GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — Brokers say there are plenty of tickets available for the historic NFC title game between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears Sunday, you’ll just have to open your wallet widely.

A limited number of tickets from the Bears go on sale Tuesday with prices ranging from $134 to $586. Those tickets are available through Ticketmaster. And, there’s a four-ticket limit.

But, most fans should be prepared to pay $500 for a nosebleed seat or up to $10,000 for an indoor club seat. Most of the tickets at broker sites such as Stub Hub and TicketZoom are running more than $1,000.

The State Journal says John Roussos of Madison bought a ticket Monday from a broker for $737, plus a $137 service and delivery charge.

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Comments (18)
  1. Reagan says:

    I take the priceless seat on my couch $0.

  2. Purple4Life says:

    those cheesehead fans can’t put a price on their beloved team! it’s either go to the game (that they will lose) or pay the mortgage this month. hmmmmmm?? that’s a tough one!

    1. Brandon says:

      Some people can do both.

    2. mick says:

      Keep cheering for the NFL’s biggest jokers while we revel in an organization rampant with class and tradition. So they lose, what’s your point? Oh yeah, Vikings fans are too dull to have points.

      1. pack-atatck says:

        Good point Mick!!!!

        Win or lose, it doesn’t matter. We got this far.

        But wasn’t Brent supposed to take them to the Super Bowl thisyear? What happened??? teeheheheheeeeeee

    3. insignificant says:

      oh you sore losing viqueen fan…boo hoo…by the way…the PACK IS BACK and will win…super bowl bound

    4. GB Fan says:

      GB FAN

      Sounds like purple 4 life has yet to wake up from another nightmare football season

  3. Tee-Bee says:

    If the game was in Lambeau… maybe. You couldn’t pay me enough to enter Illinois. I hate the Bears. Go Green Bay!

  4. pack-attack says:

    Vikings fans are the most BITTER in the NFL. Not to mention, have the most fair weather fans I’ve ever encountered! I’ve lived here 20 years, grew up in Wisconsin, and have always been a true blue Packers fan.

    They hated Favre until he played for the Vikings. Then he became their GOD. Who failed them miserably this past season.

    Like it’s the Packers’ fault the Vikings have never won a Super Bowl? And in recent history, choking twice in the NFC Championship game.

    Vikings fans are as bitter as the January windchills here.

    GO PACK GO!!!!!!

    1. Homeward Bound pack-attack says:

      I’m glad the state of Minnesota has provided you with a job (I assume) and a place to live for the past 20 years. If you hate this place so much why don’t you go back to Wisconsin and find a job and a new life there?

      Oh that’s right, there is nothing in Wisconsin.

      1. Leatherface says:

        There are serial killers. Don’t forget about Dahmer and Ed Gaines.

      2. pack-attack says:

        I’ve proved my point. BITTER!

      3. mick says:

        Who said they hated Minnesota? The football organization and its history of failure, fair weather “fans”, and ridiculous metrodome are easy to despise, however. The only good thing that can be said about the ‘queens is Bud Grant, and that was over 30 years ago.

        Go Pack!

      4. pack-attack says:

        I actually love Minnesota very much. This has nothing to do about geography.

        And besides, it’s Ed Gein, not Ed Gaines Leatherface.

        Agree with Mick about Bud Grant. And I would add Fran Tarkenton. But that was long, long ago.

        But I digress, I see the Queens becoming the California Queens in the very near future.

        The Bears/Packers rivalry is the longest in the history of football. Before Minnesota even HAD a football team, many cheered for the Packers.

        I have friends that are both Queens fans and Bears fans. The Bears fans don’t even come close to the nasty nature of the Queens fans.

        And if the Bears DO win the NFC Championship, I will cheer for them in the Super Bowl.

  5. insignificant says:

    pack-attack…same here…should be a good ol’ black ‘n’ blue division game

  6. Homeward Bound says:

    A key factor in this “MN Viking Fan’s Bitterness” is team ownership. “DA PACKAS” have 111,968 team owners which I believe creates consistency and stability in the team. The Vikings have 7 owners where Zigi has a majority, and therefore he’s looking for a quick and not a long-term team success solution. This inconsistency does generate some bitterness.

    My point: the Vikings inconsistency generated from the business aspect of football creates unhappy fans. What would the Packer’s organization look like with 111,967 less owners? In my mind, I wish the Vikings could sell off ownership much like the Packers did. Props to you for doing it early enough.

    Also, we’d like WI to pay the $58 million you owe us ASAP. I am bitter about that I guess…

    1. mick says:

      I concur about the ownership differences, Homeward. Don’t hold your breath for the money though.

  7. Long-Sighted says:

    This is interesting:

    Best NFL rivalries:

    #7: Bears vs. Packers
    #2: Vikings vs. Packers (because of Favre, of couse!)

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