Fans Choose To Root For, Against Super-Bowl Bound Pack

By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Green Bay is Super Bowl bound. They’ll play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Feb. 6, after taking it to the Chicago Bears to win the NFC Championship, 21-14.

The game was tough for many Vikings fans who found themselves having a tough time deciding on which team to cheer for.

Inside Joe Sensor’s in Roseville, a place built by a former Viking for Vikings fans, people wearing Green Bay jerseys cheered loudly for their team.

“I love coming here and having the Vikings fans see that we rock the house,” said Todd Gillmeister.

While those wearing green route for the Packers, a small number of Vikings fans, still upset about not being in the big game, practiced their mojo against Green Bay by cheering for the Bears.

“I’m rooting for the bears because I can’t stand to see the Packers win. I don’t even want the Packer fans to be able to say we did it all,“ said Dave Santos.

Some Vikings fans say it’s personal why they dislike that team from Green Bay.

“I just don’t want Brett Favre’s old team to win,” said Viking’s fan Jill Hiden.

Vikings fans want to protect the legacy of No. 4, that is, the purple version of No. 4.

“It’s weird, kind of, for me,“ said Jay Nelson.

Others are finding it hard to cheer openly.

Nelson was born in Wisconsin but makes his home in Minnesota.

A die-hard Vikings fan, he calls himself a little hypocritical because of the team he chose to back during the NFC Championship game.

“Since the Vikings didn’t make it I got to watch Green Bay now and root for them,” Nelson said.

For Dawn Ledin and her friends, keeping it cool when the Packers are winning takes total self control.

“I’m a Viking fan no matter what,” she said. “No, this isn’t easy.“

The cheers heard for the Bears in the bar were coming from Vikings fans, who somehow hope to stop Green Bay from getting a shot at becoming Super Bowl champs.

However, it seems Vikings fans did not cheer loud enough now that the Packers are heading to the Super Bowl to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Vikings fans say they are not going to hate, but they can’t wait until next season.

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