St. Paul Bar Roasting Bear For Packers-Bears Game

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A sports bar owner in St. Paul is showing his support for the Green Bay Packers in this weekend’s game against the Chicago Bears in a very literal way — by roasting a bear.

Blake Montpetit, the co-owner of Tiffany Sports Lounge in St. Paul, says he plans to cook a 180-pound black bear in a pig-roaster over hickory and charcoal on Sunday. He says his cousin shot it in northern Wisconsin during bear hunting season, which runs in September and October, and then froze it.

Montpetit says he planned to serve the meat to customers, but the state health department rejected the plan because the meat is unprocessed. Instead, customers can take photos with the roasting bear.

After the game, the meat will go to his cousin’s party in Somerset, Wis.

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  • Jeff


    • PeopleEatingTastyAnimals

      Gross? Not at all, excepting that “gross” describes the level of ignorance of you all who object. Bear meat is delicious. There are plenty of them out there to harvest. There is nothing wrong with hunting them and serving them up as food – excellent food, BTW.

      If you all want to get worked up about something get upset about chitterlings. If any of you whiners were to have them it would probably be classified as cannibalism.

      • Marko

        Ok, BillyBob, slowly put down the Copenhagen can and get back in your Pick’em Up truck. Your cousin is waiting at home with the kids!

      • John LeVasseur

        Bear meat is a delicacy? I guess there are those who can get out of toilet.

      • Darrell

        Bear has been a delicacy for years in Minnesota. A bar in New Ulm, Minnesota back in the 60’s would serve bear to their patrons each year as a thank you for your business. Bear is actually quite tasty! You might want to try some before anyone condemns it as bad! This is the problem with a great deal of American citizens today….they want to express their ‘opinion’ in most cases without ever either checking out what someone else is saying about the subject or they are generally just too lazy to expend the energy to check out some facts before making an “opinion” or making a decision about a subjectj.

      • blackHat

        Agreed! If more people hunted their own meat, factory farming wouldn’t exist, and nor would its environmentally disastrous effects. If people want to point to something disgusting, there they have it.

        Also, where i’m from in California, there’s been an unsettling increase in the number of bears making their way into human-inhabited areas to forage through trash. Many bears are becoming too reliant upon human food, and unable to survive in the wild. Often these encounters with humans wind up with the bear being killed by authorities. i posit that hunting would go a long way toward re-instilling bears’ fear of humans, and that’s a good thing–for the bears.

      • Beez

        It’s not as good as kangaroo meat, however…yummy!

      • Crackles McFarly

        IF the only criteria is ‘the good vs bad taste of the meat’ then what are the written accounts of human meat? I’d say if it ‘tastes good’ then we should serve it, right?

      • dphilips

        Harvest? Just a politically correct word for MURDER!

      • Robert Frost

        DPHILLIPS–hunting and eating bear is not murder. Abortion is, something your mom and dad should have done long ago.

      • PeopleEatingTastyAnimals

        LOL – When I wrote:

        “If you all want to get worked up about something get upset about chitterlings. If any of you whiners were to have them it would probably be classified as cannibalism.”

        I had NO idea how readily it would prove to be true. Have a look at the posts from:

        John LeVasseline – there is help for dyslexia, John!
        Marko – hurry home Marko your husband is waiting.
        Crackles McFairy – head for the clue store, crackles – take money.
        d-head-philips – actually thinks hunting and killing an animal is MURDER! No quips needed here – that statement stands laughably on its own.

        I rest my case.

        Thanks so much for the laugh. I would call you chitterlings, but truthfully, you are a bit lower than that.

    • divinem

      Should be renamed Green Bay PIGS.Absolutely disgusting!

      • p johnson

        Eating wild game is healthy and the correct thing to do. Get over yourself. G-men mind your own business. PETA People Eating Tasty Animals

      • Marcia Brian Siehr

        It’s organic and free range; deal with it! Hunters that eat their kill should be respected, especially when they share with fortunte Packers fans!

      • Rob

        Not sure why this is Green Bay’s fault?

      • RightUnite

        Do you eat meat?? Any king of meat?? You do? Then STFU.

      • Sarah Chang

        Black bear is delicious! I hunt my limit every year!

      • Billy Clinton

        Ok Marko,
        slowly put down the crack pipe and get back in your Pinto. Your wife Dennis is waiting at home with the kids!

    • Sarah Chang
    • Ylem

      I grew up on a farm where what we ate what we raised, like chicken, beef and pork. I respect and love animals because I helped to raise and care for them. We didn’t waste food, like I see so many people do today who buy their food in a supermarket. Most hunters I know do not kill an animal to get a trophy. They use the meat to feed their family. The same people who hate guns also hate hunters because they don’t understand — they have a political agenda.

      • Rick A Hyatt

        They believe in “Worldwide Communism.” That is to say, if you give ALL your money to them, then there will be “World Peace! Free Love! Lots of drugs.”
        Me, I’ll keep shooting the wildlife.

    • Really?

      It’s as bad as eating roast fudge packer! All packer men are named Tiffany!!

    • Ray Shulley

      as i under stand it dog is a fine meal also and great patriot at valley forge etc survived on it

  • insignificant

    actually,roast bear is most dilicious! upsetting to the stomach,though,is a state health department not allowing them to serve up some healthy wild game…apparently they would rather you eat chemicle laiden processed junk meat…Gov. wants to control everything,eh?

    • SmartyPants

      I hear ya. They worry about bear, but our beef still has e-coli and the possibility of BSE (mad cow).

      • kingdoms

        Actually the chance of ‘mad cow’ disease fromm cattle in the USA is very very small. I spent 30 years in livestock feed manufactury and I know what goes into a cow pretty well. The reason the USA feed manufacturers are not allowed to put “Meat and Bone Meal ” or another product called ‘tankage’ into ruminant animal feed is that these two products could have ‘brain/spinal cord’ parts ground up and cooked with the feed product WHICH could possibly contain the entity that can cause ‘mad cow disease’. Great Britain has a great deal of sheep and they allowed ‘meat and bone meal’ produced somewhat from rendering sheep that got it started in Europe. Sheep/Deer, etc. are carriers of the ‘mad cow disease’ harmful entity.
        Just to enlighten bloggers on here regarding ‘bear’ and other problems with meat in this USA.

    • dphilips

      Spelling really shows your intelligence!

      • Archie

        Actually, that’s not true. There are many very intelligent people who are terrible at spelling, but you would know that if you were intelligent.

  • Katie

    Gross again, AMEN! GOOOOO BEARS!!! iI was actually undecided before this; thank you for giving me an awesome team to root for today!

    • Joe

      HA HA haha haha ha haha Go Pack!

    • Earl

      Blow me katie. Bears suck!

      • Rick A Hyatt

        Yes, they will, but please watch for the teeth…You could lose something there, small as it might be…

  • Free Range, All natural!

    If you were to call it organic or “free range”, people might think it is a good idea and even open up to the idea of trying it. Marissa… enjoy your vegan diet or enjoy diging into the artificial hormones and antibiotics!

  • Shane G

    So you shoot a Bear from Wisconsin, home of the Green Bay Packers? Aren’t you suppose to shoot Bears from Illinois? You are contradicting your purpose/statement.

    • SmartyPants
    • 30ptbuck

      Heck no You should shoot a bear in Wisconsin they shouldn’t be here in the first place

      • Skeezer

        Are you serious ?? No bears in WI ?? You must be one of those people who condemn animals pooping in the woods because of the bacteria…

      • Beez

        Skeezer has apparently missed the whole “football – Bears” connection.

  • SmartyPants

    You can’t live without the 4 B’s (bear, buffalo, beef, and beer) I’ve ate bear, buffalo, and beef… and it’s all good with a little pepper! Gross you say? Have you folks even tried it?

  • Barb

    the owners of this place are sick! ‘have ur picture with the roasting bear’, how stupid1

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  • revert

    That’s bummer people can’t taste it, NSF kitchen laws I guess. I bet it’s going to be awesome though. To all those who are saying “Gross”, keep eating your factory processed foods that will one day give you cancer and diabetes.

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  • Bear Lover


    • Mary

      I doubt they will miss you

    • Bear MEAT lover

      Good. Then we won’t have to listen to your whiny arse.

  • WI Animal Lover

    A bear was killed, then roasted…and now the meat can not be used.

    What a waste of a life! Shame on the so-called hunter, the bar owner and all the fools who want their photos taken with the body.

    A true hunter would never allowed an animal’s life to be taken for nothing. It’s a shame that this bear had to give it’s life to entertain ignorant humans.


    • Vic the Texan

      WI Animal Lover,I believe you did NOT read the whole article.
      The meat will be consumed.That bear was not killed this week and roasted to “entertain” anybody.Food chain fool.Roll with it.

      • mikie

        must be a liberal, doesn’t like facts. Wish I was at the party … Da Bear

    • Jim Vertein

      Try reading the article again, the meat is being cooked then carved up and sent back to his brothers for a party, its not being wasted, talk about ignorance, its those like you that havent learned to read without pictures

    • Sarah Chang

      You haven’t heard of vermin hunting have you? We shoot
      hundreds of coyotes every year for attacking our farm animals.
      The County even pays us a bounty for every coyote we shoot.

      • Rick A Hyatt

        I’m so curious. Why doesn’t New York issue licences for the hunting of rats and vermin in the city? They do that in Red China, and it’s been proved so successful. Not only does it cut down on the numbers of vermin, and proivide LOTS of protein, but it increases the intellectual level of many voters.
        Is THAT why they prohibit such a practice, lest the people get wise and wiley?
        You ARE what you eat, you know, as can be seen from the CHICOM practice of the eating of monkey brains.

    • PACkMan

      What would make you comment on a story you didn’t read…. and then call other people ignorant? It sounds to me like the pot and kettle are having a conversation, and the kettle is calling you an idiot.

    • Rick A Hyatt

      Uh, yeah, go get your groceries at CHICOM WALMART, while it still exists. Then you can stand in line for your ration cards when “Red Dawn” happens.
      Hope you don’t have to stand in line for the short-range pistol shooting contest, when that comes before the dumping ground.
      Then, again… Well, some of us have to go first.
      May it be you, then.

    • Flashman

      WI Animal Lover:

      did you not read the entire article? the meat is going to a private party after the game. the hunter WAS intending on eating his kill (or sharing it with others to eat). please READ the article before you comment.

    • Brendan

      Apparently you didn’t read the whole article. While the meat could not be served at the bar, the meat did not go to waiste. It went to a private party afterwords

    • adice

      It gave it’s life to be eaten. The govt wasted it

  • Pennie

    I have had bear jerky and it was very, very good. I have to admit, at first I was a little skiddish at knowing it was bear. I will echo what others have posted before, don’t knock it before you try it.

  • WI Animal Lover

    Shame on WCCO for promoting this hideous event.

    • Keith

      Shame on you for being ignorant.

    • insignificant

      hideous event is when wcco showed that pic of elton john ,his guy spouse and the poor little baby they just adopted …thats hideous,man!

    • Rick A Hyatt

      Wait until 2012, and what NASA is calling a “Solar Storm,” i.e. you ain’t going to go to WALMART, any more. And, as a Liberal, you can’t hunt, nor fish, or fend for yourself at all.
      You will probably end up as “Soylent Green.”

  • Pennie

    WI animal lover, the meat is not going to waste, if you would have read the article the meat is going back to his cousins house for a party. Roasting a bear is just like roasting a pig. I am appalled that you were so quick to judge this hunter and his ethics when you clearly didn’t understand what you read.

  • Larry Killen

    Trust me, if the bear had killed the hunter, he would have eaten that stack of human protein without the least reservation.

    • Rick A Hyatt

      Was his reservation at Motel 6, or the Intercontinental?
      Just joking.

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  • Jim Vertein

    What serve food? whats so disgusting about it? the food, or that you are seeing being roasted over a spit? we do this at work every summer with a pig. Having it this way is a lot healthier than the packaged stuff you get in the store

  • Pit Boss

    Oooooo, ish, that’s gross, I’d never eat that, I’m never going to that bar,blah, blah, blah. Grow up you limp wristed weenies. You’d have eaten it had no one told you what it was. That’s if big bad government hadn’t stepped in and stopped them. Way to keep us safe.

    • Rick A Hyatt

      There’s a roast carrot eatery down on Q street you should check out. They put LOTS of garlic butter on their sticks and you can consume them endlessly.
      No bear meat, I promise you.
      Contact me if you want a personal recipit.

  • The General Consensus

    WI Animnal lover, thank God for your thought provoking genius because what would the rest of us do otherwise? I hope you felt like a real hero after chiming in with your blind ignornace, only to realizwe what an idiot you are. Go eat a carrot.

  • Gina

    This will cause a Karma effect, and the Bears will win now, what a dumb ass…I wanted Green Packers to win, but there is no way in hell it will happen now.

    • K-U J-Bird

      More likely Chicago lost due to Obama’s endorsement. It is a curse having him as a fan.

      • Jimmy

        I actually believe patriotic karma stepped in and beat the Bears because of Chicago’s obnxious and rude disrespect during the National Anthem.

        That, and they are/were WAY over-rated.

    • kiel

      check the score.

    • Sarah Chang

      Gina, put the crack pipe down.

  • NYMike

    Humans use fire and eat animals, you whiners are ridiculous.

  • chukgo

    This bear was raised near the Dells… It was fed tourists and Kids at the waterslide, its probab;y pretty tastee… not like the bears that eat just acorns.

  • JJ

    Packers win. So much for Karma.

  • Olrik

    Almost looks like long-pig…

    • 30ptbuck

      I don’t think it looks like a human at all

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