Firefighters Fight Flames, Bitter Cold In Mystic Lake Fire

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake was evacuated Thursday morning because of a fire.

Scott County Dispatch said they got a call around 9:43 a.m.

Bill Rudnicki, the Tribal Administrator for Mdewakanton Sioux, said that the fire started in a construction area when crews were cutting steel and welding. Apparently, a spark ignited in an area where the sprinkler system was not yet active. Construction crews weren’t able to contain the flames and it spread.

The area being remodeled is off limits to customers, but because it is such a large facility, Rudnicki said nearby customers had to be evacuated as a precaution. Those people were just moved to another area of the casino.

The casino alerted the fire department and they were able to knock down the fire by 10:20 a.m. At one point, flames were seen on the roof.

Because of the freezing cold temperature, it caused some problems for firefighters. Weather was freezing up equipment, aerial ladders weren’t working properly and even one hydrant wasn’t working.

There is no word yet on the damage sustained and no injuries were reported.

The casino stayed open for business the entire time.

Adam Carter Interviews Bill Rudnicki, Tribal Administrator for Mdewakanton Sioux

Rudnicki also added that he was happy that the Mdewakanton Sioux community has their own fire department that worked so well with the city’s fire department to put out the fire.

  • Joey Ruffhauser

    Man i didnt realize that mystic lake was so hot. If i knew i would have been there. Its always neat to see which parts of the nightlife are on fiyah!!!

  • Random Name Goes Here

    Looks like the photographer got a little too close according to the picture. I hope he/she is all right.

  • Joey Ruffhauser

    i heard that was taken by a 90 year old lady that said her machine was just getting “HOT” and there was no way she was leaving.

  • Terry

    Those damn smokers………………

    • Michelle

      It happend in a construcion area off limits to customers. The crew was cutting steel what part of this story did we fail to read. I imagine had it been caused by smokers the casino and all other casinos for that matter would have gone up a long time ago. I am not sure about smoking in the rooms but on the floor with so many people walking around and ash trays ash is put out. I used to go to a bar were people never used the ash trays and just ashed on the WOOD FLOOR. Smoking did not cause this incident. Construction crews did.

  • Stang

    Get your facts together, the Shakopee Sioux have thier own Fire Services and have asked for help from the others. The Shakopee Sioux community allso assits the Prior Lake Fire and Shakopee Fire departments when asked. They are also one of the few Fire Departments that has men at the fire station at all times. that are paid and not volunteers.

  • Matt

    Does that mean we can sue for danger? Or make laws to change or enforce rule on the casino?

  • north mpls

    they have their own fire dept idiot

  • Jon

    Does this mean they are going to increase the cost to play slots?

    • Todd

      No, they will just make the odds a little tougher to win.

  • stang

    Get your facts together, the Shakopee Sioux have thier own Fire Services and have asked for help from the others. The Shakopee Sioux community allso assits the Prior Lake Fire and Shakopee Fire departments when asked. They are also one of the few Fire Departments that has men at the fire station at all times. that are paid and not volunteers.

    • Feather in my cap

      Imagine a tax free “business” having the money to employ people….FULL TIME? Oh come on…..the next thing you will tell me are these people actually have benefits?

      • Paj lo

        Actually my husband is a cook in the buffet there right now and has been for 3 yrs… He has great benefits and is working full time… He is paid enough for me to be a stay at home mom with our 2 young children…

  • red

    it must have been those damn smokers

  • John

    WoW the slots must have been really Hot!!!!

  • Ann Meminger

    Wow people are so messed up.

    • W

      Also stupid, hateful, mean, illiterate, … Anonymity brings out the worst in many people.

  • Crystal

    First of all it is not considered a “rez” It is considered a community or settlement. Second of all we do pay taxes just like everyone else! They were asking for help just as everyone asks for help from them. Just ask around how much they have donated to education, the state and other tribes. Before you start ranting about taxes and everything get your facts right!

    • reality check

      Ok please tell me that you and the tribe pay all the same taxes and the same % as every1 else, you don’t and you know it, You think your entitled to all this money because of what your ancestors went thru, im sure they’d be thrilled to know that most of you don’t even work now, they’d be real impressed with your strong non work ethic, put some money away reality is coming when the state owned casinos arrive the party will be over, thkfully i play poker so this casino doesn’t even exist to me

      • Aaron

        You need to do some research before you make you claims. it’ obvious you no nothing about this community

      • Angel

        I see someone hates their life……. AND feels sorry for themselves!! Go make something of your life instead of bashing others who have!!!

        • blahblah

          wow Angel i have a home and a job for 10years, only diff is i worked for it, i didnt have ancestors suffer and then me reap the benefits

  • BOYD


  • Angel

    Say..S. wendt…… Get a life!!! You should not talk trash about people you know nothing about!!! I know people from the tribe, and they are wonderful people. I also know people who work there and they are treated very well, even not being part of the tribe.

    Your are one racist PIG!!!

  • Aaron

    I’m not a memeber of the tribe however I am greatly impressed by this tribe. If asking for help in this matter is seen as weak then wht would you consider Wadena MN When the tribe went there after the massive Tornato tore up there town. This tribe has helped more people in more places that this state can shake a stick at and as for taxes why should they have to pay nobody helped then get were they are today. They went from a bingo hall to a full blown casino all by there selves maybe others are just jealous.

    • bogiebj

      All by themselves???
      I think you had better check your facts before you write.
      You really think the tribe did this?? silly silly you.

    • work for a living..

      Nobody helped them? oh really they built their gambling empire without any help from the state, you think they had bingo for awhile saved every cent and built an enormous casino, do you breathe on your own? you do the research the only reason there is not state owned casinos is because the politicians pockets are lined by the indians, but the state will get in enough financial trouble they will eventually open their own

  • Jim

    the casino employs about 300 + people, Those people pay taxes. The casino has superior benefits and excellent pay for it’s workers. No state run or local bar casino is going to match that. I’m sure the bars will not hire more people or only pay minimum wages, and poor benefits. People get your facts right before you jump to conclusions. Also, the tribe gets payed well, so do corporate execs in other companies with their multi-million dollar salaries, on top of farming out jobs overseas. Yea, private companies are just great, NOT.

    • Icantseereality

      You think a state run casino wont hire 300 employess and they will pay them poorly? um i know of no state employees paid poorly, way to pat mystic on the back for employing 300 people paying many less than $15 which is not good money and giving them benfits, walmart has benfits who gives a chit, it will probably be a private owned casino that opens someday anyways and they will pay a much higher %

      • Jim

        miss-type on computer I meant 3000 + employees wages run average to above average for workers, depending on job. Benefits are needed by all, what do you think all this govenment hassle of health care is about. Yes those private owned casinos will take the skim off the top for the stockholder and execs and pay average to poor wages. with poorer benefits.

    • chimp

      well perhaps you thinking $15 an hour is good money is the problem, my point was most compaines have benefits now, only now you won’t need them because the government is forcing us to pay for all the deadbeats that dont have jobs to pay for them, not your government, our government, but don’t worry all the poor tribes up north our government will provide medical care for them because they cant turn to fellow tribes for help in care

  • Ben Dover

    I wonder how the walleye tastes

  • Angel

    Good for you, most of us do too. I am not a part of the Rez, but but what they have built, they deserve. Like others are telling you idiots…. The tribe gives ALOT back into the communities and employ many people. While other companies are closing/laying off..the Casino is hiring!! The area that burned most likely would have added many additional jobs too.

    Immature & uneducated are all you are

  • keV

    People who talk negative about us indians know nothing about us. We do pay taxes. So Before you start running your mouth make sure you know what your talking about. We have donated a lot to education and helping other Indian tribes, we do a lot to help others. People think they know everything but really dont know nothing at all …!

  • Lizzie

    To all those ignorant people commenting on stuff they have no clue about…Did you know that the road work that is done in the Scott county area is paid for by this community? Did you know that a lot of stuff in Scott county alone is funded by this community? Did you know that any body from any federal recognized tribe can receive help from this community? They do their part just as you all “claim” to do yours. But how many of you have claimed exempt on your taxes? How many of YOU receive ebt or mfip or dwp or minnesota care from the state? These people don’t have to. So be jealous all you want. If the rez has haters, they are obviously doing something right.

    • moregaming comingsoon

      you think all the raod work is paid for by them, they contribute no1 would be on them roads if not for the casino thats why there wider and so -on, also any 1 from a fed recognized tribe can put a claim in to receive money from them it doesnt mean they get it, some of the poorest areas in minnesota are tribal areas up north why is that if the great shaks. are giving all this money to them, i bet the tribal member living in trailers up north are impressed with the 22year old shak tribe kid getting 250k a year not working, and just because ur being hated on doesnt mean ur doing something right, i equally hate people on welfare who say theres no work, ive never been unemployed since i was 15, yet some of the tribes members wilol never work a day in their life, thats impressive

  • rich l.

    Smoking in a minnesota casino ? I thought we were a smoke free state,OH thats right there is a double standard, i cant smoke in my local bar but i can smoke at a casino in this “smoke free” state because why? Where are the do good legislators that passed the stupid smoke free law to protect my lungs at a casino

  • benny

    I bet “fire water” was involved

  • Trisha

    A state run casino would be smoke free. Think of all the money the state will save because us non-smokers can enjoy
    casino fun without the ill effects and medical costs due to all the second hand smoke in Indian casinos. (the small non-smoking areas are a joke) I will say mystic is a very nice casino, better then many of the vegas casino I have been in. I see the same people working there year after year so it must not be too bad. I also respect the tribe for their efforts in the community..

    • RICH

      Dream on if you think there will ever be a state run casino,the Indian lobbyists with all the money they have will make sure that will never happens,they say they dont want to see an expansion of gambling in this state,what they dont want to see is any competition

  • Sgt

    The Tables are hot !!

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