming To Town says:

      Walters moved to Indiana. Or so the article states. Why is it dear sweet Dee that Liberals attack those with less than liberal veiws? See Dee I am not a burden on society. I am a legal American citizen and have worked hard my whole life in Minnesota. I have a great job and I dont have a fat ass….at least that what your mother told me. If I were to spew hate venom I would say that this child and her family are illegals and should not even be in Minnesota. Hate or reality? Now the injured child will cost the hard working….legal tax payers a million dollars in medical and life long welfare bills. You sweet Dee can put your sippy cup down and write the check for her…I am tired of paying for every legal or illegal immigrant that decides that Minnesota nice is just another way of saying evrything is “free”…..

      1. BrandonMN says:

        I guess I still fail to see how her residential status has anything to do with this. Lest you all forget….and proabably ESPECIALLY you “Allah”……The majority of the people in this great nation, at one time or another, came from “Illegal Immigrant” roots. By definition, we are ALL immigrants (whether legal or illegal) Because none of us, aside from the Native Americans, were actually from here originally.

        Also…..its simply not fair to assume they are illegal because of their name. My Niece and Nephew have the last name Hernandez. Their father’s family is from El Salvador. But….that family has been legal, tax paying citizens for the past 40 years. And my neice and nephew certainly aren’t “illegals”. Because my family has been legal, tax paying Scandinavian Immigrants for over 100 years. Just like most everyone else in Minnesota…….

        Liberal or not…..I don’t think its fair to assume someone is here illegally simply because they have brown skin, or a latin-centric name. OR, that she’s on WElfare, for that matter.

        There’s a HUGE difference between being “Less than Liberal”, and a complete closed-minded bigot……

      2. BrandonMN says:

        And for the Record…..I’d much rather see my taxpayer dollars go toward paying the medical bills for a 12 year old girl who got shot in a Drive-By, than a woman sitting at home with 4 kids planning the 5th, rather than finding a job. Or the guy who’d much rather stick his nose in the bottle than be responsible.

        Sounds to me like your anger and bigotry for some of THOSE wastes on society is spilling over into a scenario where you don’t know for sure that the person is even receiving government benefits, much less is illegal……

  17. Kevin says:

    Her mother has been in Minnesota for 7 years and still needed a translator, she speaks no english. She is a illegal who should be sent back to Mexico. Again if you would like to pay for her then right a check ou for the millions whe will now cost the state of minnesota. I am done paying for it…..I guess in Liberal land that makes me a mean…angry….fat ass…..spewing venom…..good god what ever happened to this country…

  18. silence says:

    I think it is absolutely tragic what happened to that little girl!!! And it’s extremely sad that the driver didn’t come forward!! My guess is she is a naive girl who thought she was “cool” hanging around those thugs! And she didn’t really know what she was getting into before it was too late!! She does deserve jail time, but not the chair… Give me a break!! Hopefully she comes forward with any and all information that she knows so the shooter and the gang members can all be brought down!!

  19. Bob says:

    hmmmm what would you guys do if this happened to you and you were threatened and told not to go to the police? Honestly..think about it. If you were in her situation what would you have done? Casey is a great person. None of you know her and none of you know what REALLY happened.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      #1……….first critical mistake she made. Bangin with gangs. I would NEVER ever have done that. I was raised correctly. I have NO sympathy for gang bangers or people who associate with them. They’re ridiculous, they ruin wonderful neighborhoods, and they need to be taken down.

      1. wow! says:

        jaimeinMN…. You must come from a “perfect family”…. I think casey just made a mistake hanging with the wrong crowd at the wrong time! She thought she was “tough & cool” hanging around those guys…. I don’t think she knew the severity of trouble/danger she would actually be involved in. So stop judging her until ALL the facts are out!!!!

      2. JamieinMN says:

        Nobody is perfect. But she seems pretty devoted to this gang…considering she got inked, on her neck where it is quite visible! She was just “hangin with the wrong crowd”. Give me a break…

      3. JamieinMN says:

        And ya know what, that little girl is someone’s daughter too. How do you think that mother feels? Her daughter will not walk again. She won’t ever be able to ride a bike, she won’t be able to walk down the aisle with her father as she will need the help of a wheelchair, she won’t be able to do the SIMPLEST things that we all take for granted everyday. She is damn lucky to be alive. I would rather pay for her medical bills for the rest of my life than waste it on a piece of trash like Casey and her gang. Sweet justice would be for Casey to give up HER legs for this little girl. She may not have pulled the trigger, but she was an accomplice. It makes her just as guilty.

    2. j says:

      well said Bob!! I think Casey is a good kid! She just got caught up in some bad stuff and was WAY too scared to get out! People need to stop judging until ALL the facts come out!

    3. Not from here says:

      When I ran with the wrong crowd my life was threatened, and a very real threat it was after I was contacted by the police to help them with their investigation. I had to moved to California, have no contact with my family and hide out for 5 years. Choose your friend wisely!

    4. Sue says:

      I believe her life and her family’s lives were part of the equation, be quiet or else.
      She has no criminal history, low self esteem running with trash.

  20. j says:

    noone said anything about not feeling bad for the little girl!! Or at least I didn’t! I feel horrible for the little girl!! But I’m still not judging Casey until all the facts come out! Casey should be punished! She should see jail time… But the actual gang members and the one who pulled the trigger… They are the ones that are truly dangerous to all in the world!

    1. JamieinMN says:

      A tattoo, to me, would be indication that SHE is a member as well. ALL gang members are dangerous to society.

  21. j says:

    I disagree.. I think she got it because of peer pressure! If she was a true gang banger… We’d hear a lot more of her troubled background than just this….

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Ha! Peer pressure…too funny. Who knows what else this hoodlum has done.

  22. dan says:

    thank you bob. i know casey, and she is a good kid who made a bad decision.
    i doubt she knew there would be a shooting that night.
    to all who want to cast the first stone, this is AMERICA. innocent until proven guilty. if you dont like this policy, maybe you should find a better country to live in.

    1. jay says:

      I agree with you Dan! I also know Casey, and she is a good kid that made a very bad decision!

  23. me says:

    I hope that Guadalupe walks again!

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