BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. (WCCO) — A construction contractor is in critical condition after sustaining a wound from a nail gun to the chest.

The incident happened at a home construction site on the 8000 block of Morgan Circle in Brooklyn Park Monday afternoon.

Inspector Todd Milburn said the contractor was doing some remodeling work inside the home while the owner was away.

The owner returned at 4:30 p.m. to find the contractor lying injured on the ground.

The worker was taken to North Memorial, where he was listed in critical condition as of Tuesday morning.

Comments (15)
  1. David says:

    that is nail gun story #2 today

  2. MNdoGooder says:

    Minnesota should have a law banning those guns in any home.

  3. Charles says:

    HA! Natural selection!

  4. Turbocharger freak says:

    and if they bann these guns in homes, homes will be built how?

    1. rosepickle says:

      LMAO!!! with toothpicks!!

    2. northern minnesota says:

      The old fashioned way. Hammer and Nails, that is how we built our whole house.

      1. UserError not MachineError says:

        and if you didn’t do it yourself, would you be willing to pay a contractor for all the extra time it would take? it would easily take 3-4 times longer to build a house without a pneumatic nail gun, resulting in 3-4 times more cost for hourly labor–thousands of dollars!

  5. B_1848 says:

    and I suppose we should go back to horse drawn carriages because there are too many car accidents? Hope this man is ok, what a tragedy

    1. 3putz says:

      Kerby… the nail gun is not to be used for pedicures. Says si right on the box. I nailed my tongue to a 2×4 boy did that hurt! Had to use my chain saw to get it off.

  6. HandyMan Husband says:

    Last summer I bought a nail gun to put a new roof on my house. Never used one before. I was careful and the nail gun made install a lot faster and kinda fun! I think nail guns are safe if you’re careful. Rule (1) Don’t point it at yourself.

  7. CommonSense says:

    everyone who uses a pneumatic nail gun knows there is risk of getting a nail in your body: nailing your fingers together, nailing your hand to the wall, etc. Just because it happens every once in a while doesn’t mean nail guns should be banned from homes…that’s just a ridiculus thing to expect. Better not

  8. Someone with 2 hemispheres of their brain working says:

    So we’ll be banning just about everything since it all causes problems, correct? Let’s all stay home in a bubble and not go outside of our little bubble, we’ll lead very productive lives. Give it a break people! Accidents happen and let’s hope this accident doesn’t result in a tragedy.

    My heartfelt sympathies for the family. May God Bless you all.

  9. Gomer says:

    I personally wouldn’t trust myself with a nail gun. At least not until I watched someone else use it for a while first. I am not a complete moron and I love electronics, power tools etc, but I just have a knack for accidents with stuff like this. I can use a saw but something that shoots nails? Look out!?!

    I have an uncle that also should be kept away from all power tools. He has had fingers reattached after losing a fight with a table saw.

  10. Kerby the carpenter says:

    I used a nail gun and I shot my self in both hands and feet man that hurts! Them thar guns is dangerous I can’t believe I am still alive!

  11. 3putz says:

    We should NOT go back to the horse-drawn carriage.Way too dangerous. My grandpa slipped in horse poo and stabbed himself with a buggy whip. Died a horrible death from tetanus. And that’s how grandma got pregnant as the story goes. I guess that’s a good thing or I would not be here.

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