By Lindsey Seavert, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — On Thursday night, the temperatures in Minnesota began dropping to unbearable levels and schools across the state were already canceling classes for Friday morning.

In Minneapolis, the afternoon sun and arctic wind turned Lake Calhoun into a snowy Sahara late Thursday.

There Kevin Spotts was the only person in sight, alone on his cross country skis, soaking in the last few moments of single digit temperatures.

While he enjoyed the cold weather, far more people searched for an escape. On the coldest of days, the Corepower Yoga studio in Uptown expects crowds.

“We love it, people come in and say it’s so cold outside, we can’t wait to get into the studio,” said hot yoga instructor Emilia Mettenbrink.

Here heated yoga classes range anywhere between upper 90 degrees all the way to 105 degrees. Thursday night, the class hovered at exactly 100.

“When you are outside in the cold you are crunching your shoulders, everything is tight,” said Mettenbrink. “Come to the yoga studio, relax it out, and find out how tall you are again, we forget in the winter I think!”

Over at the US Pond Hockey championships on Lake Nokomis, kids seemed invincible on the ice, but parents shivered on the sidelines with their own goal – keeping their kids warm.

Parent David Overman said the Minneapolis Storm, a team of 8 and 9 year olds, couldn’t wait to get on the ice, but the parents – “weren’t too excited about it, but we’re hanging in there,” Overman joked.

Minneapolis Public Schools sent messages to parents Thursday night. The district said parents that opt to keep their kids home due to the extreme temperatures should know it will be counted as an excused absence. The Anoka-Hennepin School District has the same policy.

Regions Hospital offers some tips for keeping you and your kids warm.

1. Dress in layers, and remember wool is the only fabric that keeps you warm when it is wet.
2. Cover your head and your hands, where a large amount of body heat is lost.
3. Eat health and stay active. Digesting food can create body heat along with keeping your body in motion.
4. Watch out for the three stages of frostbite – redness of skin, pain, and a stinging sensation.

Numbness soon sets in and the most dangerous stage in when tissue begins to freeze. Slowly warm the affected areas with warm water. Remember not to rub the skin and get out of the cold as soon as possible.

Watch Chris Shaffer’s 10 P.M. Weather Forecast

Comments (37)
  1. Kwai Chang Caine says:

    Life in the great north woods!, Moved here because I thought the population would be thinner!, Unfortunately I was wrong!

    1. arizona kid says:

      are they fatter?

    2. Jesse Gavin says:

      That is the strangest reason I can think of to move somewhere.

  2. roert radke says:

    One good thing about this cold weather: it keeps out the riff-raff!!

  3. Steven James Beto says:

    T.E. Lawrence redux: I love 30 below air. It’s clean.

    Is cold air cleaner than warm air? Do precipitates fall out of colder air faster than warm?

    In Northfield, Minnesota, the temperature was listed as -27 at 5:30 a.m. I just had to get outside to feel it! Breathing in the cold air is a beautiful thing… long as the door behind me remains unlocked or I have the key.


  4. ST says:

    It was -27 in St. Cloud an hour ago. Why does anyone live here?

    1. Jay says:

      Because we love it!!

  5. dan says:

    we laugh at the cold…hahahaha…-28 and my mustache hasn’t even frozen to my beard…that happens at about -45

  6. Rich G says:

    It was -48 on our 3 different thermometers at 6:30 this morning in Embarrass, Mn. The sun is now shining and it is a beautiful day.

  7. HankB says:

    I worked in Minnesota for almost 20 years – as I tell my colleagues, “Minnesota is a good place to be FROM.” Seriously. It’s times like this I appreciate Texas’ climate (both tax and meteorlogical) all the more. Certainly our summers can be hot and dry, but I’ve never had to shovel two feet of sunshine off my driveway. And if you think the cold keeps out the riff-raff – I challenge you to explain the DFL!

    1. TW says:

      OK that was just too funny. touche’ my Texas friend.

    2. Mirimichi says:

      Great retort! Yes, the DFL is nothing but riff-raff.

      1. TazMan50 says:

        All except for the Somali invaders preying on Minn. social services.

    3. BrianK says:

      Well said! I was born and raised in MN and just moved to Texas last year. HankB knows his/her stuff!!

  8. TwinsFan says:

    HankB….. thanks for moving to Texas!

  9. guido says:

    Al Gore, please say “Uncle” !

  10. Hank Warren says:

    Fake global warming, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  11. Jon says:

    I live in Michigan and I was once up in St Joseph MN for a weekend trade show. Was -20 at 9PM when we were loading the truck and you get ice cream headache just walking back and forth 10 feet from the door. Went down to -35 that night, diesel was plugged in at the hotel, guy parked next to me let his idle all night (forgot a cord). Mine still started rough in the AM. At least Minnesota is mostly Sunny in the Winter, Michigan gets all lake effect clouds — gray for months

  12. Chilly says:

    As Chairman of The Temperature is Too Damn Cold Party, I officially declared yesterday “Al gore Day” in Minnesota

  13. Bill Abernathy says:

    I love it when you spit and it sound like you dropped your car keys.

  14. Adam says:

    I moved to the Twin Cities from North Dakoa for the weather.

  15. regis philbin says:

    Alot of people wonder why folks would stay with a climate that can get downright lunar in the winder. I’ll tell you how…..the women. Most beautiful women in the world are here.

  16. Chilly says:

    I live in St. Paul and work in Minneapolis. I wore my usual hooide / short sleeve shirt to work today. People at the bus stop thought I was insane, but as I told them my girlfriend refers to me as a polar bear. I love MN winters!!!

  17. Iska Waran says:

    It’s sunny & dry in Minneapolis today. Doesn’t really feel cold at all. +30 degrees can feel colder if it’s cloudy, wet & windy. “Chicago cold”.

  18. Frozen Face says:

    It was -37 degrees F. in the Annandale area west of Minneapolis last night (early Friday morning)!

    1. nevada trust says:

      brr shiver minnesota in january = way cold!

  19. dave says:

    Why is half the article about freaking yoga?

  20. curious says:

    regis, you speak of the most beautiful women, but Minneapolis was just named as the gayest city. I’m searching for an answer here.

  21. dethray says:

    what a bunch of cry babies ! i live in Big Piney,Wy. which has the coldest average temp in the U.S. lower states-minus 20 no big deal- i love it !minus 40 things get difficult…..

    1. J. Mac says:

      Who figured out your averages. I do not think you can begin to compete with Tower or Embarass, Mn.

      1. Chilly says:

        Spent 3 years living in Babbitt, MN which is very close to Embarrass and Tower. I’ve experience -60 below!

  22. Herb in Mpls says:

    This cold is why the most popular winter time activity in MN is going somewhere warmer – like Florida, Arizona, California or Puerto Rico. On the bright side, we’re having record snow this year too. We need more global warming and soon! Start your cars, fart, anything. We’re freezing to death here. Well, not really, but one could if one wasn’t smart enough to get out the cold or start the heater in your car….

  23. Chelle says:

    I can’t stand MN. The people are as cold as the weather. Just miserable.

  24. KT says:

    This is why I live in Arizona. 70 for the high today. 🙂

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