By Edgar Linares, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — We’re seeing record breaking lows in some parts of Minnesota. So how are the homeless weathering the climate?

The Salvation Army’s Harbor Light Center in downtown Minneapolis sheltered 450 people overnight, along with another 50 at First Covenant Church.

“It’s rough, it’s rough out there,” said Ronald Harris who stays at the shelter. Harris is currently enrolled in a drug and alcohol treatment program at Harbor Light.

Harris said many years ago he would try to stay out in the cold, that’s before he found out about local shelters.

“The Salvation Army said ‘come on in we have staff here that can help you,'” said Harris. “It’s no picnic out there.”

Overnight, advocates at Harbor Light treated a homeless man with frostbitten feet.

“He was out in the cold trying to get here,” said Jerome Maxie an Advocate at Harbor Light. “He had trouble taking his shoes off. And when they took his shoes and socks off his feet were swollen so big because of the cold and they were blistered.”

Maxie and another advocate jumped into action and cleaned and wrapped the man’s feet in bandages. Then they called paramedics.

“She wrapped his feet so good and cleaned them. That the paramedics said she did a better job then what they would have done,” said Maxie.

Maxie says the man was taken to an area hospital.

Fred Morris also lives at a local shelter. He said most of the time the homeless spend the day wandering from warm place to warm place during the winter.

“It’s terrible when you don’t have a place to go,” said Morris.

Morris says he often time he sees other homeless get tickets for loitering. Today he’s glad to hear Harbor Light will keep a space open for 24 hours, so people can stay warm during this cold snap.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Edgar Linares Reports

Comments (22)
  1. Den says:

    Well guess what—-When it starts to get cold……Move on down South—Duh

    1. NA says:

      When your homeless and have no money, this is hard to move down south.
      Dumb @#$@#$

      1. Brittney Murney says:

        Agreed! Thank you!!

    2. Brittney Murney says:

      As if you have any clue how it is on the streets..which is quite obvious due to your ignorant comment.

    3. joe says:

      oh…how ignorant! Be nice and pitch in some help at these centers and you will soon find out what you stated is not as easy as it seems. Think before you say something because with this economy anyone can be homeless at any moment. Hope this can register in your ignorant mind…thank you for letting everyone know that there are those who still think so small of others for a sense of satisfaction for their own shortcommings in life.

  2. Brian says:

    yeah, like to Burnsville or something

  3. thumbody says:

    Den, I used to think that too then I realized that being homeless has a lot to do with mental illness. So saying why don’t you go to San Diego before winter which you and I may have a well thought out plan for, does not register or come easy to some of these people.

  4. Brittney Murney says:

    There are many reasons people live on the streets, sometimes it’s just a personal choice made by a completely sane person. There could be a million reason. Please don’t judge either way since it impossible for anyone to know the lives of everyone on the streets. However – thumbody > I am thankful for your empathy. It makes my day every time I notice someone who still uses their heart.

  5. Steve says:

    Hats off to the churches who help the less fortunate

    1. Brittney Murney says:

      Ditto! 🙂

  6. BBennigan says:

    To judge anyone without knowing the basis is flat out moronic and beyond stupid – many who post here seem to fit the bill. So then thumbody and Den are supid / Right boys.
    Or doesn’t that blanket statement thingy hold true. 😉

  7. David says:

    Does anybody know if many churches open up their doors at times like this and maybe, put up some cots or blankets and pillows and provide space to sleep? If not why not? There certainly are hundreds of church buildings and other buildings out there…………

    1. Brittney Murney says:

      There are MANY that do in the city. Your right about how many more could help!..but that also takes volunteers. I am so thankful that if you are homeless in this city and can get around then you’ll never go hungry if you don’t choose to. The cold however is a tougher situation.

    2. Brittney Murney says:

      There are also a few churches in the city that provide free coats and things of that nature to anyone who walks in. There are resources everywhere.

  8. whatever says:

    You don’t have to be homeless. There are jobs posted everywhere. You can live in a cheap apartment in the northeast for the money you would make working full time at Target or anywhere or even cheaper if you live with one or two roomates. As others have mentioned there are handouts to be found everywhere. Being that you are poor you can get grants for free schooling while laughing at the students sitting next to you with $40,000 college debt. Just don’t be so lazy and think that any job less than $40,000 a year is not worth it. Unemployment is only 7%. That means more than 9 out of 10 people have jobs. They are out there as much as the media makes it seem otherwise.

    1. Jim M'Ski says:

      Talk IS Cheap – Prove It! and bring two other “down-and-outers” WITH YOU !

  9. to whatever says:

    you sure are a total whatnot

    1. Brittney Murney says:

      To “whatever”, statistics show that you are absolutely correct…but your comment leaves me wondering what kind of biographical reading or studying you have done in your lifetime. It’s impossible to understand all aspects of why people do what they do or are who they are. If you have not tried to understand where people come from and how life affects people in more ways than most people want to even believe. Reality is scary for some. It’s much easier to live in a cloud then accept what is actually going on or has gone on in the world. Knowledge is a great thing but wisdom is truth and freedom for all.

  10. Jonny says:

    whatever, you don,t know how it is for the homeless. Alot of these good folks have had some real bad BAD things happen to them that make them just alittle bit off the wall so when they go to get a job the employer is just not going to give them the job. In the bad times that we are having makes it hard to get a job. We all need to do what we can for the homeless. We all think this will never happen to me but we all know things DO happen that we least expect. So get out there and do something for the homeless. It will make you feel GREAT.

  11. sister says:

    My brother is homeless or near homelessness all the time. Once someones life begins to go in that direction, it can be very difficult to work your way out of it. Things we take for granted, are impossible challenges for the homeless person. It’s shocking how quickly someones life can fall apart . Once “the world’ sees someone as having financial and/or housing issues its pretty much over. No one wants to hire someone with these problems. It’s a downward spiral.

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