ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A new report says Minnesota is lagging behind other states on creating high-technology jobs.

The Science and Technology Authority was created by the Legislature last year to determine whether a jobs gap exists and what to do about it. The authority’s report says Minnesota actually lost high-tech jobs in 2009.

The group is asking for $20 million in the next two years to develop its plan for creating high-tech jobs. Among other things, the report calls for new links between the state’s colleges and private businesses to develop ideas and take them to the marketplace.

Minnesota Public Radio News reports the authority says the financial investment will be paid off in future years with tens of thousands of new high-tech jobs.

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  1. alan says:

    1. Make the UofM a world class research institution. It likes to think it is. It’s not.

    Just start there. All, and I mean all, high tech job centers are based on one or more top tier research universities. Stanford, MIT, Northwestern, Berkeley, UNC Chapel Hill, Johns Hopkins.

    For gods sake DON’T do what reflublicans always do: throw tax credits around. Sure, they might build a building and work for a while, but eventually they will move closer to the ideas.

    1. Jon Doe says:

      Do we have to make everything political?

      1. alan says:

        Well, considering that they are asking for money from the LEGISLATURE, I’d imagine that this is at least on the face of it political.

  2. RIII says:

    We will continue to hemorrhage jobs until we get spending and taxes under control. This type of worthless spending and the taxes to support it is what caused this. Government does not create jobs they only destroy them thru taxes and regulations. Commercial property taxes are the highest in the country, when you add in sales tax, higher unemployment tax rates, workers comp, employer and corporate taxes it simply makes sense to not locate here. If you have to offer tax breaks to a company to locate here you know something is wrong. Ford is a good example, we could not offer them enough tax breaks to stay here.

    1. Joe - ex Ford Guy says:

      Or, perhaps, it is rather the truth about the Ford plant: It was making trucks that were in lower demand using a 40 year old, extremely inefficient factory in a geographic corner of the country from which it was more expensive to ship parts in and trucks out.

      Note the lack of the word “taxes” in the truth.

      You will continue to hemorrhage jobs until US industry gets off their kick of maximizing profits and cash on hand by scaring and squeezing current employees instead of hiring.

      1. RIII says:

        Sales tax in the form of use tax would need to be paid on the re-tooling. Of course the property taxes would go up because of this added value. I would also guess Ford is getting rid of it’s union baggage. Having belonged to a few unions in my life I find they promote mediocrity and give the workers a bad attitude toward their employers.

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