MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has issued a crime alert for a missing person.

The BCA said that Keaton Patrick Murphy, 20, was last seen leaving Hennepin County Jail on Jan. 20.

He is currently facing felony charges for child pornography distribution on the Internet.

His parents are concerned that he may be depressed and suicidal.

Family and friends said they have had no contact with him since he was released from jail.

Murphy is described as a white man with sandy brown hair and hazel eyes. He weighs 250 pounds and is 5-feet-11-inches tall.

If you have information about the case you are asked to call the BCA’s 24-hour operations center at 651-793-7000.

Murphy is a student at the University of Minnesota. The school said “The University of Minnesota Police Department is not conducting a criminal investigation in relation to Murphy and will not comment on any criminal cases involving him. ” They did say, however, that they are conducting a missing persons investigation and “are concerned for Murphy’s welfare.”

Comments (5)
  1. Bob J says:

    is that Pete Rose???

  2. faithful follower says:

    Another reminder of MN Nice Criminal Justice System.

  3. Josh says:

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    1. Gary Lee says:

      Good answer Josh. I commented a week ago or so of the $5,000 or so somebody was trying to raise for a dog surgery and said it could be better spent on the homeless. You wouldn’t of believed the barbariac replies people said about my comment. I will hopefully be comfortable in my own shoes on judgement day. The greatest sin of the century, is the loss of the sense of sin

  4. Andy says:

    Wow. Way to make the punishment fit the crime. Everyone is responsible for their actions, and what he was allegedly up to is morally reprehensible. But “put him out of misery”?

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