Cold Vehicle Myths, Facts

By Rachel Slavik, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — When the temperature dips, Minnesotans tend to fall into a winter weather routine with their cars. But in 2011, it may be time to update that winter car care checklist, especially if you want to save some cash.

“There’s antifreeze to put in your gas line to keep fuel injectors from freezing up,” said Robert Hanzalik, who buys anti-gas freeze products.

However, according to Gordy Leach of Gordy’s Garage Blog, if you’re spending money on something called gas line de-icer you’re probably wasting your money. Leach says that vehicles these days are built to prevent ice in the gas tank.

“Cars are fuel injected and operate at higher gas line pressure, so it combats gas line freeze,” said Leach.

The gas we buy also acts as a safeguard, since it is a mix of 10% ethanol. That alcohol prevents gas line freeze.

“Let it warm up in the morning, that’s about it,” said car owner, Nicki Donlon.

If you’ve been trying save a few minutes by not warming up your car, it might be a good idea to start giving yourself that extra time.

Leach said it’s easier on your engine to let it warm up before driving.

“You got to remember that what saves an engine is the oil circulating through it. And when you first start at subzero temps, that oil is cold and doesn’t flow well,” said Leach.


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