Local Pub Owners’ New Irish Whiskey Partner

The guys who own The Local, and three other pubs in the Twin Cities, are now getting into the whiskey business. Their new Irish whiskey will be called Two Gingers and it will be used in the Local’s signature cocktail.

  • Foge

    Unless it is distilled and bottled in Ireland. It won’t be Irish whiskey.

    • Grizzlyman

      I heartily agree!

      • Scott Horbal

        The label says from the last independent distillery in ireland

    • Home Grown

      Well at least the product will be made in Ireland and is likely to create some manufacturing work for a few folk over here.
      If you applied the same line of logic to our Stars & Stripes flags which are all made in China these days, does that mean that our nations flag is no longer American because it is not manufactured in the USA?

  • Joe

    I’m in Ireland and never heard of it. It can’t be Irish Whiskey then. Can’t be called Irish if not made here. Like Scotch… can’t be called scotch of not made in scotland.

    • Michael

      “I’m in Ireland and never heard of it. It can’t be Irish Whiskey then.”

      Poor logic, friend. I’m sure there are one or two other whiskeys you have yet to sample in Ireland.

      The whiskey is produced in Ireland. Making it….you guessed it.

  • Jon

    It’s a new Irish Whiskey – 2 Gingers was just trademarked in December

  • Patrick Hoffmann

    Distilled from the Cooley distillery, that last independent Irish owned distillery. Yup it earned the “e” in whiskey.

  • Lynda Welbig

    Not Jameson I can tell you that!

  • Linda B

    Loved it, very smooth! will come again to the local!

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