Hundreds Gather For U.S. Pond Hockey Tourney

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Organizers of the annual U.S. Pond Hockey championships won’t have to worry about slush or standing water on Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis this weekend.

The temperature for the first game Friday morning likely won’t be above zero. Last year, the final day of the tournament was canceled due to rain and slush.

Some 1,800 players from around the United States and Canada are expected to participate in the tournament Friday through Sunday.

Tournament co-commissioner Justin Kaufenberg tells the Star Tribune the ice thickness, at two feet, is more than strong enough to support snowplows, other machinery and thousands of spectators.

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  • Causin' trouble

    OK….I have an idea…..Now I KNOW there are a LOT of quality, honest people that will be playing in this tourny this weekend……but take a list of the people playing…and run it against a list of people on public disability…..and I wonder how many would show up……Just a thought……
    Still…I am glad there are people like Justin out there to put this together….God Bless him…..helps us get through this TERRIBLE weather and time of the year! KEEP IT UP!

  • LeBron

    Hockey…. is that sport still around??

  • thumbody

    How about inviting some ex soviets and ex american olympians for a showcase game circa. 1980? The place would be rockin!

  • MARK

    ya ok have a bunch of old people break knees

  • Liz MacDonald

    This is such a great event. Totally capturing the heart of Minnesota hockey. Bundle up and come on down!
    A hockey wife and mom~

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