ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota’s unemployment rate dipped to 7 percent in December, but the state also lost jobs last month.

Figures released Thursday by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development show a 0.1 percentage point decline in the jobless rate. But statewide employment fell by 22,400 jobs in December, cutting job gains for the year to 29,300, or a growth rate of 1.1 percent.

Those numbers compare with a national unemployment rate of 9.4 percent in December and national job growth for the year of 0.8 percent.

Acting Commissioner Paul Moe says the labor market remains unpredictable but there are signs of improvement.

“We’ve seen the lowest number of claims since May of 2008,” Moe said.

He says Minnesota has recovered about 20 percent of the jobs it lost in the recession. Temp hiring is up and new claims for unemployment benefits are down.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Steve Murphy Reports

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Comments (20)
  1. Kj says:

    These statistics do not count those that ran out of unemployment. I know many who are now getting county help because they still cannot find jobs, and these people once made a “middle class” income. I was a branch manager for 2 different staffing agencies in the twin cities for several years, and most of those jobs are not ongoing or stable. I would guess at least 95% of them are not regular ft or pt employment, and the income is just barely over minimum wage for almost all of their positions. The staffing industry sells price. They do this because there is so much competition out there, so there is a need for them to keep wages down in order for their companies to survive. The, usually low hourly wage for people employed by staffing agencies is so low that most of the people that work with them are also getting county help. It is very sad to watch…

    1. UNEM says:

      You are right on thiisstate along with many others are not telling the
      truth about unemployment numbers its much higher they are not counting the people who ran out the new extension does not cover them. Myself included
      i worked for a company 30 years and was let go along with others when
      economy went bad . AN EXTENSION FOR LONG TERM IS NEEDED. At 57
      years of age you think it is eay to find work. I AM NOT LAZY IN GREAT HEALTH

  2. Kj says:

    I should add so that staffing experts don’t get angry; that the wages are “usually”, around $8.00 to $10.00 per/ hour and that they do have “some” temporary to permanent positions. In addition, I should not have said “most” people get county help, because I can only go on what I have seen, but it seems as though a lot of them do, and not by choice…

  3. econprofessor says:

    It doesn’t count the ones that ran out of unemnployment, your are correct KJ. You are also forgetting that Christmas falls in December. All of the seasonal help that is needed made it dip also. Will be interesting to see what Jan brings.

  4. CF says:

    I would like to add tp Kj’s comments that if they counted ALL the people that are unemployed the rate would soar probably to an astronomical figure …. They dont count the thousands that have run out of unemployment benifits … only the ones that cannot get any more … lets be fair and do an actual count instead of lying to the public and telling them that the count has gone down !!!!!!! Do those people that do the statistics really think that the public is that STUPID ?? i have been ort of work and off unemployment for almost 2 years and i know alot more in the same position and obviously we are not counted … i live on my social security benifits ..which i had to take early !! and it’s only $474 a month !!!!!!!!! how do live on that ??? its not easy and my bills are so backed up that i will NEVER get caught up !!!!!!! my daughter is in the same position and will lose her home next month … and she has 3 children to raise … so wheres the help ???? I think unemployment should not end until our economy gets back to somewhat normal and there are jobs for people ….

  5. CHANGE NOW says:

    Wait…..Who has “run out of unemployment”……didn’t they JUST get (In December?) an extention? I know people TURNING DOWN jobs as there is NO REASON to go back to work right now! They have MONTHS of unemployment left…and they make 80% of what they WOULD if they were actually WORKING! SO….they sleep late…..stay warm in their heat subsidized home….eating food given to them by food shelves……
    This HAS to STOP!!!!
    We need BIG CHANGE NOW!!!!

    1. Stop Lying! says:

      I have heard these same exact words said over and over for two years now by those who say they know some slob who is taking a vacation on unemployment benefits. Yet it simply is not true by any stretch of the imagination. It is cruel and mean to say. It is a way by shock people who cannot see what is happening to the unemployed stirred up into frenzy to FORCE the changes they want.

      1. Answer me this says:

        OK..I agree……there are DECENT HONEST people who deserve unemployment benefits! BUT…..I am willing to BET….for every THREE people who are honest..and really LOOKING for work, and willing to accept a “step back” to get back in the labor force, there is at LEAST ONE person (so 1 in 4 25%) who are NOT willing to look or take a step back! My pay has been cut by 20%! And my WORK LOAD has increased! Maybe I should ask the govt to subsidize that? My point…..25% of people “cheating” the unemployment system is 25% too much! Agreed?

      2. Stop Lying! says:

        If you care to look CHANGE NOW at the unemployed who are telling horrible life changing events, just read the stories here, who in their right mind would not care to look for employment of some kind, for whatever pay, even if it is considerably lower pay, and even if it is a significant step back?

        Unemployment Benefits require that a person report who they contacted, where they applied for work, what they have been doing to find work, and more. I agree it can be cheated yet because of my previous point I doubt very much that there are hardly any who cheat the system.

        I am sorry you feel that they should stop taxing you to pay for unemployment benefits, you have the right to your opinion. Yet to make it sound like we need to march into Gov. Dayton’s office to pound on his desk demanding that he stop paying out unemployment benefits as if it is such a serious offense when it is certainly not, …well, it hurts those who need those benefits. That was my point when I first replied.

    2. mwm says:

      First of all, 80%?! My husband was not getting 80% of his previous income. Not even close. Second, he’s taking piddly (and not steady) side jobs, working all hours of the day/night, just so we can keep food on the table. He would love to get just a job “interview,” let alone a job “offer.” Feel free to have your “friends” pass along my husband’s name to the employers offering jobs. He’ll take it! You must be hanging around quite an interesting crowd.

  6. ClintH says:

    Unemployment should be at 10%. Look around, do you think that everyone deserves a job or has the skills to have a job? As an employer, I have to go through 100 candidates to find the one qualified to hire. It is a sad state to be in. We have barely an educated work force, 10% of us are deadbeats. That is the sad truth.

    1. think about says:

      Well…let’s raise your tax rate so when those 10% come to ROB your store….we have the additional police needed to protect your business! (Typical MN tax and spend) And if you think it’s bad here? Let’s talk about other cities like Las Vegas! There is NO DOUBT there are some under educated people out there….but how long have you needed a degree to dig a ditch! It’s the idea people who dropped out of HIGH SCHOOL thinking they should be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company!

    2. DESERVES A JOB says:

      Most human beings who live in Minnesota think everyone deserves a job. How can anyone think they don’t deserve one? You say you only found 1 candidate out of 100… That means that 99 candidates believed they deserved a job even if you disagree. And how do you determine if they are deadbeats? Are deadbeats those who are unemployed? The only thing the 99 got from you is that they were fortunate you did not consider them.

  7. mwm says:

    My husband is in that situation Kj brought up. He was on unemployment for a year, got a job and was laid off again a few months later (last summer). He no longer qualifies for unemployment. We have been trying so hard to not to have to get assistance but it looks like we’re headed there. Two years ago we were part of that “middle class” and owned a home. Now we’re renting and will likely have to move soon because we’ve run out of money. My husband’s an honest, hard-working, smart and personable man (worked in sales), but his lack of a college degree often doesn’t get him past the first step in an application. I never thought we’d be in this situation; it’s scary.

    1. Max says:

      I wish more people understood that there are real, hardworking human beings behind every story about unemployment. Hoping for the best for your family.

  8. Sleepless in MN says:

    And let’s not forget the scam known as “seasonal unemployment”….So you work in the spring and summer….but NOT in the winter….so those that pay unemployment taxes (US) should pay for NOT working in the winter? Huh? Se we pay teachers unemployment over Summer break?

  9. Jaquelyn Mack says:

    stop running background checks on minimum wage jobs it is stupid.

  10. Casey says:

    With job opportunities becoming more abundant, there are also hiring resources to fit both employers and employees.
    Check us out at

  11. America Love it Or Leave it says:

    Have you people in Minnesota thought about how many illegal aliens are taking the jobs American citizens could be holding. Or, are the jobs too menial for you to do? If there is anyone in your state that doesn’t think a large number of people are taking advantage of unemployment benefits then their brain has been grossly damaged by the cold up there. Stop Lying said there was hardly anyone who cheated because they had to report where they went, what they did to find work. You do this for a couple of weeks or so then call in or just take your paperwork to the unemployment office. Many go to places where they know they haven’t hired anyone in years, make calls to places they know they won’t be hired etc. There is definitely cheaters and many of them. There are also many who need and deserve unemployment compensation. There would be more money for those if the cheaters were caught and fined and the monies put back in the pot.

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