Bitter Cold Moving Into Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Dangerously cold temperatures are settling over Minnesota with wind chill readings that can cause frostbite to exposed skin in a matter of minutes.

Forecasters say daytime temperatures may not make it above zero in northern Minnesota. Friday morning lows could drop to minus-30 and colder from the Iron Range north.

In the Twin Cities, local shelters are reporting an increase in the number of people looking for warmth and a hot meal. The Salvation Army’s Harbor Light in downtown Minneapolis can accommodate as many as 500 people each night. Director Dominick Bouza says the number of people needing help is up about 15 percent.

The National Weather Service issued a wind chill advisory for much of Minnesota through Friday.

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  • Sharon

    I do hope this horrible cold is near an end. Please say YES. I can’t take much more BBBBRRRR

  • Michele

    don’t forget we still have all of February to get through and it can and does get cold like this even then so sorry to say we still have 2 + more months of cold!

    What happened to global warming and the tropical warmth that Mn used to have before the ice age?

  • Donna

    Come on you people. It’s January in MN. What do you expect weather wise. I am 77 yrs old and grew up on a farm near Montevideo. Lived out of state from “57 to “98 and couldn’t wait to retire so I could move back up here. Just dress appropriately and deal with it !

    • :-)

      Sure your 77…..I don’t know of a 77 year old that knows how to use a computer!

      • Edie

        You are funny, obviously you have a warped opinion of minnesota farmers. they
        are not illiterate and slow you know. It takes quite a bit of smarts to farm and make
        a living, Much determination to make it work, and knowing how to use a computer
        is just one of the ways. I am a Minnesota Farm Woman and proud of it. I just came in from feeding cattle in this fridgid weather, my husband works away and I take care of the cattle. I am not stupid, but believe I am intelligent enough to run
        a computer, self taught at that. Not 77 years old, but have an aunt who is over 80 and does well on the computer. Please rethink this age thing, you are only as old
        as you believe yourself to be. ; )

      • elmo

        i do – my mom and dad and their brothers and sisters – come to think of it about 2 dozen family members that age- i email and look at their facebook pages on a regular basis.

  • jack frost

    well, c’mon, ya know we gotta have somethin’ to complain about!

  • bill

    Lets here it for Donna! Like she says suck it up you panty waistes its Minnesota. WE LIVE HERE. Go live in Florida if its too cold.

  • Flanders

    Yea this is actually warm. Jeez.

  • KegHead


    The coldest I remember growing up was -26.


  • Tobias

    Gimme some of that Global Warming that the Left Wing Nut Jobs are Promising Us.

    • Adub

      You need to go back to school. Cold weather here has nothing to do with global climate change. Good job bringing politics into a post about weather….talk about “nut jobs”.

  • Pete J

    Look on the bright side! This IS the “COLDEST” week of the year according to averages……so we can only go up from here….I think the average low and average high both GO UP (like a degree every few days) from here on out! Catchers and Pitchers…..THREE WEEKS TILL REPORT DATE!

  • Sue

    We live in a valley in Western Wisconsin. It’s always 10-20 degrees colder than whatever the Twin Cities report. Coldest I recall was -42, but we get -30’s every winter.

    • Flanders

      That’s still warm.

  • Jim

    Growing up on the Range near Embarrass the coldest air temp I delt with was
    -55 below.

  • Victim Du Jour

    Go for a long walk, and it’s comical how male body parts get small. They should make a scientific standard like windchill factors.

    At some point WCCO should be able to report “It’s a Weenie Shrinker today”.

  • Adolf N.

    Think I’ll go streaking………………after a cold shower.

  • Weeeee

    Right on bring on the cold!!!!

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