By Reg Chapman

By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Green Bay is Super Bowl bound. They’ll play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Feb. 6, after taking it to the Chicago Bears to win the NFC Championship, 21-14.

The game was tough for many Vikings fans who found themselves having a tough time deciding on which team to cheer for.

Inside Joe Sensor’s in Roseville, a place built by a former Viking for Vikings fans, people wearing Green Bay jerseys cheered loudly for their team.

“I love coming here and having the Vikings fans see that we rock the house,” said Todd Gillmeister.

While those wearing green route for the Packers, a small number of Vikings fans, still upset about not being in the big game, practiced their mojo against Green Bay by cheering for the Bears.

“I’m rooting for the bears because I can’t stand to see the Packers win. I don’t even want the Packer fans to be able to say we did it all,“ said Dave Santos.

Some Vikings fans say it’s personal why they dislike that team from Green Bay.

“I just don’t want Brett Favre’s old team to win,” said Viking’s fan Jill Hiden.

Vikings fans want to protect the legacy of No. 4, that is, the purple version of No. 4.

“It’s weird, kind of, for me,“ said Jay Nelson.

Others are finding it hard to cheer openly.

Nelson was born in Wisconsin but makes his home in Minnesota.

A die-hard Vikings fan, he calls himself a little hypocritical because of the team he chose to back during the NFC Championship game.

“Since the Vikings didn’t make it I got to watch Green Bay now and root for them,” Nelson said.

For Dawn Ledin and her friends, keeping it cool when the Packers are winning takes total self control.

“I’m a Viking fan no matter what,” she said. “No, this isn’t easy.“

The cheers heard for the Bears in the bar were coming from Vikings fans, who somehow hope to stop Green Bay from getting a shot at becoming Super Bowl champs.

However, it seems Vikings fans did not cheer loud enough now that the Packers are heading to the Super Bowl to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Vikings fans say they are not going to hate, but they can’t wait until next season.

Comments (29)
  1. Patrick Shull says:

    I can’t wait until the real Superbowl champions (Steelers) beat the wannabe champions (Packers). I am getting so sick and tired of hearing Packer fans saying that they are the Superbowl Champions when the Steelers have been there more times and have won more times than the Packers ever have. Besides I am a Vikings fan and I have always hated the Packers. LOL

    1. Biff Shrimpton says:

      So besides admitting you’re an idiot, what did your rant accomplish?

  2. Alex says:

    Steelers world championships – 6
    Packers world championships – 12

    I think we know who the real champions are.

    1. 4ever4 says:

      There are tow kind of fans —- Packer Fans and wannabes…..

      Oh, by the way he is still our quarterback. Yo

      1. The Truth says:

        Alex, we live in the modern world. The NFL has changed since 1966, so here are the real, modern facts:

        Steelers Super Bowl Championships: 6
        Packers Super Bowl Championships: 3

        I think we know who the real Super Bowl Champions are.

  3. 4ever4 says:

    Sorry, Two kind of fans…..

    1. gregg says:

      MN Vikings

      O Superbowl Champions

  4. Winners says:

    The Steelers have no chance against the Pack. Just like the Vikings have no chance again next year and the year after and the year after that… etc.

  5. Derek James MacAskill says:

    Can’t wait to see the Steelers beat the pack in the Super Bowl! It’s gonna be great. And you packer fans can keep brett, never wanted him in the first place

    1. Biff Shrimpton says:

      We’d rather our team come in 2nd rather than not even showing up for the game. Hating the Pack must somehow reinforce your existence to you, but all it does is solidify your ignorance to the rest of us.

      1. Derek James MacAskill says:

        And apparently, insulting everyone that does not think the way you do makes you feel important. Not cheering for the pack does nothing to reinforce my existence, it just means I’m a true Vikings fan. I will be a fan when they choose to grab a old, washed up quarterback like this year, and I’ll be a fan when they win too. But go ahead, make yourself feel big by shooting down everyone else’s opinions.

    2. Biff Shrimpton says:

      When you decide to root for a team simply because you hate the team they’re playing, you disgrace the game and you deserve to be insulted. Do you hate the Pack so much that you’d rather a team with a two-time rapist at QB win? If the roles were reversed and the Vikes were playing the Steelers for the bowl (a fantasy I know, but stay with me here), I’d cheer for the Vikes, an NFC team. Your reasoning is flawed, but you probably use this logic to deal with other issues in your life so I’m probably wasting my time.

  6. Alex says:

    Let’s see here.

    The Green Bay Packers began in 1919, and joined the NFL in 1921. That’s 89 seasons (not including 2010). With 12 championships, that’s one every 7.4 years.

    The Pittsburgh Steelers began in 1933. That’s 77 seasons (not including 2010). With 6 championships, that’s one every 12.8 years. Even if they win THIS year, it’ll still only be an average of one every 11.1 years.

    Also, in those 12 years that the Packers played in the NFL before the Steelers arrived, the Packers won only 3 championships. Thus, in the 77 seasons where BOTH teams were members of the NFL, with the same “modern” or “not modern” style of play: Packers 9, Steelers 6.

    The statistics speak for themselves.

    1. Mike says:

      Who cares about championships from 60 years ago? that would make the Gophers football program a beast. The Packers have 1 Super Bowl Championship in 40 years. The Steelers have 6.

      1. Biff Shrimpton says:

        Mike’s post is an example of Freud’s defense mechanism called “displacement”, which throws his negative feelings for his pitiful football team towards others in an effort to make him feel better. What Mike is doing is crying out for help and those close to him should get him in psychotherapy. Find a therapist that is not a Vikings fan and he/she should be able to help you. A therapist that is a Vikings fan is no doubt in therapy him/herself.

  7. JKG says:

    Either way, seems that both got our “queens” beat
    Vikings – I used to be a die-hard fan until the 44-0 debacle against the Giants

    Take the dome with you when you leave, along with “Vikasouras-rex”
    If youre gonna put a new stadium up, make it outdoor.
    Seems the Steelers and Pack may have something figured out?
    Dome turned the queens into wimps…

  8. Just me says:

    Don’t like the Pack but highly respected them for telling Favre thanks but not thanks when he decided to unretire. And then Favre’s real persona started showing up. No wonder they told him to take a hike. That took a lot of guts since to the public eye, he was still Mr. GB. And since I can’t abide Rothlesberger, I’ll concede a day to cheer for Green Bay.

  9. Ranger says:

    As a Die Hard Vikings fan, I say “GO STEELERS!!!!”

    1. Biff Shrimpton says:

      Being a Viking fan is a hard way to die, I’ll give you that.

  10. red says:

    I am a die hard Viking fan also and never wanted Favre. I guess it is not necessarily the Pack I don’t like it the fans, OMG they are obnoxious. I will have to say the I will be cheering for the Steelers

    1. Biff Shrimpton says:

      Good plan, red, root for a double rapist rather than a team with history, integrity, and honor

  11. Dave L says:

    Eeeew, stinky rotten cheese.

  12. The Crux of the Biscuit says:

    I am a Vikings fan but sice they are not in it then GO PACKERS! I have no problem supporting another team from our division playing in the Super Bowl. And as far as the fans go, who cares? It is their team and they are in the Super Bowl, let them have their moment of fun, it’s not like Vikings fans would be much different if the shoe was on the other foot now is it….

    1. Dave L says:

      wow, I know of NO Vikings fans that would dare say Go Packers. what is wrong with you?????

  13. Vikings Fan says:

    I agree. I will not cheer for the Packers. The Packer fans are obnoxious

  14. Albert says:

    Go North Stars!

  15. Green and Yellow says:

    I bleed green and gold but had the Bears won I would be rooting for them even though I dislike them as much as the Vikings. I support the division and the conference once my team is out. Those of you rooting for the Steelers probably think Big Ben is an outstanding role model and would have no problem with sending your daughters out on a date with him.

  16. Drew says:

    I am just laughing at this board. Watchout Viking fans you have 8-12 year old son’s will be changing teams in the wind this week. That is going to hurt!!!!! GO PACK GO…..A Shareholder (Team onwer of 112,000 shareholders)

  17. Green and Yellow says:

    If the Vikings had a true fan base they would have found a decent place to play years ago. The residents of Brown County actually voted to approve an increase in the sales tax to remodel Lambeau. What do you call a Viking with a SuperBowl ring? An ex Packer!

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