ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota’s education commissioner is calling the results of a federal test known as the Nation’s Report Card a wake-up call for the state.

Forty-three percent of Minnesota fourth graders scored proficient on the 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress science test. For eighth graders, it was only 40 percent.

White Minnesota students significantly outperformed other groups. In fourth grade, 51 percent of white students were proficient while only 12 percent of black students scored as well.

The scores barely put Minnesota among the top third of states nationally. Commissioner Brenda Cassellius is calling the results “disappointing and troubling.”

The exam tests knowledge and understanding of physical, life, Earth and space sciences. Nationally, 34 percent of fourth-graders and 30 percent of eighth-graders scored at the proficient level or above.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Say it! Its ok…say it! Come on now…..let it out…..oh…ok….those “white” students need to have less family influence! Less drive! Less intelligence! There parents need to divorce at a higher rate! They need to be raised in broken family homes! They need insure that white on white crime….including murder increases….They need to lower their standards in life….lower their expectations….they need to focus on a blame game….Then…and only then will Minnesota students be equal……Oh the “white” students should also change the language they speak….make up a special “white” language and speak it….they should also use words like “White Community” alot….and it would help if they increased their pregnancy rates a hundred fold…and of course the Minnesota Education system should strive to be rated well beneath their current raking of 37th in the Nation….and they should throw out hundreds of school levies every year giving to maintain their cushy stated retirement… know reward themselves for being really lousy at their job….and last but not least we need to continue to bring as many immigrants as possible to Minnesota….you know…just to shake things up and add more of a burden on our already lousy educational system…

    1. Pat says:

      do we detect a hint of discrimination here? the measure by racial group is mandated by No Child Left Behind and is used as part of the determination of the bill’s punishment for not measuring up. The rant is quite offensive really.

      1. Darryl says:

        The rant is offensive. But the problem with black parents not making certain that their kids are doing their homework is real. White and Asian parents do this much more than black parents. Sad but true. Black people cannot blame “whitey” for this. Listen to what Bill Cosby has to say on this topic.

      2. Kevin says:

        Offensive? Fact check….the Black Community has a huge problem with black on black crime….they are most likely to be from a single parent home with little to no father involvement….the black community has long played the “blame game”…the black community has a huge problem with underage pregnancy…and indeed immigrants create huge costs and issues for Minnesota schools….sorry to offend you with the truth….but I am a member of the Black community…I dont need to listen to Bill Cosby I live it daily……just to comfort you….in the future….if facts are facts….its really hard to scream racism…or to be offended…good Lord….I am telling whtie people this….the world has changed….

    2. Tim says:

      You know a lot is two words, right?

      1. Kevin says:

        Sorry Tim…I went to North High….I would think that allows me to shoot people and have poor spelling….since when is it possible for a black man in Minnesota to be hammered for reverse discrimination in MN….Lord I can pass now and lay in the fields….bless all of you…

  2. dunnski57 says:

    Obviously the answer is to freeze all teacher salaries and cut science teacher salaries, right?

  3. cj says:

    And there parents should be “their”.

  4. dmedic69 says:

    The problem is the school sytem and too many lazy educators that are burned out and just want a check. My childs scores dropped from 1st grade to 2nd grade. He has an IQ of 127 and should be thriving. He loves school loves to learn new things. Yeah sure some of the blame can be put on parents but when I went to school they taught me, not my parents and back then we had on of the best education systems in the country. Now they teach children to the test and don’t bother to teach to each child’s potential. My child has to learn Chinese 3 days a week rather than being taught the fundamentals of the english language. He has gym 4 days a week and 1 day of science and there is nothing hands on about that just video. Most of the children crave the science but it is being lost to our state’s lazy and inadaquite educators not just based on the color of their skin. I say do like England does if the teacher doesn’t perform up to par back to school you go, still can’t do it after that, your fired nothing to debate it would make teachers more responsible

  5. dunnski57 says:


    Because teachers are so respected in the US. That’s why half of them leave the profession in the first 5 years – all that respect, all that prestige, all those megabucks..
    It’s not the teachers who pushed the stupid test after test after test – it’s the politicians looking to score points. You are correct that teachers do not teach to each child’s potential anymore – they are not allowed to.

    1. dmedic69 says:

      I have an extremely brilliant child and the teacher said she didn’t realize that for 3 months my son wasn’t reading and was instead looking at pictures that is lazy to me. and she only has 14 kids in her class

      1. Bob says:

        Why does everyone lump teachers together in one group? Just like any other profession out there, there are people at all levels of competence. I hate it when all teachers are lumped together as being lazy. Also, don’t tell me that you can’t get rid of the bad ones because the union protects them. A bad teacher can be removed. The teachers in the building are generally supportive when a weak colleague is dismissed. One bad egg makes the whole system look bad. There are many hard-working educators in this state trying to make a positive difference with kids everyday. It saddens me when their accomplishments go unnoticed.

  6. Conegro says:

    we need to pay teachers like we pay our atletes.

    Black parents not checking on homework? I call BS. I have 3 children, #1 teacher of the year in Dekalb county, #2 currently in college and working full and has no kids, #3 requested to go to a private school because St Paul schools are all ghetto.

    we spend more money looking up non violent drug offenders than we spend on educating our youth. There is something seriously with a society that believes in punishment over progress.

    I may not agree with the first poster’s words, I do agree with his intent. People in general need to be more involved in the lives of their children. We need to stop blaming everything and everyone else. We need to take the responsibility for our children and their education.

  7. Kevin says:

    See I have raised three wonderful”black” children in Minneapolis…they are first in my life. I am proud that they excel in shcool….I did not have that chance as you can tell from my grammer. They are my life. I get so tired of the news saying the system is at fault for black children failing in education. The black family has fallen apart. Only we can fix it. But we always play the blame game. My “rant” was supposed to be a joke….saying just that. We as blacks must change how we live and parent. We must stop the excusses and strive to be the best…not better than whites or asians…that is racist. Thanks for listening and I hope smiling a little….and for putting up with my poor grammer…

    1. Conegro says:

      Yes Kevin, I’m smiling.

      Thank you me Brother

  8. Greg Laden says:

    This is not even a little surprising.

    Education is a profession, and the average person doesn’t know a thing about it. Obviously. One thing people might consider is this: We fund our schools, for the most part, by referendum. In the end, Minnesota got what it paid for.

    With Pawlenty out of the way perhaps we can see some positive change in the near future.

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