ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Republicans who lead the Minnesota House insist they won’t raise taxes to fix the state budget. But they’re looking for ways to more aggressively enforce the current tax code to bring in more money.

Legislation introduced last week, with House Speaker Kurt Zellers as a cosponsor, would require the Department of Revenue to use more high-tech tools to seek out tax cheats.

In the past, lawmakers have turned to tax compliance measures to generate more money in tight budget times.

The bill would require the agency to contract for “tax analytics and business intelligence,” which helps officials identify prime targets for audits and collection efforts. The technology looks for patterns, predictive modeling and other methods to flag suspect accounts.

No hearing has been set yet.

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Comments (5)
  1. John Q says:

    Whatever happened to going after the money in offshore accounts? Start there, that’s where all the tax evasion is. Do a mandatory audit of all politicians. Follow the money.

    Going after the little guys is getting old. People know the system is rigged and they are fed up with the double-standards.

  2. Rosalie Hansen says:

    So you lock up a tax cheat for 8 years, and pay him .12 per hour. It cost the tax payers 20,000 plus per year, per inmate. Who is really paying?

  3. Fed Up says:

    John Q is right. Everyone knows the politicians are the problem, not the so-called “tax cheats”.

    Proposing a bill to scour the ranks of average working people is a criminal act. The only reason a politician would do that is because they are cheating and want to pre-emptively deflect attention from their offshore accounts.
    I say investigate each and every one of them before anyone else is even considered.

    There’s gold in them-thar offshore bank accounts!!

  4. zurial says:

    They can’t investigate them Offshore Accounts, because they have no Jurisdician in those Country. So they keep on sending it to the offshore. Plus if you look at the 1st page of the Tax book. It does say Taxes are volunteer. They just choose to not volunteer their money.

  5. Micah Horn says:

    I think taxes are just a big scam, in my mind, why do we have to pay just to live in this country?

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